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What spam is and what with it to do?

of the Word accompany the person all his life. It changes - also the lexicon characterizing it changes. However, the speech here even not about separate cheloveka, and about broad human masses. No, for all at once, of course, I will not tell: the hunter of trepangs trading in the Tayvansky passage hardly thinks and the rested biker from Dolgoprudny or, say, the Lubavitcher Rebbe from the suburb of Haifa speaks in the same way as. Nevertheless, the mankind with different degree of productivity masters the new concepts which are inevitably entering our daily occurrence. Such, as, for example, spam.

Today only lazy does not burst in damnations to this electronic disaster breaking into computer networks everywhere - from Spitsbergen to most to Canberra. Despite of a national identity, a social status and political addictions of users. Nobody any more, perhaps, will remember that originally elastic word spam had quite neutral character. And it was directly connected with livelihood. Spam - a combination of the words SPices (spice) + hAM (ham) - such is was the trademark of a meat gastronomy of production of the " company; Hormel fuds (Hormel Foods Corporation). Canned meat with this trademark appeared seventy years ago - in 1937 and during World War II became one of the main food of soldiers of the American army. However nowadays spam characterizes not conserved meat. In a computer slang this word gained other value - almost useless information which is forcibly distributed to electronic subscribers . Too, in general, forcemeat, but inedible and harmful.

The heaps of such forcemeat which are diligent dispatched by spammers encumber our mailboxes. Naturally, this process causes a storm not of positive emotions in users. Nevertheless, such mailings turned into profitable business long ago. And sooner or later any user begins to get any different superoffers from the mail.

The author testifies it on own experience. Does not pass day that in my mailboxes something did not appear similar. For example, a certain Enrique Rodriguez offers hours under Rolex promising a 25% discount upon purchase of two and more hours. Ivan Vikentyevich expects to interest me in an opportunity to acquire the diploma or the certificate of any Russian higher education institution or technical school (the price list is attached). Erykah Rudolph is convinced that to me not to live without viagra. The sender who modestly subscribed Murderer of appetite recommends a miracle - a preparation for weight loss. And Mubariz Zeynalov urges to use services of " real estate agency; Big City Light who offers for rent of the apartment and room in Moscow. And so on, in it, so a section

If similar dregs come to you is not more often than one - two times a month, it is possible just to delete it from a mailbox. However, when spam becomes much, there is a wish to fight against it somehow. At the same time in most cases it is not recommended to give in on the " offer which is contained in the spam letter; click on this link to cease to receive messages : it is quite possible that after that you will begin to receive not less, and there is even more spam as the action you will show to the spammer that your mailbox works and you read letters. For the same reason and it is not necessary to answer the spammer.

I will risk to assume that most of users with hatred delete garbage mail. However, apparently, there are also those who read business " offers;. If there were no consumers, spam would disappear as a class long ago. Providers and users constantly understand how not to pass spam letters in a mailbox. Spammers invent new cunnings to pass through a wall, anti-spammers - find cracks and close up them.

- Does not follow the otkryvatssylka given in spamovsky messages at all: it is quite probable that you will run into a virus, - the director of " news agency warns; Noyan tapan Tigran Arutyunyan. - Or, that without knowing, you will open some program and you will become her subscriber. And then from you will begin to demand money for some services. Anyway, the avalanche of spam hammers your mailbox. Therefore it is whenever possible regularly necessary to carry out it inventory .

As a rule, such messages do not contain the personal address, but have fascinating headings, for example - We offer real earnings or Address us - and you will not regret!!! . Today chances to catch the potential consumer on the Internet grow. Therefore spam grows by leaps and bounds. Messengers of virtual advertizing, having got the bit between the teeth, are torn forward.

Until recently such advertizing did not become a subject how many - nibud serious researches. Probably, to very few people hunting to dig in electronic garbage. However universal character which was gained by advertizing mailings forced - to overcome prejudices. And recently German scientists Beata Schmuekle and Tobias Hee published linguistic research of spam as advertizing phenomenon (B. Schmuckle, T. Chi: Spam: Linguistische Untersuchung einer Neuen Werbeform ) . Texts of spamovka became a subject of their supervision. Schmuekle and Hee differentiated these texts on three categories: personal, pseudo-personal and impersonal. The first group is characterized by masking of advertizing under the usual letter. Here, as a rule, there are greetings, tone of messages - easy (sometimes even with a playfulness shade). Thereby the recipient is tried to be convinced that this message is not advertizing. But at the same time messages are made so carelessly that on them hardly will be bought even the most unexperienced user.

With pseudo-personal it is already more difficult. Such messages konstruktsionno and stylistically often very much remind traditional advertizing. But here the spammer is brought by attempts to call the recipient by name. That is, login is used as the address. As a result something turns out it seems Hello, Drdodo . And the desired purpose, it appears, remains low-achievable.

As for impersonal letters, the messages written in the form of traditional a press - releases, and also graphic spam are ranked as those. Those who design rolled long narrations about conferences or seminars, obviously do not take the trouble to think how the recipient will perceive this information. And graphic spam can be characterized, perhaps, as the compelled trick once again to punch filters.

Anyway, users of a network should suffer streams of spamovka. Perhaps, spam is not direct fraud: in certain cases the dispatched advertizing can quite be true. But all - the spammer steals your attention, time, and often and directly money - if Internet access at you paid. However, meanwhile - that had not to be heard about trials in which spammers would act as defendants. Incompetent it so far act - a spamerstvo. But indecent. So it is very desirable that this were remembered more often by those who cannot wait to make happy us unique " offers;.