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How to find a habit fortunately?

Are interesting and whether much people know about it? That happiness can be a habit, as well as misfortune. It is not enough, awfully it is not enough!

in my opinion, the best way to be happy is to stop being unfortunate. If the misfortune, failure, unsociability became at you a habit, of this habit it is necessary to get rid actively.

Psychologists of many countries conducted researches on disposal of people of addictions.

Is two ways of disposal of an addiction:

1) shock therapy;

2) gradual fading of an addiction and replacement of its useful. the First way we will not consider

. Shock experiments with the mentality are too dangerous. And here on the second way we will stop in more detail.

We will consider a technique of replacement of one habit another. Then you will be able to apply this knowledge to eradication of any addiction. Any! But now we will replace a habit unfortunately with a habit fortunately. From you the desire, patience and not less than seven weeks of classes in the technique given below will be required.

So, we start.

1. It is impossible to wait for instant results (we do not speak about a shock therapy now). Stock up with patience. As a result of numerous experiments psychologists found out that on fading of a habit by its conscious suppression at the average person about seven weeks leave. Seven weeks! Therefore - the first results will appear not soon. But all of them equally will appear.

2. Find occupations which do you unfortunate . Let it will be even a vague state sincere not comfort . Make the most detailed list of these occupations.


A. Think whether it is possible to remove these occupations from your life (to charge to other people, to refuse, to find new work etc.) generally to get rid of them.

B. Make the list of what it is impossible to refuse. For various reasons - family, financial, another. Here too there are several ways, but main - to make these occupations joyful. How? I do not know. Think.

3. Find occupations which deliver to you active pleasure those which you are ready to do always, everywhere, and as much as long practically without being tired. (For example for me active pleasure to be online day and night.) Think how to replace with these occupations that bring to you misfortune . It is quite possible that it will be only partial replacement, or it will take away a lot of time, forces, nerves, money etc. And who told what will be easy? Try, experiment, generally - act!

4. Never accuse others of the misfortune . Only you owner of the life.

5. Stop to ache and be irritated on any, the occasion which is not arranging you.

6. Keep the diary. Write down the slightest achievements there. When you want to throw all this crap (and to you also not one ten times will surely want), record of your achievements will inspire you.

7. Live only in the present! At least these 7 weeks. Do not remember the failures in the past. They passed! But you also cannot adequately predict the future during radical withdrawal pains of mentality. Just rejoice to the present.

8. Find adherents. Those who can trust. If to trust there is nobody, confess in church. The person cannot carry everything in himself. Find an opportunity to be uttered even if on the tape recorder if there is nobody to talk.

9. Go in for physical culture. Physical exercises emit morfiyepodobny substances in a brain. Scientists call them happiness hormones . Choose a type of exercises, time of day and duration experimentally. The main thing that it was pleasant to you. Results, especially positive, enter in the diary.

10. You praise yourself at the slightest pretext. And without cause too! As often as possible.

11. Realize the uniqueness! Try not to compare yourself to others. Other such personality, as you just are not present.

But, it is only a prelude to the main thing without what in life there is no happiness.

Do good deeds.

Help others and do not demand for it gratitude! You do it for yourself!

Even a small kind act will lift your self-assessment, will load with good mood for a long time.

And where the good mood, to misfortune just is not present the place! Isn`t that so