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How to write the scenario of own life?

Life - theater, - Shakespeare told, -

I people in it actors

(Tamara Gverdtsiteli Sings.)

It is quite simple to write the scenario of the play of own life.

Here one of technologies.

First step. For a start to you it is necessary for

1. To define:

and) whom you want to be;

) that you want to do;

in) that you want to have.

do not think Of resources and opportunities yet. For example, imagine that you came into an enormous fortune.

2. Then it is necessary to answer each question most in detail, without reflecting, it is simple to write as much as possible information.

3. To place priorities in each list and to rewrite them in such look:

first - the most important;

second - less important;


4. To leave 20% of the most important for you of information in each of lists. It is simple to make it: just count the number of points and leave two of each ten.

on the basis of this information we will also begin to rewrite the vital scenario now. And what you did earlier it is only preliminary preparation, collecting necessary information.

Step of the second. Now on the basis of this information make as much as possible complete description of the usual, ordinary day when you already reach or receive everything that was conceived.

Attention! Do not try to perform such grandiose work for once! If you act this way, for certain will lose interest and do not want to continue.

Try to imagine separate fragments of day in the form of the video. Awakening, lunch, occupation by favourite business, entertainments. Write down everything that you see, on separate leaves that it was possible to add a detail constantly.

As well as where you go, a house interior, the street, a crash of firewood in a fireplace, smells, feelings

Listen to yourself. You have to feel in this vision comfortably, otherwise subconsciousness simply will not begin to carry out this scenario. Try to experience, exactly to experience, whether your It. Or perhaps it is not necessary to you or a little another is necessary?

Grow roots in the dreams, always represent yourself.

There now, finished Well

, you only begin!

Have a rest. Sleep, walk.

Step the third. Write down those traits of character which you would like to have, but at you it still did not turn out.

the same Technology, was written, we place on importance degree, we leave 20% of the most important.

we write down each trait of character on a separate leaf Now. It is important - one line on one leaf. Read record on the first leaf. Wonder once again and whether I want to be Relax, listen to yourself. If you clearly feel sincere discomfort - this not your trait of character. It is imposed to you from the outside - the TV, other mass media, relatives, an environment. You are able to afford everything that want if only it was your choice!

If all - this yours, begin to think out to yourself situations where this trait of character is shown best of all. Well, say, confidence. Here you assert some rights, and all unconditionally agree with you. Write down this situation on a leaf, and think out another, the more the better!

Then after you painted so all traits of character, just insert these episodes into the description of your ideal day.

Step the fourth. Correct the description, clean disagreements, adjust sketches with traits of character to situations.

Well that, everything is it seems ideal.

Step the fifth. And main!

Now at you the main scenario of your life from one day! But and life you live day after day.

do not try to force events.

Is simple every day in the morning, after awakening and in the evening before going to bed read your scenario, try to experience what in it is written. Your subconsciousness will perceive slowly but surely this information as reality.

You do not trust.

Let`s make experiment, it is possible even mentally. Put a glass with dirty water under a stream with clear water. Gradually dirty water will be forced out by pure.

Clear water is your new thoughts. Gradually they will clean your subconsciousness from that dirt that it was unconsciously saved decades there So, gradually, you will become such (or such) whom now only you represent yourself.

After that as you will pass all these " procedures; you will begin to trust subconsciously as far as you are free in the choice of a way to healthier, successful and healthy life.

All ingenious is simple! Try. At you everything will turn out!