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How the first time to descend on fishing?

Ya conceived a liking for fishing quite recently, friends persuaded to go with them. I do not know as who and until itself did not take a rod in hand, I considered this occupation extremely boring and uninteresting. And what can be interesting in that for hours to stare at the piece of polyfoam painted in some inconceivable colors? And fishing I had an experience. (I so thought.) But went.

To rise at four o`clock in the morning is still that feat! Rose. To gather to me then was - only to gird, friends promised to give tackles, and here, at half past four, feeling like the full idiot and the clown (still, during a twenty-degree heat to stand on a platform of electric trains in a windbreaker and kersey boots), I with mental damnations to friends who involved me in this swindle, waited for arrival of an electric train which had to take away me on a reservoir.

Arrived to the place, set up camp, and there was one problem which to solve it appeared not so simply. I was not able to get a worm! Having shown as it becomes, and through an hour and a half trainings, on Pavlov`s system, the problem was solved, and my friends, with feeling of the fulfilled duty having pumped up the boat, went to catch fish in canes.

To leave me ashore - there was not their best idea! In five minutes the scaffold which before is beautifully reeled up on the coil for some reason appeared on a fishing-rod tip in the form of a big lump, and the float in general was gone in the unknown direction. And where it got to, I had no idea! As forbade to shout to me very strictly, and phones disconnected in order that wives did not disturb purely man`s entertainment, I began to give signals hands as real Robinzon. Minutes through five, having noticed my gestures, children weighed anchor and returned to me. I will not repeat all words which they described my achievements in fishing business, I will tell only one: if sometime you hear as loaders in port swear, it is only a faint echo of what was heard by me.

Having cut off a scaffold and having removed out of harm`s way the coil from my rod, to me adjusted so-called deaf tackle. It when five - six meters of a scaffold with a hook and a float tie to a fishing-rod tip, and on such elementary tackle catch at the coast. By the way, I learned the name of this tackle much later. Sure that now everything will be as it should be as it is very difficult to confuse such tackle, friends plunged back into the boat. As they were mistaken! My first throwing was productive for all two hundred percent! I caught the boat! And throwing was made so professionally that it was not necessary to cut! The hook sat down tightly! As you understand, the boat was rubber, and the result affected immediately. In half an hour and the unlimited number of the words which filled up my knowledge of Russian, having repaired the boat and having forbidden me to throw a rod until they do not appear on other side of the lake, friends nevertheless sailed away.

Hour passed one and a half in ideal communication with the nature. The silence, the sun plays in water, mosquitoes curl around. Generally, idyll! It lasted until at me did not begin to peck! The first small fish as then it became clear, an okunka, I pulled out from a reservoir just with a fright! Thought that it was hooked for a grass or a snag and if I do not rescue tackle, I will be drowned directly here and now. Of the size of a palm, being poured on the sun, okunek hung on a scaffold and did not want to act from it in any way. In five minutes of unequal fight and the torn-off hook, the victory nevertheless remained for me. It is good that me hooks taught to knit, and it was not necessary to call to the aid. Promuchivshis still heels of minutes, binding a new hook, I threw the second time, and almost right there a poklevka! Having remembered councils, sharply waved a fishing-rod, and my small fish appeared on a tree behind my back. Attempt to pull off it ended from there with the fact that on a tree there was both a float and almost all scaffold.

But me it was already impossible to stop! The feeling which is had during a poklevka, passion of the fisherman - completely took control of me. Having remembered as adjusted to me a rod, having spent nearly an hour of time and having damaged the whole coil of a scaffold, I adjusted a rod again and continued fishing. For the following an hour and a half, more than once tearing off and confusing a scaffold, pulled out five more small fishes on the coast. Happy with itself, with pride showed to the come-back friends the catch. It turned out that I oblovit them! This fishing is still remembered to me as the best, though I catch fish more largely, and learned to use the coil. But that feeling which had then will remain with me forever.