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What is fruit pictures - a dessert or an entertainment?

the Dessert in itself are something special. It both ice cream salads, and shish kebab from fruit, or perhaps and simply vitamin vase . I think that finally it is necessary to leave not only the most tasty, but also interesting. I offer " option; two in one . Present a dessert in an unexpected look, besides you should not look for super - exotic fruit or to carry out for this purpose in kitchen of half-life, all ingenious - is simple! The most running fruit and ice cream are everywhere, there is a question as to group it.

Advantages of our option: it is not mix from which problemno to pick out pieces of unloved fruit or at all unclear porridge. In the offered way it is easy to lighten mood to children and even to indulge itself with a variety. For the idea embodiment we stack thinly cut orange segments on a flat dish. We put balls (or as it will turn out) on orange circles of the frozen different size, in the form of a snowman. We do by the kindled chocolate, boiled condensed milk or jam droplets - eyes and buttons. From it is longitudinal the cut cheesecake we do " carrot; - a nose of a snowman (it is possible to replace with jam).

Nearby we will create also other elements. A fir-tree from a kiwi: the straws from fruit are cut and keep within a fir-tree - everything simply. And from the tolstenky segment of banana cut then it is longitudinal, we do a trunk to ours to a tree . And, if you want to decorate it spheres cut a cheesecake circles, put over a kiwi. Respectively, the more the dish, the is more than characters and objects it is possible to place and think up. If you prefer to apply bananas or thin segments of apple as the first layer, then on a light background it is possible to create the fairy tale about Kolobok who will be represented by a round orange segment.

By means of the same straws we do a green footpath of a kiwi to our Kolobok, we do banana penechka also as a trunk of the fir-tree described above. It is possible to beat options with a landscape. On apple - a banana background we will make the orange sun, straws of a kiwi - a grass, and from the strawberry cut as a water-melon, but not divided absolutely red florets on a green grass will turn out.

I will entrust the rest to your imagination. I am sure that many will have other subjects for fruit pictures. You can write these options in comments to article, we will discuss them with pleasure. Creative achievements in cookery and bon appetit!