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How to choose contact lenses?

Contact lenses. What is it, you ask? It is the small piece of latex of the curved form repeating a shape of an eye. At putting on approximately the image is sharply focused as though you put on glasses. In fact is a simple and easy-to-use substitute of points. Recently their popularity sharply increased. So why they are necessary?

In - the first, contact lenses are chosen by those people to whom bothered to wear glasses. Really, to carry on a nose two glass saucers / a square / rectangle / (to substitute to taste), which can easily fall and break - not really pleasantly. Of course, points paint many people, but unless did not bother you that they sit at you on a nose all day, and all people around, having caught sight of you, contemptuously sniff: Four-eyes . At points there are a lot of minuses therefore the modern youth even more often chooses contact lenses.

The second category of people for whom lenses are not luxury goods, but need are visually impaired athletes. During sports activities points can be easily damaged, and play short-sighted - not an exit. Therefore their unambiguous choice - lenses.

Well and the, in my opinion, narrowest circle of the people carrying contact lenses are women of fashion. At the majority of them good sight, and lenses they choose color to change color of the eyes. Such lenses do not change your view of the world at all, just paint an eye in other color - blue, green, and even red. Doctors unanimously repeat that such lenses are harmful to eyes, but to modern women of fashion all the same.

Let`s say you wanted to get to yourself couple of lenses, but do not know where to take them? It is enough to find at itself in the city the ophthalmologic center or an office of contact correction of sight. We call, we agree about reception at the secretary and in due time we attend appointment.

Correctly to choose contact lenses, the ophthalmologist has to subject you to inspection in the beginning. In it there is nothing terrible, simple check of sight on several devices, sensitivity of a cornea of your eyes, microflora type etc. Then - a selection of sharpness of future lenses. Here all as usual: we close one eye and we call a visible line. To you the doctor will put on the special device with an optical lens the head, thereby trying to obtain desirable visibility.

After all inspections it is necessary to decide on the choice of firm and type of lenses. Usually the doctor advises some firm, but at choice the extensive list is offered. Believe my personal experience - you should not take lenses of domestic producer even if you have a rigid cornea. It is better to choose import, soft. Ask the doctor - he knows what rigidity it is necessary personally to you. I use 3 years Bausch &Lomb firm, and I cannot complain on them - very comfortably and pleasantly.

Further you have to decide how you will carry contact lenses. If can put on, when necessary, even not every day, then you need the most usual. Usually they are carried by at most 10 - 12 hours a day, surely remove before going to bed and carefully process every time solution. In such lenses doctors do not recommend to bathe, can easily wash away them water. Did not check if it is honest. Use term - 8 - 12 months. Such lenses will cost you from 300 rubles apiece + solution for storage and other accessories like the container and tweezers.

But there are also lenses of long carrying: about one month. Having put on their once, it is possible not to remove time specified on packing. They do not need leaving, in them it is possible to sleep and they do not wash off when bathing. Of course, such options are expensive, but also pluses it is available.

What to choose - to solve only to you. Finally I want to give several bans. So, it is impossible:

- To touch lenses dirty.

- to Wash them or to store in any other solution (not special) or water.

- to Sleep in lenses if they are for this purpose not intended.

- to Allow to use to someone to another, even to the relative.

- to Confuse the right and left lenses - microflora of eyes different, the inflammation is possible.

To choose lenses or not - to solve only to you. They are not more expensive than points. More difficult in leaving, but it is much more convenient in use.