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What is eaten by piranhas, or Want to bathe in Amazon?

More and more our citizens go worldwide, getting sometimes into such places about which earlier we only read in adventure novels. One of such places is the mysterious and mysterious country Amazonia in Brazil. A virgin selva (a tropical rainforest) with blood-thirsty jaguars and caymans, harmless manatees, bright parrots and loud monkeys. And still from time to time there are messages on a find of the tribe which lives in the Stone Age and nothing is known about the our world. But, probably, most of all stories were told about little small fishes the piranhas living in Amazon and its inflows and in some other the rivers of South America.

Piranhas, according to stories of some travelers, are literally a scourge of god for all Amazonia. They live in huge flocks, have teeth keen as a razor and, flying pack, in a few minutes pick to purity of the processed skeleton of a live deer, a cow or on ignorance of the person who decided to bathe in the river. Seldom who managed to escape after a meeting with these, if one may say so, crocodiles in fish scales. Well, unless when did not manage to sail far away from the coast. But nobody managed to remain whole. In about tens of fragmentary bleeding wounds the unlucky bather and neither he, nor his acquaintances took off after that from water, did not approach already and closely to this deceptive river. And acquaintances (and not really) told other acquaintances (and not really) very much terrifying stories about these fishes - murderers.

What small fishes are? And how really they are dangerous? There are over two tens species of the piranhas inhabiting everything fresh reservoirs from east foothills of the Andes to Colombia, Venezuela and Gayana in the West on all basin of Amazon, in Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and on North - the East of Argentina. Some of them are predators, others herbivorous. But practically all have teeth, keen as a razor and located so that the jaw, being closed, becomes the terrible weapon. And these teeth can put (and sometimes put!) notable wounds. At the same time how many - nibud serious researchers and authors claim that there is no reliable case of attack of piranhas with death. Besides, almost all note fearfulness of piranhas, their tendency it is easy to fall into a stress in the most insignificant occasions.

Very many authors tell that local kids bathe in the rivers, in the same place their mothers wash clothes and are not afraid of piranhas at all. Some explain it with the fact that supposedly piranhas are dangerous only in certain time, for example, of inflow. But inflow though far gets on the river, nevertheless is not swept up far from the ocean, especially - in numerous small inflows. Other explanation seems to more plausible. When there comes the drought period, and numerous sleeves become cut off from the main course, in them often there is a huge number of piranhas. Everything that can be eaten, is eaten for a long time. Here this pack can snatch on any appeared in this reservoir. But imagine in these conditions of our fishes! Yes on you or on a calf the gudgeon will snatch, not to mention a pike! However, our fishes have no such sharp teeth. By the way, piranhas with sharp teeth, not all carnivorous. To eat the nuts falling in water, too it is sharp teeth are necessary. Moreover with the jaws which are given forward!

Tell that time of a piranha bite fishermen for fingers. But think, you came across a hook, you are pulled from native water somewhere, you are enough with hands. Yes you will try to escape very much back in water. And teeth at a piranha such, as it is deliberate, and, so to speak, on imprudence, the wound will be put - be healthy. Happens that and the ruff sometimes can bleed. On one of the websites of aquarians it is told how harmless piranhas who eat - that generally shrimps, allegedly nearly bit off to the woman two fingers. And all because when cleaning an aquarium it decided to catch them not a net, and hands. So who whom attacked? And the moneybox of rumors about pirankh was replenished with one more true story .

By the way, piranhas - a fertile subject for fans of terrible sensations. Recently both the television and the numerous websites reported about piranhas in one Ukrainian lake. Earlier such messages were from Belarus, from Philippines. But there though water warm … And in Great Britain on the Thames the seagull allegedly dropped the caught piranha nearly in hands of the journalist writing about this case. But we - that know our journalistic brotherhood …

Also it is not necessary to be afraid of piranhas, having appeared somewhere on Amazon or on one of its inflows. It is possible and bathe in Amazon - once still it is necessary another time. But... it is better to look round nevertheless at first, to ask locals on - Portuguese: Tell, - a pier - of por favor (please), senores whether it is possible to bathe here? Whether of perigoso (dangerously) it? Do not forget - there still are caymans. And the certificates when the cayman, as if more delicate to tell it … had a snack on time the bather, there is enough.

P. S. The author does not bear responsibility for those piranhas who from - for small number of the Internet cafe in this area of the planet, did not read this article.