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In what riddle of the Bermuda Triangle?

Bermuda Triangle This mystical riddle of the seas excites already several decades seafarers and scientists. The term Bermuda Triangle introduced in 1950 for the first time - m to year American E. Jones who published the small brochure under the name Bermuda Triangle . Nobody, however, turned on it special attention, and it was forgotten. Only in 1964 - the m about the Bermuda Triangle was written to year by one more American - Vinzent Gaddis. Its article called Killing Bermuda Triangle it was printed in the famous spiritualistic magazine Argosa . Later, having collected additional information, Gaddis devoted to the Bermuda Triangle already whole chapter of the book Invisible horizons . Since then phrase Bermuda Triangle constantly is in the center of attention.

Later just publications about secrets of the Bermuda Triangle fell down. All of them left mainly in the USA and Great Britain. The real furor was created by Charles Berlits`s book which appeared in 1974 - m to year - The Bermuda Triangle . The book was repeatedly reprinted by different editions, and sold million circulations.

In 70 - e years of the XX century journalists began to print many articles on the Bermuda Triangle, having supplied it with such definitions as inexplicable mysterious mysterious . The publications proving that in it there is nothing mysterious and unnatural was 10 times less. The most known among them is the book of the American journalist Lawrence David Kushe The Secret of the Bermuda Triangle is solved written to them in 1975 - m to year.

In the USA on the Bermuda Triangle two television movies were shot. The first movie, 1970 - go years, was full of riddles and the supernatural phenomena, and very affected public opinion. The second movie, 1976 - go years, with L. Kushe`s participation disproves false statements, fiction and mystification.

An arrangement of the Bermuda Triangle

Tops of a triangle is Bermuda, Puerto - Rico and the southern cape of Florida. However supporters of existence of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle attribute it considerably the big territory, for example, the Gulf of Mexico and northern part of the Caribbean Sea. Many even continue the Bermuda Triangle on the East up to the Azores. The area of the Bermuda Triangle in its classical borders makes a little more than 1 mln It is solid part of the ocean and, respectively, a seabed and the atmosphere over the ocean.

The bottom relief in this area of the ocean was thoroughly studied by a set of the expeditions sent for studying of Gulf Stream, influence of ocean waters on weather conditions, for studying of a seabed and its mineral riches, and also a geological structure of crust deeply under an ocean floor. It is very difficult area of the ocean. In it is mute huge shoal and deep-water hollows, difficult system of sea currents and the confused atmospheric circulation adjoin.

The bottom near the Bermuda Triangle is very non-uniform. It and the shelf with shallow banks, both a continental slope, and regional and median plateaus, and deep passages, and abissalny plains, and deep-water trenches. Besides, there are also underwater mountains which tower over the bottom plane on 150 - 200 m. Some underwater mountains act over a surface in the form of islands which gave a triangle the name. Material of underwater mountains, basalt, from above is covered with coral reeves.

On a seabed of the Bermuda Triangle the deep-water trench - the deepest part of an ocean bottom is located. It is called Puerto`s trench - Rico. Depth makes it 8742 m that is also maximum depth of all Atlantic Ocean. Length of its 1550 km, and width - 120 km. At its bottom there is a silt, volcanic ashes, and, in places, sand. Under a bottom there are in the basic sedimentary breeds - limestones, sandstones, clay. Thickness of their layer fluctuates from one to six kilometers.


the Smaller (southern) part of a triangle belongs to the tropical seas, big (northern) - to subtropical. The tropical seas - warmer. Water temperature on a surface fluctuates from 22 to 35 C here. Waters are much warmer here, than in other parts of the ocean thanks to the Gulf Stream Current.

within the Bermuda Triangle is a kernel of circulation of water mass of the Atlantic Ocean. Main current here - Gulf Stream. Total length of currents - 10000 km. Gulf Stream is obliged by the name to the Gulf of Mexico therefore long since was considered that Gulf Stream arises exactly here. Gulf Stream transfers about 100 million t. warm water in a second. Width of the Florida current in that place where it leaves the Gulf of Mexico, makes only 15 - 18 km, and is farther to the North where Gulf Stream already dominates, width of its current reaches 200 km. Its speed reaches up to 250 cm / with, sometimes it is even more. The Gulf Stream Current can slow down very considerably or, on the contrary, accelerate the movement of the vessel. Except Gulf Stream, here great variety of small currents which arise under the influence of inflow and otliv. They can lead to formation of whirlwinds. Both Florida, and the Bahamas, more precisely, all Bermuda Triangle, are area of hurricanes. At a speed of wind exceeding 300 km/h, water shaft break against coral reeves, and the ship which appeared among them is doomed to death.

From the East in limits of the Bermuda Triangle interferes the Sargasso Sea shrouded in legends. Sargaco on - Portuguese means grape brush . Quite so called the seaweed which is freely floating in water - Sargassum. They have leaves and berries that reminds grapes brushes. In the Sargasso Sea there is a great variety of such seaweed.

The Sargasso Sea is somewhat the oasis of motionless water surrounded with powerful currents of Northern Atlantic. Therefore everything that gets to it, is late in it for a long time. Here it is possible to see various garbage, and also wooden fragments of old vessels.

Level of the Sargasso Sea is 1 - 2 m higher than the areas of the ocean adjoining to it. It is connected with the fact that in it oceanic waters are made up from all directions. Its own waters flow, but not on a surface, and at a depth. The set of legends and beliefs of the Sargasso Sea call it by the sea of spirits sea of fragments by sea which cannot be crossed by the sea of ghosts .

The atmospheric phenomena occurring over its territory also belong to the Bermuda Triangle, of course. The most part of a triangle lies in the area of the trade winds blowing constantly. Over the continent trade winds are not so constant as the land heats up quicker and quicker cools down. Trade winds blow approximately at the height up to 3 km, and at big heights in an opposite direction antitrade winds blow.

The Bermuda Triangle is also abundance of storm. In a year happens there till 80 storm days, and it means that the storm happens almost every fourth day. The storm in this area can become fatal, especially for small small boats.

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the world`s largest areas of action of cyclones. Huge air whirlwinds move with a speed of 30 - 50 km/h towards Florida, Cuba, the Bahamas further on the North. Emergence of a tropical cyclone is inevitable if the extensive area of the ocean heats up above 26 C.

Other danger trapping vessels are sea tornadoes - powerful atmospheric whirlwinds. At the sea they appear when the water surface is rather heated. They lift water, turning it into water columns. These columns promptly and in zigzag fashion move. If the small vessel occurs in their path, then it, most likely, is doomed to death, and large vessels can sustain considerable damage.

Here such it, this Bermuda Triangle. Its climate and undercurrents create the artful work, generating legends and fictions. Now accidents happen there rather seldom since storm are predicted, and do not advise easy small boats to put out to sea these dangerous days.