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How to buy moustached - striped and not to be mistaken with the choice?

in clubs and nurseries can be met Today a huge number of the most various cat`s breeds. Besides advantages, each of them possesses the shortcomings which often become obvious only after purchase, and bring a lot of trouble upon the owner. That who else doubts the choice of breed of the future pet and from councils - around the head, these recommendations will have by the way...

All breeds are good - choose on taste:

1. Persians - owners of quiet temper. The aggressive behavior is not characteristic of this breed. They are not afraid of children and become for them the best friends. The Persian kittens are lazy, but are inquisitive. Sociable character allows them to get on peacefully not only with all members of household, but also with pets. Cats remain playful for many years. The only minus - Persians demand a daily grooming (care of a hair) for preservation of its beauty.

2. Ekzota is a short-haired version of Persians. Owners of amusing fat-cheeked attractive faces and short plush fur coats. For those who love Persians, but have no time for daily care of them, ekzota is a real find. Their wool demands the minimum leaving and will never remind the confused yarn or a valenok. From - for the elementary of a grooming of ekzot sometimes gently call Persians for lazy . Exotic short-haired breed allows all colors recognized at Persians. But unlike the long-haired relatives they are more mobile and cheerful.

3. British impress a look with the stately body: they have short strong legs, thick a tail, but surprisingly low voice. Very much like to talk to the owner so it is not possible to miss with the British simply. Wool short and very dense that does not bring inconveniences and additional cares to the owner. On the contrary, the chocolate and black color calms nervous system, and silvery and blue British differ in unusually tender character. In a word, such kitten will provide you a cosiness, heat and almost dog devotion.

4. Skottish - fold or Scottish lop-eared . The biggest plus of this breed (besides ridiculous ears) is an unpretentiousness. Skottisha well adapt as to spacious apartments with the running children, and to tiny rooms. Very easily transfer moving, but are attached to the owner outright. Kittens of this breed are two types: with trailing ears and usual. To receive the real lop-eared kitten rather difficult therefore there are they respectively.

5. Siamese cats treat the most thoroughbred among short-haired. In character remind dogs, require to themselves a maximum of attention and do not love loneliness. Character Siam it is possible to recognize as the pedigree characteristic. They are very bright and clever, but are very vindictive.

To what it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase?

1. You should not look for a thoroughbred kitten according to announcements where they are offered in a large number of different age and breeds. All shortcomings and defects by all means will have an effect if not at once, then after a while after purchase. Choosing a kitten on the street, the ware market or in transition, it is possible to encounter posterity so-called cat`s conveyor - nursery where neither pairing of animals, nor their health is controlled, unsuccessful are thrown out, successful are given for thoroughbred. It is not excluded that among such kittens there will be healthy. But whether there is a sense to risk? And here the solid club will be a guarantor of the fact that you will buy a thoroughbred animal, and will not give spare cash.

2. The price of an animal is of great importance. The thoroughbred kitten from a good family tree cannot cost twice cheaper than the put sum which depends, for example, on reputation of club, a livestock and demand for breed.

3. The seller surely has to know a full nickname and date of birth of the pet and his parents (even if sells without family tree), to recommend a certain scheme of feeding of a kitten, to insist on vaccination of an animal and to advise the veterinarian.

4. If a kitten wild - do not think that you will be able him to warm . If found for it not enough time (as usual happens at density in cat`s conveyor ) with such pet it is necessary hardly.

5. At early depriving from mother and odnopometnik character of a kitten will not be built up fully that threatens with violations in behavior.

6. If the kitten goes to a toilet in not put place or by a pot, then, most likely, it will be very difficult to retrain it.

7. Buying a kitten of a certain class, it is necessary to reflect for what purposes you do it: show - quality - for exhibitions, it is shaven - for cultivation of kittens or Pat - for the house (the lowest quality).

And still what favourite for you would not be a kitten, you remember that he can become the carrier of the diseases which are transmitted from animals to the person follow rules of hygiene. The most important - do not forget that the greatest danger threatens children. It is impossible to assume that the kitten licked the child in a face.

Let moustached - striped bring upon you a minimum of trouble! Good choice of the pet!