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Why people can not get a job? Whether

Often you heard the phrase from the acquaintances or familiar acquaintances: Horror! I sit (or stays at home) month, I cannot (can not) find work! ?

Perhaps, my recommendations are actual only for Moscow, but I will write about what I know from own supervision. Heard that in other cities a situation absolutely other therefore I will not apply for universality.

However there is no such force which would convince me that the person with intelligence and elementary skills can month, and even stay more without work! Business can be in another: it does not accept those vacancies which offer it, but the situation that they were not at all is unreal. Business can be in:

a) wrong approach to job search;

) unwillingness, actually, to work;

in) the overestimated requirements to work or the overestimated assessment of own abilities and competences.

If your problem is concentrated in point and) is not a problem. Surprisingly, but often in conversation I found out that the person who is in active search does not resort to the help of the websites www. job. ru and www. headhunter. ru, and is just a well of vacancies! I found all the works via these websites including a side job if there were not enough main earnings, never resorting to a patronage of friends or acquaintances.

By the way, it is one more stereotype - that on the good place in Moscow it is possible to settle only through acquaintances. Here not! The companies are very open for applicants now. So, your task - to arrange mass attack to employers. At the same time you should not set too narrow framework of search of desirable vacancy. Believe, your chances to receive the answer of subjects above, than you will write to the bigger number of the organizations. Of course, a smaller percent of vacancies will be pleasant to you after you descend on interview. But you have no work, than to you still to be engaged - that except how to go to interviews?

In my opinion, at the first stage the main objective of the applicant - to achieve that he was invited at least to interview. From the dry text of the announcement of search of the employee you gain very vague impression about potential work. Few times I got a job to work in the companies which advertisements were not pleasant to me at all, but I sent to them to the summary only on a habit to work with the " method; mass mailing of the summary . (Only do not take me literally that it is necessary to respond in general to all vacancies - from the janitor to the CEO. No. Though something in the advertisement has to correspond to your actual qualification.)

If your problem - point), I refrain from recommendations. They are not necessary to you. It is not your problem, but a problem of your family which are ready or are not ready to support you.

Point in) - too gives in to the decision, but demands some revaluation of values. Often qualified people long are left without work because do not want to carry out less difficult and responsible functions, than on the previous place of work, and also to receive lower wage. I understand and respect this approach. However you are able to afford whims only when you have a reserve of funds for the period of long-term unemployment, and on your contents there is no family. Surprisingly, but does not even come to many people to whom I talked to mind that it is possible to find the temporary place of work with simple functions, and at the same time to continue job search, to their corresponding qualification and inquiries, having at the same time a constant source of the income, let not such high how it would be desirable, but it is better, than nothing, isn`t that so?

Happens so that we apply for positions to which we objectively did not grow. You should not accuse the employer that he could not distinguish your potential. If regularly send you refusals to vacancies commercial director and you dream to work in this position, perhaps, it is worth going to learn that you could enter in the summary existence of the certificate in the field. For now to be engaged in less prestigious work, but corresponding to your actual skills.

I sincerely believe that there are no people who are not possessing in general any abilities! Perhaps, they just are not revealed yet, but each person has some talent. To prevent reveal him only laziness - our main enemy can. The main thing - not to sit in place, and to look for, for, for!