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Whether there is a female friendship?

We from the first class together, and for everything that we do, are responsible too together. Crew - here main motto, the most popular gangster movie Crew . And throughout all series, we are convinced that the man`s friendship exists, it is capable to pass all barriers and humiliations of destiny. True friends are really ready to make everything for each other as well as for the girlfriend.

And whether there is a female friendship? I also decided to understand this question. Why the friendship between girls is so necessary in modern society? Why the friendship with the young man will never be able to replace the true female friendship?

For all my life, I heard many different opinions on the true female friendship. And, to my great regret, many of girls at the early age were disappointed in friendship between girls, and now trust the secrets only to young people. I, of course, will agree that the guy sometimes can be the best adviser in love affairs, and on a question how to win heart of darling, only the young man can answer without effort. But life - quite difficult piece and, alas consists it not only of hearts and pink elephants. There are very serious questions which you cannot sometimes discuss with parents, and support of the beloved girlfriend is simply necessary for you.

It is possible that from the first you will not be able to find that real girlfriend as well as darling with whom could carry out all the life. For this reason our so long lifeline, we are mistaken, disappointed, and, nevertheless, we find those one and only people whom needed. And to be disappointed in female friendship from - for one unfortunate girlfriend - it is silly!

How boys wanted to help us, they will fully because they are boys not be able to make it! To them never to understand our talk on false nails for which we are ready to give a fortune; about a miracle diet on which we go to look even better; about a smart wedding dress which sometime we should choose. On that we and girls to discuss such nonsenses behind a cup of fragrant tea in a cozy cafe. Only we can abuse a bezdeystvenny French diet, meanwhile enjoy an appetizing piece of a cake and a glass from the cook - Coca. And then to convince all around that it is food bezkaloriyny, a cake - that yogurt, and on drink is written 0 calories .

And with it there`s nothing to be done and to do - that and is not necessary. Without these lovely and naive creatures the world would fail. Boys will never support us when we stand in a huge queue for Dima Bilan`s ticket, or to cry over the sentimental romantic comedy. On that they and boys! Therefore the female friendship is simply necessary! And besides, it exists! Without it anywhere!