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Where to have a rest in Krasnodar Krai?

in the Summer all go somewhere to have a rest. Someone prefers the foreign exotic countries, and someone travels around Russia. To many inhabitants of our Homeland most of all on heart rest on the Black Sea coast, in such long ago known and fallen in love to Russians resorts of Krasnodar Krai as Anapa, Sochi, Gelendzhik. Today I will tell you it them.


Anapa is located in Hugo - the western part of Krasnodar Krai, on a joint of Greater Caucasus and Taman Peninsula. A surprising variety of a landscape in the territory of the resort is explained by it: from the Caucasian foothills covered with the mixed wood to a flat plateau on which ancient Anapa, and the low plains of Tamani alternating with sea estuaries is located. All this natural variety unites the Black Sea along which coast the resort is stretched more than on 80 km. The sea at Anapa the most environmentally friendly in the Black Sea basin.

Rest in Anapa is: 40 km of sandy beaches and 10 km of pebble beaches; curative climate at the same time predgorno - steppe and soft Mediterranean; the most valuable therapeutic hydrosulphuric muds in sanatoria of Anapa, sopochny " dirt; volcanoes four types of healing underground mineral waters for medical and table drink, hydrosulphuric, iodide, bromic highly mineralized waters and brines for bathtubs, thousands of hectares of vineyards.


the Resort of Gelendzhik is located on the bank of a lonely bay among majestic spurs of Greater Caucasus Range. The city streets dressed in a pine dress go down on slopes to the edge of a surf as if repeating a way of mountain streams and rivulets. It seems that the Nature paid to Gelendzhik special attention, seeking to create the beautiful and cozy place which is reliably protected from all adversities.

Mountains and the sea, the nature and climate - everything stays in balance and harmony and promotes rest in Gelendzhik. Perhaps, for this reason in vicinities of Gelendzhik especially there are a lot of nature sanctuaries and history.

of Sochi

Even if you do not know a prikup, then will be able just to have a rest in Sochi... The best sanatoria and boarding houses of the resort of Sochi with pleasure will accept you. Touching

fingers gold dust, you will admire sea open spaces and is lazy to reflect on rest in Turkey next year.

I think, you decide where to you to go this summer. To liking gold dust? Anapa waits for you. More pebble is pleasant? Perfectly, then your choice - Tuapse or Gelendzhik. In the last also sights there is a lot of so to you will be what to look at. And if the purse allows, unambiguously go to restore health in Sochi.

of Pleasant holiday!