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How to the girl to avoid attack and what to do if it was not succeeded to avoid it?

Dear girls! Isn`t that so, it becomes more terrible to live? Whether there are simple ways to avoid the dangers trapping us almost continually? I write on the basis of own experience because for my short life attacked me several times. Analyzing these situations, I come to an unfavourable conclusion: for 90 percent I was guilty. Unfortunately, each of us thinks that all troubles happen to other people, and it does not happen to me . Believe, though there is a strong wish to think that I - chosen it is better to go down on the earth in advance, than to suffer as in the course of a robbery, and, getting out of those numerous phobias which attack you later. So, in what our mistakes and what insignificant efforts we can make that to avoid them consist?

Mistake No. 1. We come back home slightly drunk . (And maybe sober, but very late - too, by the way, anything good). Any of us even if is a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, at least sometimes dares to descend in club, in cafe or at least on a corporate party where accepts a certain dose of alcohol. Friday, fatigue after labor week, it is not necessary to get up early tomorrow - all this promotes relaxation, intoxication, we sit up late and we come back home only in the dead of night, and even at daybreak. Intoxication besides its other pluses reduces attention and adjusts us on a complacent harmony. Mistake!!! The drunk girl - in itself a sufficient temptation. Late time or the night passing into morning - that time when drunks and addicts are already released by an evening dose, and they look for funds for following. And here it sprains the relaxed, complacent, drunk girl! It is necessary to be the fool not to use such temptation.

What to do to us? Not to go to have a good time? To refuse alcohol? To employ the personal bodyguard? All ideas are quite utopian. But there are options more simply. If there is no opportunity that from club the friend came for you or the father met at the subway, just call a taxi. Believe, it is better to pay for the car, than to lose considerably a large sum at a robbery or to spend several days for recovery of the documents stolen together with a handbag By the way, it is better not to save, catching a private trader, and to call an official taxi as - about horror! - the private trader can be the criminal or just the person of no character who gave in to a temptation too we will assume to rob the defenseless passenger

However, we could not avoid the Mistake No. 1 and made

the Mistake No. 2: we come back home slightly drunk, cheerful and carefree on the dark street (and what else can be the street at night?!) . And, suppose, by the way, that we shirked all money, and we elementary have no necessary sum by a taxi. Everything happens. So, it is necessary to collect will in a fist and to pretend that you are sober. The hooligans who hid on gates will decide to go straight whenever possible and quickly, but with advantage, differently that you are afraid, and the fear often provokes attack. Already on the way to the house it is possible to get mobile and even if you nobody waits for the house, carefree tone to chirp: yes, I already on the way, come to a balcony, you will see me, and go down to an entrance better, I already come . But it is better not to begin such talk far from the house as, having concentrated on conversation even with the nonexistent interlocutor, you will not be able with due consideration to scan the district, and would cost. At the same time optional constantly to look back as the scared hare (it manifestations of fear again that is not necessary for us at all). It is possible just to turn from time to time the head as though you look around whether leaves from where - nibud car, or to stop to correct a shoe, to straighten out a skirt - whether to teach me you to small female cunnings? Very important: avoid dark sites of the road! The simple truth, but me it opened only after I knew what it feels like all delights of these sites. Always there is a roundabout way, three times longer, but a hundred times safer, than is expensive through the dark yard. Bypass better on the lit street where there go cars. And still you watch shadows and sounds. It is optional to look back to see how the shadow of the running person behind comes nearer or to hear as he loudly breathes - at run breath becomes frequent and becomes louder. In this case you will not be taken, at least, unawares - and on it, first of all, and forwards count If you the courageous girl also are ready to apply

any of traditional ways of opposition to hooligans, it will give you several advantageous seconds. Absolutely shortly about ways:

- to be developed, to cry loudly and most to run towards to the forward;

- to be developed and throw in it a bag, to escape (it reflex will expose hands, you will have some more seconds);

- to be developed and to sharply strike it in eyes with all five exposed fingers; (speak, the most reliable way - at least one finger and you will get, and the traditional blow in a groin, most likely, will only even more anger the forward);

- to tumble down own body attacking the earth weight, using its confusion, to quickly rise, kick it more feasibly and to escape.

Personally all these ways are UNACCEPTABLE for me. I know that, despite regular trainings sport, I am weaker than most of men and I will lose in fight. To risk and enter a fight, using the means of self-defense propagandized in mass media, I do not want - they are good if they are worked to automatism, in panic I will hardly be able really to put the opponent out of action, and I will only provoke it the resistance. And in general, whether you will far escape high-heeled? So, if your night adventure reached the described phase, do not make

the Mistake No. 3: fight for property. Very often night hooligans need only a sum of money for the next dose of alcohol or drugs. - murderers there is not a lot of maniacs now, and for rape in the organisms of hooligans exhausted by bad excesses there are not enough resources. They have other interests long ago. Therefore their main objective - your property, but not maiden honor or life. So, if the robbery is inevitable, give a bag. Believe, it is better to lose a certain sum of money, brand new phone, even a favourite handbag from a crocodile leather, than to spend month in hospital as one my acquaintance (by the way, the Master of Sports in swimming) who entered fight for a bag and got concussion as the villain angered by persistence of production began to break it with the head about a wall until she fainted

of the Little girl! We are much more defenseless than men. Let`s take care. Even if you have a defender, he will not be able to be with you 24 hours a day. But, perhaps, we also will manage to take care of ourselves?.