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What Saint patronizes lovers in Armenia? Began

C 1990 - x when already some time cracking under a pressure parade of sovereignties The Soviet Union stopped - the existence, market rearrangement became foremost care for the states formed in the former Soviet Union. Nevertheless, the movement in a jungle of a transition period is remarkable not only economic cares. Despite the current difficulties, people are in time and to think of soul. And about love - as without it - that?

As for Armenia, the love will be read, of course, and here. But it has the heavenly patron making the serious competition to Saint Valentin. This is the Saint great martyr Sargis. It is among about 400 Saints who are remembered by the Armenian Apostolic Church. Day of his memory which follows for 5 - a day Advanced post of new converts, is celebrated on Saturday during the period from January 11 to February 15. And that Saturday from which till Easter there are 63 days. This year it dropped out for February 3.

The native of Cappadocia, Sargis at the Roman emperor Konstantin was appointed the voivode there. But it proved not only as the skillful and brave military leader, but also as the jealous preacher of Christianity which then at last left an underground. Using protection of the emperor, it from a hail went to a hail, preaching the Gospel and building Christian churches on the place of pagan pagan temples. After Konstantin`s death on the Roman throne Yulian nicknamed subsequently the turncoat for the aspiration to reanimate paganism set in. Also Sargis underwent repressions. During one of prayers to it in vision Jesus Christ was and enjoined: Go to the country which I will specify to you. There you will find prepared to you a virtue wreath . And Sarkis together with the son Martiros went to Christian Armenia - to the tsar Tirana.

But it stayed here not for long. Yulian who intended to restore the power in the east moved to Syria. The Roman legions interrupted on the way of many Christians. Being afraid for Sargis`s destiny, the tsar Tiran advised it to move to Persia. The Persian shah Shapour, naslyshanny about Sargis`s valors, appointed him the military leader. So it had to hold the fort against Romans who already reached by then territories subject to Persia. The Roman troops outnumbered the divisions which were available at the disposal of Sargis. But he urged soldiers to reject fear and to entrust itself(himself) to the Creator. Many hosted a baptism. Finally attack of Romans was beaten off. And further, seeing virtue and devotion of the military leader, soldiers left paganism and passed into Christianity. Having learned about it, Shapour demanded to worship fire as it is accepted at Persians. Sargis did not accept this requirement, having declared that he will worship the Consubstantial Lord, but not idols. The enraged Shapour ordered to kill the son Sargis, Martiros, in the face of the father, and - to throw him into a dungeon. Subsequently for hardness in belief he was beheaded. Also fourteen newly converted soldiers who took a body blissful were executed to inter it.

And still relics of the martyr were not gone. Since the 5th century they are in Armenia, in the village Karpi where they from Syria were brought by the creator of the Armenian writing Mesrop Mashtots. Relics are based in specially constructed church which bears a name of the Saint.

Today Sargis - one of the Saints who are most esteemed in Armenia. And, probably, not incidentally this noble rider on a white horse became the heavenly defender and the savior. Especially - young people and lovers. The Catholicos of all Armenians Garegin II proclaimed day St. Sargis Dnem of blessing of young people. This day young men and girls appeal to the Saint to help to find the promised, to overcome these or those difficulties.

To Day sv. Sargis the Advanced post established still by Saint Grigory the educator precedes, - report in in a press - service of the Ararat diocese of AATs. - This year it lasted from January 29 to February 2. Earlier during a post it was forbidden not only to eat food to sunset, but also to erase, spin a yarn, to potter with hair or wool: was considered that it will wind fetters on legs of a horse of St. Sargis .

On Friday preparations for actually holiday began. Their main ingredient - pokhind (fried wheat flour). It was involved on honey, sugar or uvarenny grape syrup and manufacture flat cakes on number of family members. In the evening these flat cakes were solemnly eaten that symbolized the termination of a post. But this does not treat youth. To young men and girls allow to eat salty cookies which are cooked by adult women. Before it is impossible to drink anything. And young people go to bed, is most strong vozzhazhdav in a literal sense. If the girl dreams about the young man who brings her a glass of water, then for it to it and in marriage to go, maybe, even in the current year (guys, respectively, with the same hope waited for girls). If in a dream so nobody gives to drink you, then it is necessary to wait for the next year and to pass salty test anew

In the house continues culinary sacrament meanwhile. Women pour kneaded on syrup pokhind in a bowl, carefully level weight and stand a bowl in the honourable corner of the house. It is considered that this night Saint Sargis goes down on the earth and bypasses dwellings of people. If comes to whom - by all means will check whether such obligatory ritual as preparation and storage of a pokhind is observed on the eve of its holiday. Many specially did not lock a door for the night to show how they wait for the Saint. Ran to check in the morning - whether the horse of the Saint, as a sign of goodwill left to owners, a print of the horseshoe on a pokhinda? Young people told what came in dream to them in a dream - who gave them waters, how many, in what vessel etc. Any trifle was important: the gold vessel symbolized the rich person, wooden - poor, full to the brim - a long matrimony, incomplete - opposite, short.

There was one more type of guessing. The piece of pokhindovy flat cake was put on the rooftop or on a window sill, inviting to a meal of birds. Where they will depart then - from that party and future spouse was expected (or the spouse).

This year St. Sargis`s holiday is celebrated with special scope. In the churches bearing his name (all in Armenia three such churches, including two in Yerevan from which one - vikarialny), festive prayers are served. The pleasant surprise was given by the Ararat Patriarchal diocese which initiated a written competition on the best love story with an awarding the prizes. The author of the message will receive for correctly removed love formula gran - at of 250 thousand dram (about 690 dollars). Among other nominations - Sincere love Romantic love Long love The Most loving couple Love for the neighbor Love for the country and even Love for God . According to the chairman of jury, the chairman of the arts council of " TV company; Armenakob Armen Amiryan who is also a member of diocesan council more than seven hundred various messages are received. And on a surface mail sent, and on electronic, and brought. All messages will be considered and appreciated certifies g - N Amiryan.

For now the jury works on mail, people give each other sargisovka - souvenirs, sweets, cards in the form of hearts. Because they trust in a miracle. Because in their hearts there is a spark. Because they love each other.