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Why become addicts?

that drugs - the evil, is theoretically known to all. And all - every year the army of patients with this dependence increases.

In recent years Russia began to play a role of a large sales market of drugs. The situation on distribution of drug addiction promptly leaves from - under control.

The use of drugs represents not less terrible danger, than epidemics devastating the whole countries in the last centuries for recent and future generations today.

It is terrible that drug addiction affects, first of all, young people, depriving society of a significant amount of his members who could bring benefit in the future.

Most often the use of narcotic substances begins at teenage age, and the main motive pushing youth to drug is curiosity and imitation, unorganized leisure and lack of contact with parents.

In any family, even very safe, there is a real risk that the child will not resist temptation to try drugs. Unfortunately, often parents learn about it when terrible dependence already took control of the child.

Modern parents spend all the energy for earning money, at the same time paying not enough attention to children. Feeling for it the guilt, parents try to compensate absence of attention by pocket money, without being interested as this money is spent. Here also it turns out that the teenager having pocket money becomes desired for the bad company. So the wrong life filled with false friends and addictions begins.

There is also other problem: in many families the child is put on a pedestal around which all turn. And it is absolutely indifferent to family problems, it has no obligations for the house, it is not touched that parents, sticking, just are ready to drop, earning it money for good clothes, tutoring and further study.

A are guilty of it compassionate parents. Remember with what desire small children want to take part in household chores, but parents deprive of them this opportunity, justifying oneself what to be engaged in it still early, thinking that the help they will create more problems, all is better to make most quicker. Familiar expression of many parents: Let dithat has a rest, will work enough for the century .

At school the teenager does not strain, just continuous holiday there, it is exempted from household chores. Here also it turns out that the teenager needs to occupy himself with something, it is necessary to exhaust. (Come to school and pay attention to children, how many at them the accumulated energy which can be used.) Here then it also adjoins the doubtful companies where as it seems to it, it is understood, need it, trust it.

Many parents do not understand it, and try to shift all blame on the events on the government, the state. Forgetting that the base of what will be the child, is put in a family.

Drug addiction develops promptly, it is impossible to notice how overindulgence turns into slave dependence of the person on drugs. Today it is difficult to distinguish addicts from the drunk teenagers. Now it is fashionable to laugh, be pushed loudly with elbows, having drunk the beer advertized on the TV.

There is a wish to believe that the mankind will be able to stop distribution of drug addiction. But for this purpose it is required to combine efforts of all, and all to go in one direction. And at us someone fights against drug trafficking, and someone accidentally reduces work on is not present . For example, all favourite comedy shows: there the words " are often used; pricked high in the text they cause laughter of the audience. And as children perceive it - nobody reflected. Already laughter takes away from thought that it is bad. So, someone from teenagers will decide what needs most to be tried what is it, time the assessment is ambiguous.

Mass media also make the contribution - for example, during vaccination against flu headings of publications dazzled with the names And you already managed to prick? To be pricked or not to be pricked? and it in serious editions. Idols of youth are represented as heroes - was an addict, tied, now only a healthy lifestyle. And young weak creation draws a conclusion - drug should be tried, time it is always possible to leave him, and the course of life of an idol should be passed as it.

And now also draw a conclusion that the solution of this problem initially in our hands.