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What is Babylon?

In Rastafarianism exist concept - Babylon. It directly belongs to bible legends on the ancient city and the well-known Babel tower. But the essence of concept for a rast - religions is a little another, than for Orthodoxy and Christianity. Babylon, for people in dreads, represents system. First of all, state.

You really consider that to be thin and harmonous - it is beautiful? From what you took it?

Since the moment of your birth fell down small weak shoulders the whole shaft of certain stereotypes. Parents, mass media, experience of mankind, everything that surrounds you, - dictate the terms. It is necessary to accept the lion`s share of these stereotypes. It was lucky those who were born on a sufficient distance from civilization epicenters. Residents of big cities depend on stereotypes more than the others. Concept it is happy there is enough rastyazhimo in the megalopolis.

You really consider that happiness is measured in square meters, monetary units, horsepowers? Why to you it?

They say that laws are necessary. They say that without them it is impossible to distinguish good from bad. And you willingly trust them. And how not to believe, all your family, friends and acquaintances, do not even call into question what is told by Them! Here it is the plain scheme of the Babylon life: Any person wishes well to himself and wellbeing. The state gives the generous choice. You want good and wellbeing - work for the state. You accepted this condition. Your high-quality work - in exchange on good and wellbeing. Seemingly iron scheme. Really, without effort you will not catch also a small fish from a pond. But, the fact that They already, at the most initial stage, are not absolutely honest with you is not considered! You work for money. Money is necessary to get material benefits. And for what material benefits are necessary?. Question.

You really consider that to walk naked the streets - it is immoral?

Freedom to wave a fist comes to an end at a nose of the neighbor . That is, freedom - this fiction. Democracy utopia. I devilishly want to wear a huge cap with feathers, but I will never set up it on the head because the thirteenth To from a round dance will point a finger at me and will offensively laugh. And some there Calvin Klein will declare that it is not fashionable. The Freedom of expression comes to an end with prison and a beating I often want to cry as to the little girl, but I do not pay, I am a man and the defender of the fatherland. The Personal freedom comes to an end with misunderstanding and the " complexes;

You really consider that the political system is the only correct way? Or you cannot imagine another?

is not the states, on Earth anarchy would reign. People need to be operated. To specify by it a light way. To help to distinguish good from the evil. Poverty from wealth. Equality from slavery. You will not find the person who will tell: To Kill children - it is good! It is clear to all. To understand this truth, the code of laws is not necessary. Those who kill children - sick morons. These morons generations were brought up by system. Babylon also raised them. It showed them the good and evil, poverty and wealth, equality and slavery.

You really consider that the person - the Tsar on Earth? You well read the Bible?

of People lived in a consent with itself and the nature. People rejoiced to every day which was presented to them by God. But it is always necessary to us more. It is more than consent with itself, it is more than consent with the nature, it is more than gifts from God. People began to build a tower of huge height that the person himself could become a God. They will be able to get above the sky, to become impregnable!..... But the tower failed, without having finished the rise to clouds. Builders ceased to understand each other, in a pursuit of greed and narcissism. The person sought to become a great being, having ceased to notice the benefits granted to it by the nature. And for the nature it was and there is a scanty pettiness, in Universe scales.

Babylon is our cruel reality. Today he dominates on all continents of our planet. The person began to be engaged in suicide closely. The washed-out and become empty heads raised on a breast of careful System fearlessly are at war for interests modern Pinochetov. Go outside, look back and, at last, wake up! All you trust in, can be used against you! Be vigilant!.... The tower is already unsteady!