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How to reconcile with vanity, or With a holiday on March 8!

on March 8 all women want to be adjusted on a good wave and to forget that at us it is full of affairs and there will not be enough fingers of hands that to list everything. And if your family does not consider efforts on the house as work, show house tariffs of services of any firm: how much is washing, cleaning, services of the nurse, monthly payment of accounts for the apartment, gas, electricity and phone, include birthdays house and relatives, family actions for an occasion of different calendar holidays, and, in addition, add on absolutely unforeseen plots from time to time (something in the house broke, the child did a lot of mischief at school and call parents).

Women hurry eternally, try to be in time everywhere, adapt to difficulties, grab work, and at the same time constantly feel fatigue.

to us should be known well that in a family of justice will never be. One litter, others clean, one eat, others cook food, every day puzzling over that, it is as if more tasty to feed the family.


Look at yourself from outside.

Think of yourself, to nobody you are necessary as to yourself.

It is very important to span to fall in love with themselves then people around will fall in love with you.

Respect yourself!

you do not speak about yourself badly.

Conclude a truce with yourself and the world.

Believe in yourself and the forces.

Love people! Be attentive to people around!

Be sure of themselves.

Live in the present and eat yourself poyedy as little as possible.

Be able to forgive yourself and others. Know that the forgiveness is not a justification. Having forgiven, you claim that the offender is not imperious over you any more.

Be not envious and are not whining.

Control the words. Leave a habit to criticize and needle, play a trick and to sneer.

Control the emotions.

Get rid of emotional slags (oppression of long offenses, envy, rage, a despair etc.) .

be not sensitive!

Quietly react to spiteful remarks. Remember that it is not necessary to quarrel, all of us are at different stages of evolution, and are only temporarily connected together.

the best response to slander - silent contempt for it.

Avoid people with negative thoughts.

you Study patience and ability to overcome the bad mood.

Never show the superiority (it people with a low self-assessment do). Under the law of life someone always escapes ahead, and someone lags behind.

Take urgent measures for improvement and improvement of the physical state. There is no health - there is no wellbeing, tranquility and happiness.

Always you remember that chronic happiness does not happen.

Remember that each bad is followed by good.

And if to you it is bad, look back, and you will see the person to whom it is worse, than to you, and therefore try to help him, and it you will find the importance of the life, the acts.

Always you remember that the positive image of thoughts gives peace of mind.

Know that all problems have a decision.

Answer a question: When you rejoiced last time? You always lay down conditions: Here if .

And many situations needs just to be accepted.

Learn to perceive the world with optimism. Life is the most valuable that we have.

And let disorders and fears, concern and alarms, rage and irritation will leave.

you do not spend time in insignificant talks.

you do not tell anything what you will be able to regret subsequently about.

be Also able to tell: No! .