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How to get rid of Sleeplessness?

At each person happen it. Tomorrow important meeting, distant trip and just tomorrow unlucky day. It is necessary to sleep! And here it is not slept! Though burst!

Sleeplessness people most often have:

unbalanced by nature;

leading a sedentary life;

eternally anxious with search of money;

postponing the solution of problems;

playing sports with excessive loadings;

the creative persons working after 17 hours;

not having an accurate day regimen;

just unorganized.

Therefore, sleeplessness is a result of a complex of addictions or a nerve strain.

Overcoming of sleeplessness.

1. The people having sleeplessness have to learn to live without coffee and strong tea.

2. Do not jump from a bed at once as soon as you wake up! This habit can play a dirty trick with you! The organism gets used to join sharply after each awakening! And if you just woke up at night? Wake up gradually.

3. Under any circumstances learn to go to bed and wake up only in certain hours which can be calculated easily on the greatest drowsiness and to rise when you wake up. I usually get up about five o`clock in the morning.

4. Learn to allocate the main affairs which need to be executed first of all.

5. Learn not to react to negative trifles, and also to situations which you cannot change. If tomorrow Important day, make the plan on paper, but do not scroll it in the head.

6. If it was not succeeded to fall asleep, after sleepless night drink two or more glasses of water or freshly squeezed juice. The liquid drunk in the morning washes out an organism from the collected slags.

7. It is necessary to take care carefully of physical and emotional overworks after 17 hours.

8. Dinner till 19 o`clock. Only easy proteinaceous food. Any hot or strongly cooled dishes!

9. Yawning warns about approach of a dream. Attacks of yawning repeat after 22 hours with recurrence approximately an hour and a half. It is the best of all to go to bed no more than in ten minutes after the first yawning.

Here, in principle, and all simple rules of overcoming of sleeplessness

I some more councils for such far summer.

Appears, the structure of a summer dream significantly differs from winter. It is required to our organism of a dream significantly less in the summer, than in the fall or in the winter. It is connected and with the longitude of day, and with structure of food in which vitamin production prevails. Scientists found out that depending on age it is possible to cut down dream duration from half an hour till one and a half o`clock in the summer. And here summer peresyp it is transferred much heavier winter, and in something reminds an easy hangover if you slept much longer than norm. Usually it happens at those people who hard fall asleep in the evening.

Here some rules of a summer dream:

1. Try to go to bed as soon as darkens, and to rise when rassvetyot. It is also summer physiological norm. Stout persons need to sleep more, than thin.

2. If you do not want to get up from the dawn (about about five o`clock in the morning) veil windows dense curtains. Light beating in the morning from a window influences an organism better than any alarm clock.

3. Take for the rule to sleep with an open window. Cool nochnoyvozdukh promotes more deep sleep, so, the organism also has a rest better. However, if windows come to a bustling street, it is better to buy menthol or lavender oil, to impregnate with it several tissues and to spread them in the evening near a bed.

4. If sleeplessness torments you in a full moon, not to do without hypnotic drugs! But! Read better, write, wash the dishes, erase until the dream overcomes you. It is better, than to turn in a bed all night long, turning over in the mind gloomy thoughts, and then the whole day to go as morning after!

I wish you a healthy, sweet, deep sleep. Now you know what to do that it came.