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How not to be bored to death if you are put in hospital?

If you are sick, and are sick with a dreadful disease, then your treating doctor is obliged to put you in hospital. In appearance, there is nothing terrible here, you are calmed: You Will lie down week, or perhaps and several days, and will write out you Well, ukolchik will do everyones, preventive will give enemas - and you are healthy! Ha! Be not under a delusion! So all speak. Unfortunately, in practice, at people when they are put in hospital, the mass of unknown him diseases suddenly is found. And all these diseases it is necessary to treat! Therefore if hospital not the worst in your settlement, then you are detained there. Perhaps, will also correctly make. Well it is fine, conversation not about it.

My article narrates about how, being treated physically not to ache mentally, all hospital - the heavy place. I would even forbid children, pregnant women and impressionable citizens to be in hospitals. It not for their fragile mentality. I will not tell

Ya how many times I was in hospitals how many time lay because it is confidential information. But, believe that not once. And in absolutely different occasions. Of course, there is nothing good in it except that I can share the experience with you. What I will also do.

So, having been hospitalized and having understood that you sit in a reception not just like that, and with the purpose to enroll in the volunteers giving the, perhaps, the best hours, days and weeks to hospital wait. Just wait until to you appoint chamber.

There passed half an hour? Wait.

Oh, passed 2 hours? Wait.

So, really the angry fat aunt in a filthy dressing gown which color remotely reminds white deigned to turn on you the precious look and to spend the time not on drinking of n - oh tea cups, and on you? I congratulate! It is a high time to go to chamber!

Go straight along a corridor, then on the left, then to the right, once again on the left. Rise by the 4th floor on foot, turn on the left, once again on the left, once again on the left etc. until at you the head begins to spin. When begins to spin, leave a landing. This place is unsafe for the sick person. Go lengthways along a corridor and ask where your chamber. Pass to it and be knocked. Be not surprised if nobody tells you Enter! Just enter. Greet all and tell that you will lie together with them now. Be not surprised if nobody tells you Hello, welcome in our cozy company! Now ask where here a free bed and, serially watching changes of movements of hands of each of the patients who are already lying in chamber try to understand where your future bed. Throw on it the things.

The first important issue is made! You found chamber! Now it is time to find the place where smoke and to smoke. This is already more difficult. No, the place - that you, maybe, will also find, but here it will not be possible to smoke, most likely, - you left cigarettes at home, and at the people who are in hospital if they do not distinguish you as sick, same yet, as well as they, it is impossible to be interrogated cigarettes. Well be not upset - think that, perhaps, it is time for you to throw.

When to you there will arrive the first visitor, do not forget in advance to ask him to buy cigarettes. Also you remember: while with you someone is, you lead full-fledged life. When all visitors leave - you begin to feel like the old man. Therefore besides ask in advance for somebody who is going to visit you, a guitar, cigars, beer, cards with the image of naked girls. And something else on the discretion.

And now the most interesting: application of the forbidden things in hospital.

1. Guitar. It is forbidden. Why? Because the person responsible for an order in a hospital, is not able to play the guitar, however always wanted to learn. Therefore if will see you with a guitar - there will be many hours of interesting talk.

2. Cigars - oh as kayfovo to smoke cigars, to release ringlets a smoke in the face of those patients that yesterday did not treat you with a cigarette. The most important - not to forget to do a blissful smile on a face.

3. Beer. It is forbidden for this reason with it and it is not boring. Not boringly because from each rustle you will be frightened and try to drink off half-bottles. Then, having drunk, you will open the second, again you will hear steps in a corridor, and instantly swallow still a floor - liter.

4. Cards are an irreplaceable thing in hospital. Why with naked girls? Because such cards will take away more time for their regard, respectively, time of game will increase. Namely it it is also necessary - to kill as much as possible time because time does not pass in hospital, does not fly by, namely It is KILLED.

So, well, it seems, the main points are stated. It is a high time to be written out. How, you are not healthy yet? Who would doubt. Well, well, good luck and the speedy recovery! To a meeting on freedom!