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Mistake the nature or veterinarians are sadists? Who will become the owner of a miracle?

are a history of life of one dog. As well as a great number of the Moscow dogs, he was born in a family of darlings the yard - terriers. Its destiny could develop on a miscellaneous - from badly and very badly, to a happy end. It should be noted that prerequisites for a heppa - an and were.

The first good luck - in the yard there were no ardent sobakonenavistnik and all his brothers and sisters sorted. But here it was not taken... Though, at the first vzgyad, the lovely fur ball well ate, ran, not bad felt. Only that was evident - it is the big cone on a tummy.

The second good luck - it came into the view of girls from the forum Dog and Kot. Here also Funtik`s history full of fight for his health and happiness begins. On medical examination it turned out that the nature allowed mistake in Funtik`s organism. Its urinogenital system represented the urinary channel, undivided with a rectum. Owing to it, constant intoxication of an organism was provided to it. It is not necessary to speak about hygienic difficulties... In a word, Funtik could not hope for finding of owners in such state.

It was decided to do to a puppy operation on division of the urinary channel and a rectum. Against the become clear problems, the cone on a tummy which was hernia did not bring special trouble. The surgeon suggested to set it in one stage during the first operation. I.e., actually to perform two operations in one.

Here Funtik`s history gets even more dramatic turn.

during operation were found the shocking facts: there were internal seams and the sphincter was removed in obviously surgical way!!! It in the way mistake the nature it was called into question, and Funtik`s history began to remind history of other dog spoiled with veterinarians - sadists and rescued by efforts of surgeons and activists of the charitable society Dog and Kot. It had problems the same, and the territorial area, by the way, the same... Only distinction, is age. Funtik was absolutely a baby, but also the hand of morons from medicine did not tremble here, there was nobody to intercede.

Operation took place successfully. Funtik slowly grew, turned into the teenager and he was sent for overexposure where he had to get stronger and be socialized - will learn to walk on a lead, to control the needs, to ask if necessary on the street... How many it costed physical and sincere forces, it is separate history which has to be devoted to his guardian angels - to Lena and Natalya. And the financial burden was at all not a lung because both operations, and a hospital, and overexposures, everything cost very considerable money...

Dear Funtik spent all the childhood in hospital. He very much suffered from a lack of communication. When he was visited, the pleasure was not a limit. It as the human child twisted visiting pads and in the language asked not to leave. Cooed (did not bark, did not whine) with everyone who paid it attention, told about pleasures and troubles, gesticulated a pad and when the end of appointment came... sat down on a bottom, inflated cheeks and heaved so a deep sigh... that at all tears welled up...

Funtik transferred for the short life much, likely, therefore he combines extreme tenderness and emotionality along with wisdom... The Speaker and the philosopher in a body of a puppy - so it was called by doctors in clinic. He is not just a puppy, not just a dog which thousands, it as though not from our world. His eyes just look in you, get into your soul and remain there forever. Looking at it you begin to understand that you cannot pass by that you have to though something to it to help...

The task which was set for themselves by girls from a forum was not only in keeping Funtika life. The ultimate goal was to make a dog absolutely full, but not to leave the disabled person who will live the days and provided that someone will take pity on him. Our society, unfortunately is not so humane that to adopt animals - disabled people. Even a dog on three paws, at all healthy internals it is very heavy to attach.

Therefore the third operation was necessary. Surgeons created in the artificial way Funtika a sphincter. I will primitively explain, this similarity of a muscle which gives the chance to control an urination.

Now Funtik turned into the high long-legged handsome and differs in nothing from a healthy dog. When you look at it now, a strong, large dog, all this history seems improbable. He lives in a family where care for it, but all this not HIS family... It is paid overexposure.

A big request to all who were touched by Funtik`s history scatter the short announcement of Pound on ICQ and mails of acquaintances. There is a wish to believe that there will be a person who will want to take himself this real miracle of the nature and medicine who all life will be proud of the act and the pet. Funtik worried so much that he is worthy to spend the dog century with the loving owner.

Approximate text of the announcement: A high, beautiful dog Funtik who experienced many difficulties in the childhood, very much, very much waits for the best owner. To the street it is accustomed, at home it is accurate, adores children, gets on with other animals, including with cats. To call by ph. 8 - 903 - 793 - 42 - 73 Elena, 8 - 901 - 712 - 92 - 50 Natalya.

By the way, the financial aid is welcomed too, overexposure costs money and is paid from personal means of people which were borrowed by Funtik from the very beginning.

Only a condition for potential owners - responsibility and residence in the Moscow region. Unfortunately, refusal cases from " are frequent; adopted animals. And Funtik is very dear to the curators, and they worry about his future.

So it is possible to sum up... To correct and mistake nature, and experiment sadists and it is possible to present life to the living being. Also you do not hurry to drag a sick animal in usypalka being repaid the fact that you relieve it of tortures.

And a pristroystvo question the miracle - dogs remains still open... Nearly a year later, having passed and having passed so many tests, remained very little, absolutely slightly - slightly. And this most important - Funtik needs the house, the Owner. You do not pass by, stop. This dog deserved happiness - the best Owner, he survived for the sake of this meeting!!! As wrote at a forum: Let`s help Pound It is dashing to become Pound Sterling!

Good luck all! Good luck to Funtik! Also be merciful....