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Who your hero of the Russian fairy tales?

U of each of us in the childhood were favourite fairy tales and fantastic heroes. I will tell about the.

Ivan the Fool, the hero of very many Russian fairy tales, was many years to me rather a surprising and irritation, than admiration. To me it was somehow unclear why the hero of popular wisdom, that is fairy tales, the idler and the little fool is. From what it it would be helped by the highest and lowest forces and wizards different there. And he lies on the furnace and does not hurry anywhere.

The understanding came recently. As well as all ingenious, the reason turned out simple.

It, that is Ivan the Fool, does not run anywhere, and does only what is necessary and expediently at the right time, and enjoys life. That is, lives under its laws. In peace with both with all and in everything.

Time. You understand, time was its magic wand and the assistant.

Without hurrying to hurry.

Time sorted things out and our hero needed only to move and choose as a finger the right decision. And it became, in compliance with laws of reality. And if something was impossible, yet not time means, did not ripen still.

Yes can be, and at all business it is not necessary.

As often happens that we, unlike Ivan, hurry, we are nervous, we will organize rough activity.

persuades Sense of guilt: that will think of you if you do not make it. Believe in you, hope for you. You have the right to equal hopes! It is obliged!

The impression is made that without us the world will fail. More precisely, without our rough activity.

A urges on us its majesty fear. I Am afraid of

, I will not be in time!

What with me will be, with relatives? And suddenly?

Sit down also for a second, at least, reflect. What really it was useful to you what was remembered what result of your fight against obstacles and difficulties?

I will appear. .

Generally, there is nothing to remember, in essence.

Process was, and result which would console you and satisfied, no.

appears rage Here.

Ah, so!

Here so, all life fought for something or against something, not very well. Spent health, life somehow imperceptibly proskvozit, and did not notice that for himself, that is as a hobby, and did not live at all!

And rage - energy artful. She demands action, she needs to be fed as fire.

So activity for the sake of activity also proceeds. Meanwhile - that will not stop us.

Sometimes it is an illness. Trauma, for example.

Here you now do not hurry anywhere. You lie swaddled or stretched on beds and the life you consider.

It is good if rationally, that is on - kind, you understand the mistakes, you reinterpret the life and you cease to look for guilty.

And to recover not for long.

A happens that you continue to be angry and feel sorry for yourself, darling, bitterly so.

Here and complications appear, inflammations everyones. So inopportunely.

put So much not made in the country, in the world, in the Universe!

Eventually, us the death stops. That grew wise.

Another time. Time life has always enough, and she will teach us so much how many for us it will be necessary.

Let`s remember the hero of the Russian fairy tales, Ivan when the next itch of all-consuming activity develops and to live in harmony with itself.

Here and fairy tale end. And who listened, the good fellow.