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How to survive to the provincial in Moscow?

Are I on Red Square and I think: Why on it a skating rink? To the Provincial in Moscow not to understand it.

Moscow As much in this word for heart of Russian merged . To arrive to the capital - it is simple to take a walk, earn or remain in it forever - such thought sometime visits practically everyone. The exciting freedom air with impurity of aromas haute couture and works of a public and individual transport attracts people.

the Provincial as the tourist who spaced out and constantly clicking the camera will surprise nobody and will not hook. The most primitive option of conquest of the Moscow open spaces.

At successful combination of circumstances it is possible to work well in the capital some time - too interestingly, isn`t it? - and to return to habitual life.

Life outside MKAD, undoubtedly, is, and she annoyingly seeks to break in not rubber ring. Surprisingly: all huge territory of the Russian Federation, except for a small speck on the card - the province.

Provincials do not love Muscovites. Muscovites do not love provincials. In daily vanity of the big city this mutual dislike is erased, forgotten But nevertheless, if you seriously intend to lodge in the capital of our immense homeland, it is worth remembering something.

You - nobody (except for cases when from native Tmutarakani the father - the oligarch does not send a parcel). Reconcile to the otioseness and a nonliterary pronunciation or prove to yourself that you are a person. Despite not Moscow nationality. You will prove - you will win a prize - the right for further fight. Subsequently you will get a certain capital luster, you will become busier, more rigid and more experienced.

Frankly speaking, the most frightening temptation for the provincial - to begin to squeal at the top of the voice at the first acquaintance to traffic jams, the subway in rush hour, the number of people on streets, rules of temporary registration and real estate prices.

A I, incorrigible, still take everything too very much to heart and I am on Red Square. In the head the line from the old song about the main thing turns: The Provincial, the provincial, at first it is terrible, then will pass