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Whether cultural physical culture in America? America eyes of the Russian provincial

it is difficult to believe, but attributes of high physical culture in America continually. If to take definition of culture as existence of the conditions corresponding to requirements and in respect of sport of need of Americans conform to the " standard; consumer societies i.e., are unreasonable.

At quantity and availability of sports grounds, stadiums, tennis courts, golf courses, pools, fitness - clubs at all the catastrophic problem of excess weight of Americans per capita is not clear. Nearly at each house - a basketball ring. It is that option when it is possible to train also without team. Almost all schools have the pool. Teams, competitions, victories cause much more emotions, than the Olympic Games on mathematics or chess tournaments. Attendance of sports shows and cost of tickets for them will argue with a theatrical Broadway.

Existence of the sports category gives to the entrant indisputable advantage at entrance in the college or higher education institution and receiving educational grandees before some hlipkovaty botanist wearing spectacles. Therefore sports activities is a component of success. To be ill - it is expensive and it is not prestigious.

Had personally an opportunity (and desire) to join the mass of the American population leading a healthy lifestyle until automatically passed to weight problemno - growing fat. Acquired the subscription in fitness - club (a small charm on a key - and from it read out all information on you with the photo and personal data, it is difficult to leave at home and for this reason to miss training). An operating mode - with 5 - ti hours and to 23 - x. And morning early - nearly the most loaded period, before work. With this subscription you are equally accepted in all fitness - clubs of the city (them on the population about 300 thousand people - 5).

A huge gym with a mass of exercise machines. Racetracks and steps are especially popular. Though if instead to be run down the street under the invigorating bark of the dogs who became stupid for pleasure at the sight of the pedestrian, the effect would be bigger - at the expense of an emotional component. Exercise bikes and paths are located on an eminence, facing the hall. Who does not want to watch TV (their pieces 10 hangs with different programs) or to read the newspaper while he pedals twists (here the only advantage of the exercise machine before the simple bicycle), can watch fans of healthy life in the hall. It is sometimes much more interestingly than the Hollywood scenarios. At the same time it is possible to put himself to the place of heroes of action and to try role sexy (showing an extension) or the governor of California (dragging iron), or the naive enthusiastic little fool subdued by heaps of muscles of wons of that typical American. Glancing one eye in wall mirrors, you as if see yourself on the wide screen.

Locker rooms with souls, toilets, mirrors, scales. On scales I am afraid to get up because figure it will be far for 100, and it is terrible (in pounds everything here, and one pound = 454 g).

Sweating rooms - a sauna traditional, and sty - Rhum (wet, I such saw in Ukraine where from a pipe in a wall steam moves). Our inveterate ex-Petersburg parilshchik learned to reprogram easily sensors of temperature and to bring heat to that degree of a kaleniye when it is time to dive into a snowdrift, without operation of the fire alarm system. For it were exposed to the American ostracism and are separated from fitness - the center for the long period. And gentle sobanshchik the Russian extreme has nothing to show, to violate their right for slow conversation in the company slightly warm (literally).

Between sweating rooms - a jacuzzi with a hydromassage. When with ten foreign men in one bathtub it happens to sit?

Pool of meters 20 ordinary. Vnem not numerous rated sportsmen reel up paths, simply relaxing there is enough also jacuzzi. At this time on hydroaerobics the same signori were slipped (that is, pensioners). And I, having a long-term Russian experience of water aerobics, could compare their loading to ours. There - you will not sweat (you think - swimmers do not sweat?) ! There is no music, and aerobics without music is similar to the shaman without tambourine. Instruktorsha herself in water, acoustics is absent at all, it is possible to distinguish it only on excessive anticipatory activity. Our loading is not there also in mention and they and did not sustain, were scattered, scoop then them a net from the pool. Felt the participant of the World Cup in synchronized swimming against a splash pool in kindergarten.

My biggest shock in fitness - club: the signora of years about 80 with an oxygen cylinder instead of a sports bag and tubules in a nose - changes clothes to the pool! - club did not notice the reanimobile near fitness.

Teenagers generally on boards. The board - the town is not empty day and night. In San - Frantsisko, with his hilly relief of streets, the board is the same vehicle, as well as the moped, but does not demand the parking yet! However, what is told by the driver of a car after come up from - under a bumper to the skateboarder, it is easy to present in the form abrupt an odnoslozhiya and long dots.

All highways have the paths for cyclists in both directions separated by a continuous dividing strip. You cannot cross it on the petrol horse on pain of serious punishment. Therefore also cyclists feel like the full protected participants of the movement.

To go on weekend to drive on mountain skiing to Canada or on surfing to Mexico it is available to any student.

At such care of society of physical development of his citizens the problem of obesity can look on an equal basis with the movement of hippie - to be not as all!

If we had such quantity of athletic fields for mass sport, all world records would have the Russian nationality. Because we are strong what is not present in physically cultural America - command spirit!