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What chiefs are and how to work with them?

Before trying to add to itself weight in the opinion of the head, it is necessary to force it to understand you. Unfortunately, many heads absolutely forget that people are employed to them generally not to get them money and to realize own requirements, and your purpose - to achieve balance of interests in this question.

But to force the chief to reckon with you, it is necessary to understand him, his problems and requirement in the beginning. On the statistics collected ETUC (European trade-union confederation) for 2005, the average subordinate understands about 20% of the fact that the average head demands from it. I do not think that today the situation improved. Especially in Russia where formation process business - structures lags behind the all-European level for about 50 years.

Why we in most cases do not understand that is wanted from us by our head? Often because he does not explain why it needs it, does not give a complete picture. Sometimes because to explain you the purposes and by that he does not want to arm you. And sometimes - because does not know how in general to explain something to you. Specifics of work of the chief - the head, the organizer and the manager - very strongly differ from work of the expert who, most likely, you also are.

All heads it is possible to divide into three main types.

1. Careerist . This is the businessman who in any situation looks for opportunities, the creator and the innovator designing the own future. The careerist - the born leader - the inspirer. In science the identity of the careerist the scientists who are engaged in the least pragmatic, but the most promising areas, such as quantum physics or theoretical astronomy possess. In art the identity of the careerist is shown in the vanguard directions. In business the careerist - the businessman, the innovator and the strategist.

The manager uchebno - careerist type possesses a special view of the world: he sees in him many opportunities and a set of obstacles. It collects opportunities in one big and light image, and prefers to bypass or eliminate obstacles with hands of the colleagues. The careerist always holds around himself solid team same, as well as he, keen people. He thinks of ideas; all other types of thinking are alien and unpleasant for it because they pull down. If you want to be heard by it and to raise the status in his eyes, do not come to it with the problem, come with idea. The idea can be any, the main thing that it had in a subject and had chance to draw its attention. It can be idea, already him once sounded: even if he will also scarify it, he will hardly be able not to notice similarity of yours to it of a train of thought.

2. Manager . This is the true organizer and, unlike the previous type, the personality very prudent and pragmatic. The manager sees sense of management in planning and continuous increase of efficiency. It tactics, but not the strategist, head, but not the leader. The manager lives in the past, skillfully analyzing and structuring information. In science the identity of the manager scientists - the theorists who are engaged in ordering of already famous data, transformation of statistics to theorems and rules possess. In business the manager (as well as follows from the name) usually is the head of an average link which purpose - to put in order and system of idea given by the careerist. In art of a type there is no manager and there cannot be in view of its sad (for art) a pedantry.

The manager of this kind has problem thinking. Any task set by it looks a serious and complex problem which besides often requires the urgent solution. At the same time the manager absolutely not necessarily understands specifics of this task. He, quite perhaps, was never an expert, having jumped through couple of steps of a career ladder and sublimirovav on administrative level at once, and does not even imagine, than your working day and in what ways it is necessary to convey information to you is filled. The best way to interact with it - not to pay attention to the piled-on agony and quietly and to measuredly perform the work. The people who are not causing problems are Charisma for the manager and are appreciated by it respectively. But, of course, you should reminding of yourself as the manager behind an avalanche of problems can forget about your existence at all regularly.

3. Kulturnik . This is the autocrat who tries to participate in everything and to hold all threads in the hand. Usually it is the expert who is rather self-assured to create own business, but it is insufficiently sure to subcontract part of the duties to someone else. He is the only and permanent owner of business in which he knows everything to the last trifle and quite reasonably believes that nobody will be able to operate better it. Reasonably - because he never allows to accumulate to nobody experience, is constant all controlling and penetrating into all details. Kulturnik can grow up in any field of science or art, in any business where strong engineering education is required.

The manager of this kind has problem thinking, but, unlike the manager, lives in the present as he in fact is an expert - the producer, but not the organizer. At a kulturnik of a problem all hang and at once, without division according to priorities and categories. Subordinates of a kulturnik are only the puppets playing a role whipping boys when the immediate task reaches an impracticable stage. To the head of this kind it is impossible to find approach as it will lift nobody to the level. If you got for work to a kulturnik, you have at choice only two options of behavior: either to suffer, or to look for other work.

I hope, to you will carry to work with the chief of the first type. But even if is not present, now you can use this article and understand in what direction you should dig. If you want to gain more serious knowledge of this subject, it is possible to recommend J. Fox`s works, O. Kreger, the half-joking book of A. Yurevich.

Good luck!