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How to cook tasty borsch?

Many beginning hostesses say that they do not know how to cook the real borsch. Others - are lazy: a pier, both long, and it is difficult, and secrets real should be known. Actually, everything easy and simply, and the most important - turns out tasty and it is useful. For this purpose is necessary very little: and that is called to prepare desire with soul...

1. The first stage of preparation of borsch begins with broth . We separate meat from bones. We cook a stone, and then we add pulp. Friends, you do not salt broth right at the beginning at all: from it useful and nutrients lose the properties. Depending on the size of a pan, liquid volume, and also amount of meat, the preparation time of broth can fluctuate from 40 minutes to an hour

2. Further we supplement our meat broth with vegetables . Only you do not hurry to throw into a pan everything at once. The preparation time of vegetables variously, besides is of great importance also sequence of gas station.

The first potatoes are used . We cut it small (best of all averages) segments. As soon as potato cooks half, we fill broth with cabbage . The fermented or fresh cabbage as it is pleasant to whom more suits for borsch. In my opinion, in a cold season everything is better - to use sauerkraut.

Now time for beet came . We cut it small pieces or straws, and after cabbage it is thrown into borsch. From beet borsch will become not only is even more useful and more tasty, but also it is more beautiful as it will gain smart, saturated claret color.

3. In parallel we prepare zazharka . Small cut onions, the Bulgarian pepper and the ground carrots are browned in a frying pan on vegetable oil. It is the best of all to overroast also these ingredients gradually, one after another: at first carrots and pepper, but only then - onions. Otherwise it will burn slightly, and carrots, on the contrary, will not manage to be roasted. Right at the end we add tomato paste and is left to prepare minutes 5 on weak fire. after that we fill with

borsch ready zazharka .

4. What still is not enough for taste ? The last notes fall on bay leaf, several garlic gloves, pepper - peas and salt. I will tell you in confidence that personally I add to borsch also prunes (certainly, without stone, cut with not too small pieces). It gives to a dish unusual, pleasant, sweet taste. At will right at the end it is possible to add small chopped greens (parsley and fennel) though it can be given on a table and separately. It is pleasant to me more when at borsch surely there is a fennel, even not so much fresh, how many dried. Though sometimes I throw into borsch both that, and another, from it taste does not spoil at all.

Well, here, our borsch is ready! We spill on plates (small flat dishes do not approach, all the same it is necessary to add additives). To borsch we give a smetanka, mayonnaise, black bread or croutons. And will not prevent to put mustard on a table yet, with it taste of borsch will be just amazing. After such tasty and nourishing the first no work is terrible, and the feeling of hunger will not appear till late evening.

Bon appetit!