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How to raise a self-assessment?

As are frequent, without trying to obtain what you would like, you find out that you lacked confidence just a little, you were lost, you were attacked by some strange catalepsy. They are syndromes of the lowered self-assessment. In the maximum - it is the " complex; little person . Each of us spoke or at least thought approximately so: I am a person small, nothing depends on me . Thinking and consequently, and working with such spirit, the person just becomes a toy of external circumstances.

As all - to raise a self-assessment?

Here several simple councils known what it feels like.

1. Refuse excessive demonstration of the importance. If you internally do not correspond to that image which you try to show to the world, you will look just karikaturno, and people will subconsciously try to put you into place.

2. Believe in yourself. Just like that, without any conditions. Just believe that you can do everything. Any complex problem can be broken into sequence of simple actions and just to perform these operations. The main thing - the nobility where to go, and to go, despite everything!

3. Plan the affairs. Do not begin day without plan of day, week without plan of week etc. Next day it is better to write the plan in the evening and to correct in the morning.

4. If you decided to make something, begin as soon as possible, without thinking of difficulties. The longer you are going to begin, the business seems more difficult.

5. Do not do any, most uninteresting serious work mechanically. At first try to make it interesting. Business will be executed quicker and better. (Thanks to Dale Carnegie, this council helped out me more than once!) .

6. Smile! Smile sincerely! The weakening and calming action (sincere, but not tense, on duty) smiles so well that surprisingly as seldom people use this balm of soul.

7. Ask if to you something is unclear. It is better to seem the fool once, than to remain him all life. Besides, asking questions, you let know to the interlocutor that you listen to him.

8. Get a habit to regularly do something new that you never did.

9. To these you broaden not only horizons, but also a zone of a peace of mind.

10. Stop to show discontent constantly. No comments.

11. Stop justifying youselves before people around. The more you think out justifications, the not more surely feel. Simply, if necessary explain with a steady voice the act.

12. Never accuse yourself of anything. No comments.

13. You praise yourself for any finished business, even the most insignificant.

14. Get to yourself Daily magazine of success . Write down there everything that you consider as the progress. When you feel uncertainty, just read this magazine. It helps always!

15. Fear - the most important destroyer of confidence. And how not to be afraid? To find an insurance, spare option, to hold a roundabout way in the head, to reduce importance of a task, in advance to reconcile to failure and to work!

16. Allow to do something imperfectly, and sometimes and badly, it is worse, than at others. Dare luxury not to compare yourself to others. Usually these comparisons will be not in your advantage is it worth upsetting itself?

17. And the Main thing - to work!!! To work resolutely, without looking back. When bridges are burned, there is no place to recede. It is necessary to go forward! Even if it is very terrible I Will be glad to

if my councils help you to raise a self-assessment and to find confidence in the forces.