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How to learn to bake without eggs and yeast?

you consider that dough surely contains eggs, yeast, butter or margarine? You bake nothing in the Post because these products should not enter a diet? In vain! I learned to do tasty dough without them because my husband the vegetarian of it all the same eats nothing. I impart experience!

Practically all types of the test I do equally, in it big plus because it is easy to remember.

Dough for pie:
to Take

0,5 liters of kefir (fermented baked milk, sour cream), it is even better if dairy products of a perekisla to add 0,5 h l. soda, from above to powder with flour. To leave for about 15 minutes that soda dispersed. To mix 1 h l. salts and 1 h l. sugar to add a little water, to stir and pour out in kefir. We begin to knead dough, gradually adding flour. When dough begins to come unstuck from hands, we add two big handfuls of sunflower oil and it is finally kneaded soft dough. It it is necessary to leave a minimum for half an hour.

During this time we do a stuffing:

- small we cut crude vegetables - pumpkin or potato, or cabbage (it should be brought previously to boiling, and to cast away that water flew down);

- small we cut onions;

- we mix everything, we salt, we pepper, we add spice;

- we add 2 - 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil, it is desirable not refined.

We roll dough no more than 1 cm thick on the baking sheet or a deep frying pan oiled. We spread a stuffing. From above we close a layer of dough, rolled more thinly. It is possible to do sweet stuffings, in this case the bottom of pie is powdered with starch which will absorb juice. And the top is decorated with a lattice from the test.

Minutes through 40 on your kitchen such attracting smells will float that nobody should be called - will come running!

Pies this dough not too is suitable

For baked pies since. it is not such magnificent as barmy, and for fried pies will be just right.

We do dough also as it is described above, but pies will be small - diameter of flat cakes no more than 15 cm. In the middle we put already ready a stuffing - mashed potatoes, rice with the fried onions, mushrooms, stewed cabbage, green onions (it in pies and without eggs is good). Or a sweet stuffing, and with jam it is better not to do, it strongly flows, and here apple jam can be put.

We bake pies on refined oil because it does not smoke.

the Form of pies can be standard, a cut down, and I like round pies, I do not put them, and I cover with the second flat cake, I pinch around and then I spread. Or I do by a semicircle as vareniki. It is so possible to make different pies with a different stuffing, and it is possible to bake and just donuts, they in oil turn out really magnificent!

I do fritters to

of Fritter of the same test, only it has to be more liquid, than on pies. And plus to it one secret! I Deliver dough more densely, than it is necessary, then I pour abrupt boiled water, approximately a glass, all the time stirring slowly. Dough turns out scalded and perfectly approaches without eggs. It is possible to add different stuffings to such dough - polished apple, pumpkin, carrot, to add to sugar, coconut flakes, vanillin. I bake fritters without oil, on a teflon frying pan. Unsweetened I do usually by a lunch instead of bread.

Exotic cookies.

Is mixed consistently:

of 10 tablespoons of flour, 3 - 4 h l. sugar or honey, 10 tablespoons of any brine, 10 tablespoons of vegetable oil, soda pinch.

We knead dough, thinly we roll it, no more than 0. 5 cm. A small liqueur glass we cut out circles, we display them on a baking sheet. We bake only 10 min. till golden color!

them can be stuck together among themselves jam or honey, it is possible to brush slightly them top and to dip into nuts, candied fruits, cocoa, generally, there is no imagination borders!

Eat on health!