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What to treat guests during a post to? Vegetarian exotic! (Release 2)

Hello! I Continue by

the story about preparation of simple, but very tasty and useful vegetarian dishes (without fish, meat, eggs) to which it is not a shame to treat also guests and to indulge a family not only during a post.

Peas cutlets .

For this dish you should find whole, not split peas in a cover. In the conditions of the city we buy it at agricultural fairs or in shop of agricultural products. I think, as a last resort, it is possible to take haricot though I did not try.

We presoak 0,5 kg of peas not less than for 6 hours. Readiness is determined by juiciness - pleasantly to eat it even crude that we with the husband often also do. Try!

And if you decided to continue preparation of cutlets - pass the washed-out peas via the meat grinder. It is possible to add to it the cleared vegetable marrow, pumpkin, cabbage which we mill together with peas or just to add waters that forcemeat turned out elastic. Small we cut 3 - 4 heads of onions and we add to forcemeat, and then we salt, we pepper, we add spice and 2 - 3 tablespoons of flour, for glutinosity that cutlets did not collapse when frying. Everything is well kneaded by hands, before receiving homogeneous mass.

We fry on both sides in the warmed vegetable oil till golden color. The smell soars just the same as though you fried meat cutlets. On it all members of household, including pets run together!

Just objedeny with ketchup, soy sauce, fresh or fermented vegetables salad! And cutlets are tasty both hot, and cold, they can be put on sandwiches.

Onions roll. we Cook for

dough by analogy with manti. I will remind its recipe. In 1 station of warm water to stir 1 h l. salts to add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. It is possible to knead habitual dough on eggs: 1 Art. of water, 1 egg and 1 h l. salts. To pour out any of mixes in flour and to knead elastic dough. I usually take at first 2 glasses and I sift in a bowl, then I add liquid mix, I knead dough, and then already I fill up flour as necessary.

While dough rasstaivatsya under a bowl, small we cut 3 - 4 large heads of onions. If dough remains, it is possible to dorezat onions then. Dough we roll

as on noodles, we oil vegetable. A layer approximately in 1 cm we display onions, without reaching edge on 1 - 1. 5 cm, from above we salt, we pepper. Accurately we roll up everything in roll, before a bookmark in water we cut on 4 - 5 centimetric pieces, one cut prishchipyvay that forcemeat did not drop out in water.

To put a pan with water on fire, waters there have to be only 3 - 4 cm. to put bay leaf, pepper peas when water begins to boil spices we clean, and in water accurately we spread roll pieces, a prishchipnuty cut down. Literally in 15 minutes onions rosettes are ready.

Very fragrant, nourishing and tasty dish! It can be eaten with broth in which they cooked, and it is possible also without. It is fine if in the house there are greens. I for example grow up onions in jars and parsley from the root brought in the fall from giving in a pot on a window sill.

Orange puree.

the Secret of this dish that potato cooks together with the pumpkin which is largely cut, peeled of a peel (it is necessary to take not a sweet grade). It is necessary to salt when potato is almost ready, it helps to keep vitamins and promotes a razvarivaniye of vegetables. When cooking it is possible to add bay leaf, pepper peas, fennel umbrellas, then they should be moved away.

Separately we fry onions in vegetable oil till beautiful golden color, it is possible together with mushrooms, we pepper, we add spice. When vegetables cook, we do ordinary mashed potatoes, adding broth. We add the fried fragrant onions to ready mashed potatoes. M - m - m - m, already I run to prepare!

Mashed potatoes can be both a garnish, and an independent dish to which marinated mushrooms are good, pickles - tomatoes, sauerkraut (about how to make it in only 3 days, I will tell now).

Sauerkraut we Cook for

sauerkraut in the enameled pan without chips, in glass if such is available for you or in a pan from stainless steel, but only not in aluminum. All the time of preparation no more than 1. 5 hours, and vitamins for a week at least!

All calculation goes on 3 kg. cabbage. To small chop cabbage, to add 2 - 3 rubbed carrots, 5 - 6 goroshk of pepper, laurel leaves. To the taste you can diversify this recipe with addition small cut some horse-radish, beet, garlic, a lemon, sour apples, still something can you will think up, write.

Then everything we mix with 1 tablespoon with a salt hill, but we do not fray. To add 2 glasses of boiled water with two tablespoons of sugar dissolved in them. To stir once again.

Densely to close a pan a cover and to put to the warm place for 3 days. I put either about the battery, or in a bathroom, about pipes. Every day mix that it was fermented evenly, but even if you will forget, nothing terrible.

In three days cabbage is ready, it should be shifted in banks and to put in the refrigerator that did not perekisat.

Before food salad is done of cabbage. For this purpose lay out it in a bowl, add the cut onions, garlic, a cranberry or cowberry, one small cut fragrant apple (without skin), greens, pepper, fill in with not refined oil to taste.

Surprisingly tasty it is also useful!

Bon appetit!