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How to lick wounds and to get rid of bruises and grazes?

Cheerful feast and man-to-man talk or late evening with a question: To Light will not be? usually come to an end equally. And if to your blessed did not punch the head (because it is stronger), and, for example, broke against it, darling, the decanter - that the help of medical staff from nearby emergency station can not be necessary. But grazes, scratches, bruises and hematomas - here you are, please. And it is necessary to go to work, though there is no wish. And not really there is a wish to try to catch on himself the frightened eyes of passersby: the bandit, the alcoholic

Here I also asked a question: How quicker to cure the Robin of Goode? after courageous days off. Also it turned out that a variety in the matter is not observed. That is, all know that the cold will help - it is necessary to put ice or the frozen piece of meat. And if already there passed more than 10 hours - and an eye already swam away and was poured in scarlet - violet What survival equipment, except foundation or the Venetian mask is?

At first that vessels were not torn and bruise did not increase, something cold is necessary, healing. And then, approximately in two days something dispersing blood. Easy means from grandmothers for first aid: to pour a half-glass of vodka and a half-glass of water in a cellophane package and to freeze it in a deep freeze. Such bubble with ice and the formed swill can be used for removal of pains and shiners . And further?.

The first that occurs to all - old kind Troksevazin. It rassasyvat bruises and hypostases far semifresh. But! If to put everyone two - three hours throughout the day. It really possesses strong anti-inflammatory and antiedematous action - but it fine zheltit. That is, at active application the tumor will fall down, an eye will open - but Xing - the crimson rainbow will be replaced by a yellow spot.

Though to me when once got to traumatology after accident, the doctor recommended to combine it with Lioton though it also is advertized as medicine from hypostasis of legs, but also possesses excellent rassasyvayushchy properties. And it colourless, passes the polar lights twice quicker.

For the advanced users well familiarly strange word nonsense . It is not a substitute, and not the brazhka is a grass which is on sale in drugstores and, according to many, yields excellent results from kosyachny and asphalt diseases. It seems everything is simple - is worn out according to the instruction for preparation of compresses which remove blue. But here it is necessary to be careful! As means quite strong, it is possible to burn skin, especially gentle around eyes. But if to add some sunflower oil - all side effects vanish. Optimum recipe: on the tip of a knife to take a nonsense, to mix with a teaspoon of vegetable oil; to moisten cotton wool and to put periodically to bruise; not to throw out cotton wool, and directly in mix to leave. Already each hour. Bruise for 1 - 2 day descends.

Couple more of ointments which help: in the same drugstore we take Arnica ointment - the good healing means, both for bruises, and for grazes and hypostases. From grazes well Solkoseril and Bepanten Plus, advise them during the piercing and tattoos for the fastest healing. Relieves of a slight itch and desire to scratch all you can reach.

Bruises or cones are also recommended to be moistened strongly with a lead lotion (instead of ice on the hurt place), and is later to make a compress of camphoric alcohol or decoction from flowers of arnica. If the tumor long does not fall down, it is necessary to rub zinc, lead ointments or ointment with iodine impurity.

From traditional medicine there are options with onions: a bulb half long to rub the hurt place (the truth it is desirable to rub right after a beating). And lacerations, grazes begin to live quicker if to grease them with gruel from boiled onions with honey. Boiled onions in general promote fast scarring of skin.

Besides, in old times applied juice of a swede and tomatoes, fresh juice or gruel from a radish to healing of wounds, fresh or dry leaves of a nettle, slices or mashed potatoes from autumn grades of apples.

Still there are means of an aromatherapy - here many options, but as you will not stock up with all oils, will give only couple of examples. At traumatism, that is from bruises, bruises: Geranium EM - 1 ml; Immortelle EM - 3 ml; Gaulteriya EM - 1 ml; Peppermint EM - 1 ml. To apply on a painful zone 4 - 6 drops of mix 4 times a day within 3 days.

Bruises in eyes: Geranium EM - 1 drop; Lavender EM - 1 drop. To dissolve in 100 ml of ice water and to do lotions on places of bruise at the closed eyes. In case of hit of oils in eyes to wash out vegetable oil. Bruise of the person: Lavender EM - 5 drops; Geranium EM - 5 drops; Rosemary EM - 5 drops. To dissolve in one tablespoon of vegetable oil. To rub to the area of a bruise twice a day.

And, finally, the most important not to try not to get into such situations - and with honor to leave them. But, just in case, it is worth remembering coordinates of the emergency station, nearest to the house, that if suddenly it is required, not to waste time for searches.