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As it is correct to introduce the " program; 1C:Enterprise 7. 7 ?

U you there is a small firm or you the individual entrepreneur. At last behind all alarms of the starting period, business moves, turns grow, everything is cloudless. And here the first signs of the approaching threat - a penalty from tax for mistakes in the reporting appear. In a warehouse instead of hundred barrels of red paint according to documents - hundred twenty green. The accountant begins to sob - I am in time nothing! . Time to automate your accounts department came!

Well working automated accounts department includes several components: hardware, the program of automation and the trained personnel.

Hardware - computers and the network equipment - iron accounts department back. For a start it is necessary to decide on quantity of workplaces. The quantity of workplaces is defined by the number of users - people who directly and constantly have to work with the program. Each accountant has to have a computer - at the automated accounts department it is its main working tool. If two can work at one computer, then it is quite probable that the second accountant can just be laid off.

For system to three workplaces one of computers will carry out at the same time function of the server of information bases, it should be made more powerful. Additional computers can be simpler - usual modern middlings . If workplaces more than three, then it is worth thinking of the dedicated server - nobody will work at it, he will be engaged only in service of information bases. Believe, it not squandering, cost of the dedicated server will quickly pay off due to faster work of other users. You do not want that when forming the report on one of computers all others stopped? The concrete configuration to you will be prompted by managers upon purchase. Consider couple of remarks. The video card will approach the simplest of modern which can only be found, not be entered on game video cards. Surely buy uninterruptible power supply units! Do not forget about a guarantee!

If computers more than one, then it is required to connect them in a network for collaboration. It is senseless to give advice on the concrete equipment, it is simpler to address to local computer firm. Independently it is not recommended to mount a network also - without skills and tools to make something steadily working difficult. Trust in professionals.

By the way how to distinguish professionals? The network cable has to be laid in cable channels or, at least, is fixed by holders. Sagging, and furthermore the cable rolling on a floor - marriage. The cable should not approach the computer at once, it approaches the socket which is reliably fixed on a wall. The computer is connected to the socket by the special cable calculated on numerous bends. Openings in walls it is accurate and are expedited by the puncher, but do not make the way in the afternoon the hammer. The switchboard - differently hub - also it has to be well fixed, but not hang on wires. Pay attention to power supply of the switchboard - it has to go from the uninterruptible power supply unit too. What`s the use, if computers work, and the network was switched off?

Now we will come to the software For the businessman or small firm it will almost always be one of standard configurations 1C:Enterprise 7. 7 - 1s:bukhgalteriya 1s:torgovlya and warehouse or 1s:zarplata and shots and even at once a little. There are also specialized configurations for different types of the account and kinds of activity which, nevertheless, work at the same platform 1C:Enterprise 7. 7. Development individual programs on FoxPro, Delphi, etc. as it is often offered handymen from among students - programmers, as a result is several times more expensive, and the program very seldom reaches the necessary level. Besides, you rigidly tie yourself only to it to the handyman as it gives a source code to nobody.

To choose the necessary program from several tens, and even hundreds which contain in a price - a leaf of firm 1C - a task not from simple. Even do not consider option with installation of the piracy program 1C. Now it is very rigidly punished, one signal from " suffices; well-wisher - and you will run into criminal case. Entrust the choice of the program to experts, accurately and clearly state the requirements - and to you will pick up a configuration.

Surely demand to show possibilities of the " program; alive but not in words, it is possible even to pay for it. Let your accountant will arrive to office of firm - the franchisee and will set much silly but really necessary questions - And we take goods on realization, and we pay off with milk, it how to make? . The answer has to be demonstration of specific actions, but not simply - yes it easily ! At the same time estimate professionalism of employees if such silly questions cause irritation - most likely, the employee himself badly knows a configuration. Pay attention what language he speaks. Skilled employees or initially experts in the field of the account, or acquire such knowledge in the course of work. Therefore they speak not let`s open a window and we will substitute tsiferka in the plate and let`s issue conducting - the debit of the fiftieth account, the credit of the seventieth for the sum of 100 rubles . Ideally, you have to have an impression that you speak with the accountant in this area of the account. At the same time take an interest in this firm on the website 1C, there is a list of all legal firms - the franchisee and the certified experts.

After that it is possible to sign the contract for purchase. What you the program would not buy - it has to you be transferred in a type of a box. Inside there is a program on any carrier and the mass of literature. The majority of programs are protected by an electronic key of protection, this small device attached to the computer through LPT or USB port. Usually the firm free of charge installs the program bought from them. Ask to show how to start the program where there is a protection key where information bases settle down. Some programs work without key, but about it has to be accurately written to instructions, ask to show this place.

Here also the turn to talk about personnel came. What heights the accountant in the area, work with the program would not reach him it is necessary to train. The people incapable to be trained to work at the computer meet seldom, but nevertheless meet. So, maybe, it is necessary to leave some employees. By the way, universal courses with issue of certificates, are not so effective. Training of employees " will be more correct; on a workplace on your computers, with your program and on your data, and to those working methods which are required for them.

At once sign the contract for introduction on a turn-key basis the accounts department working in the normal mode, but not the program has to be criterion of implementation of the contract. Serious firms always willingly go on it as, unlike potboilers - a something ephemeral can provide it. At once warn employees that some time it is necessary to work more - to continue to keep account manually and in parallel on the computer. Here already your role - to find ways of stimulation. To force - not the best exit, instinctive resistance considerably tightens training. As a result you pay more. Transition not with " is especially difficult; paper the account, and from other outdated program.

If all of you overcome it, then will not regret. The automated accounts department - a key to effective management of firm!