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Than lemons are useful?

and remember in the winter many useful properties of a lemon in the early spring. On the content of vitamin C it can be compared unless to a dogrose and currant. And, above all advantage of one of the best keepers ascorbic acid is that this yellow fruit does not lose vitamins B a current of long winter. But, knowing it, unfortunately, we forget other, not less valuable qualities of a lemon.

In what wealth?

1. The lemon not only rescues from seasonal colds and infections, but also thanks to powerful antioxidant - an askorbinka - relieves skin of early wrinkles and presenilation.

2. The pulp of a lemon is rich with pectins which bring toxins and slags out of an organism, protecting it from warmly - vascular and oncological diseases. And at a lemon peel there are also other substances - bioflavonoids which help to support a tone of the thinnest capillaries and relieve of vascular asterisks on a face.

3. The lemon contains many vitamins of group B which help to struggle with sleeplessness and a depression, and at the same time relieve of dandruff and spots.

4. Vitamin A is responsible for good sight and a condition of mucous membranes, and vitamin P helps an organism to acquire ascorbic acid.

5. This recognized means for strengthening of nails. Their daily wiping by a lemon crust with pulp will help to forget about stratifying.

6. Rinsing by the lemon juice dissolved in a glass of warm water strengthens fangs and improves color of enamel, and also struggles with periodontosis and an inflammation of gums.

What lemon is considered good ?

Upon purchase should make out the lemon which attracted to you attentively. The overripe fruits lose the most part of vitamins and minerals. The best lemons have to be the average size, with a thin skin, but rather heavy on weight. It is better to avoid big thick-skinned fruits because these lemons could grow not one year and managed to lose all available vitamins.

Here a couple of recipes preparations of tasty and useful dishes with a lemon:

For lemon pie

to us it will be required to b:

4 eggs, half-glass of icing sugar, dried peel and juice of 1 lemon, 2 tablespoons of ground almonds, 3 tablespoons of dry grain crumbs, 1 teaspoon of poppy, 2 tablespoons of cognac.

We prepare:

1. To warm an oven to 180 degrees. To grease a form for the test with fat or sunflower oil.

2. To shake up lemon juice, a dried peel, egg yolks and sugar in foam.

3. In separate ware to beat egg whites in foam and it is good to mix with almonds, grain crumbs and poppy.

4. To connect both mixes, to pour out in a form and to bake 40 minutes till golden color. Ready pie from above to water

with cognac and to allow to cool down.

To prepare beef with a lemon , it is necessary to stock up:

of 1 kg of beef, 2 bulbs, 3 garlic gloves, 1 lemon, ketchup; salt and pepper - to taste.

We prepare:

1. To cut beef on pieces 2 - 3 cm thick

2. To lay out meat in a frying pan, to add salt and pepper, then to squeeze out lemon juice.

3. Meat to cover and leave for about 30 - 40 minutes.

4. To fry onions till golden color. To lay out meat on a frying pan, to add ketchup, to cover and extinguish on slow fire about 30 minutes. Then to add pounded garlic and a little lemon dried peel. To extinguish 20 - 25 more minutes. A tax on a table, having decorated with lemon segments.

Be healthy! And appetite pleasant to you!