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How to distinguish seeds from a ryegrass?

Spring not far off Very soon the summer season will begin. Vegetables and fruit, berries and greens, - all this, certainly, pleasantly and is useful. Here only, before trying fresh cucumbers or tomatoes from own bed, it is necessary to work much.

If you decided to grow up " vitamins; own hands, then to you not to avoid process of the choice and purchase of seeds, vegetable, flower and other cultures which already appeared on counters of shops. Their range is so big that - to fans it is easy for gardeners to be trapped. What needs to be known not to run into a fake and low-quality goods?

Upon purchase of any seeds first of all it should be taken into account carefully packing and to pay attention to the next moments:

1) on a bag the name of the organization making and realizing these goods has to be surely specified.

2) full address of the producer of goods.

3) phone of the producer and seller.

4) Name of this culture and its grade.

5) existence of data on the standard (number of a consignment of goods, state standard specification, name and grade).

6) the mass of contents (if seeds small, then weight is specified in grams, if large - in pieces).

Contents of packing should be checked, as they say, without departing from cash desk. If you are interested in the number of pieces in a bag, be not too lazy to count them on the place before the seller. If the number of seeds does not coincide - can safely make a claim. Unfortunately, to return to shop later and to try to prove to the seller the case - waste of time (who will believe you?) .

7) the term of realization of these goods (with the indication of number, month and year). For seeds in unary packing (for example, a usual bag) the maximum term of sale of goods - 1 year. For seeds in double packing (there is a foil) - 2 years.

8) the documents confirming quality of the corresponding seeds (the consignment note, the certificate of quality of goods with the indication of term of its realization). I pay attention that the buyer has the right to make sure available those. And it have to be not copies, but documents with live press of body for certification. It is necessary to compare the specified data on packing of seeds to those that are specified in the relevant documents. If information does not coincide or the required documents are absent at all - there is an occasion to refuse purchase.

If you successfully bought necessary seeds, but at heart is all the same restless, for bigger confidence it is possible to resort to one more, national way of check - in house conditions. Its sense consists in the following: it is necessary to scatter small seeds on a sheet of paper and to carry out over them at the height of 1 - 2 cm the electrified plastic stick. If seeds empty and puny, then they easily reach for it, as for a magnet. Such operation should be done several times, previously having stirred up them.

(For example, vegetable marrows, beets or pumpkins) it is convenient to sort large seeds in liquid. For this purpose it is necessary to pour out seeds in bank with water, to mix them and to leave alone for about five minutes. Those which emerged can be thrown out, and drowned men suit for crops. After such procedure seeds need to be dried, having scattered them a thin layer on paper.

And still, dear gardeners are gardeners - summer residents, keep in mind that the majority of firms specify on packing an expiration date of seeds till 2008 - go years. This figure for some reason became statistical, but, according to experts, it is justified by nothing. Be careful of purchases with the indication of such date. It is better to recheck hundred times, than to run once into a fake. Good luck to you and rich harvest!