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What is the valuable management?

the Principles of valuable management

Valuable management are a realization in the company of regular management on the basis of the general, the valuable priorities coordinated and divided by employees. Values - the true boss of the company and therefore each employee, at any level, at any time, in any situation, making any decision, is guided by values of the company or what he considers as those.

Regular management is a management on the basis of regulations, standards and instructions. Transition to regular management is inevitable for any company which continues to grow. The company can do without regular management if at the head of the company there is its owner, and in submission at it about ten old acquaintances. As soon as the company goes beyond the described framework, it needs standards of activity. Lack of regulations in the company leads to the fact that employees are guided by the principle ISMSBA (It Seems to Me So Best of All).

If the company did not employ employees regulations - it means that it obviously allowed them to be guided by own experience, own values, own idea of what is necessary and what should not be done. All responsibility for unpredictable and undesirable acts of employees, in case of lack of regulations (regular management), lies on the management of the company which builds business, employs personnel, but does not tell them a rule of the game.

There are several widespread illusions which slow down introduction of regular management in the companies.

Illusion the first: historical. The head who is often as well the owner, furiously resists a regulation, remembering as was earlier. Such head, says that there was time when they excellently did without pieces of paper and bureaucracy why it is impossible to continue to work in the old manner? Because the world managed to change because in the company, not three, but hundred people work now because earlier school friends, and the checked devoted companions were employed, now the manager whose name the owner cannot remember in any way is engaged in a set.

Illusion the second: all rules are identical. Therefore our company quite will suit regulations of any other company, as if to us to catch them. One head seriously just suggested to take them instead of creation of a package of the regulating documents, for example, in McDonald`s and, having slightly corrected, to introduce. The same logic that at the parents who decided to bring up the second child in accuracy as the first, in hope that there will be one more excellent student.

Illusion the third: regulations will make us by robots and will kill any initiative. It is fair if to write the regulations doing the employees by heartless robots and to introduce, then employees those also will become. If to write the regulations killing an initiative and to introduce, then the initiative will not be. But it is possible to write also other regulations providing realization of the personality during work and awakening an initiative.

Illusion the fourth: experience - to all the head. The head considers that it is enough to hire the skilled employee and the problem of lack of regulations will be solved. So there are announcements “ experience in the foreign company " is desirable;. The shred of common sense in this illusion is. But in what environment there will be a professional? Among those who are guided by the principle of MKTL. Whether the professional to whom facultatively, and, respectively, free of charge, it is entrusted to teach all other employees own example will long hold on, to work “ as it is necessary “?

Being bent under weight of typical tasks and situations, having been tired of the same answers to the same questions the head makes up the mind to the first step in a work regulation. The simplest way which is chosen by 90% of the companies: case. An essence of this approach to a regulation is as follows: there was an event, employees made incorrect decisions - we write regulations about that, to behave properly in similar cases. Then still incorrect decisions and acts, and still regulations and instructions as it would be necessary to arrive. Still offenses and still regulations. After a while, the pile of regulations, very ill-matched and sometimes inconsistent closes a daylight, and convinces the head that it was not necessary even to begin bother, with these regulations. Or it was necessary to go some some other way.

Valuable management can be true when the management of the company consciously analyzes, estimates and operates valuable structure of the company and its divisions; or chaotic and uncontrollable when the management does not attach due significance to values of the company and, thereby, allows a situation to develop under the influence of casual people, factors and events. It is remarkable that anyway: whether the head thinks of valuable priorities of business or not, values operate his company.

Principles of true valuable management:

the Principle of compliance to the purposes of business

the Principle of obvious coordination of values

the Principle of human resource management - “ ΜξνξλθςΕδθνξμϋψλεννθκξβ™ “

the Principle of the accounting of interests of five parties of business

the Principle of every possible penetration and improvement

the Principle of compliance to the purposes of business

System of values has to answer the objects set for the concrete company its owners, shareholders. the Company which is carrying out territorial expansion, creating numerous branches has to have other system of values, than that which aim increase of market value of the assets. The company staking on innovative technologies has to have the system of values different from family small restaurant.

In this context, as the purpose we understands the strategic, most common and remote goal of the company. It is necessary to remember that valuable structures are inclined to stability and once the introduced system of values will resist changes [ii] and seeks to remain. It is wrong to think that the exclusive purpose of business - receiving profit. The palette of the purposes is much more various.

In a situation of holding, the valuable structure of holding has to answer its purpose, and valuable structures of the companies - to the purposes of the separate, making holding companies.

The valuable structure of non-profit organizations has to correspond, to the purposes declared in the charter.

The valuable structure of the state organizations has to answer the purpose, certain laws within which the organizations carry out the activity. Even the valuable structure of educational institution, whether it be school or HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION has to answer the purposes which were set before themselves by heads.

The principle of obvious coordination of values

System of values of the company - hierarchical system . There is a structure of values of the company in general. There are valuable priorities of managements, departments and divisions which have to be in unusual way coordinated with values of the company of the top level. Values of employees have to be first of all coordinated with values of the division, and in the second turn with values of the company.

Valuable priorities of divisions have to be coordinated among themselves - it is called the valuable interface, its task it is correct to broadcast what is important for one division in the leading requirements for another. The traditional conflict existing between accounts department and sales department in many companies is manifestations of inconsistency of the valuable interface between them: what is important for accounts department is ignored by sellers and vice versa.

Coordination of values, forming of the correct hierarchy in which values of divisions support and strengthen values of the company, and also coordination of valuable interfaces of the interacting divisions is a serious problem which cannot be solved by itself.

Principle of formation “ Monolitayedinomyshlennikov “

Introduction of the principles of valuable management, coordination of valuable priorities from the top of corporate structure, to each specific employee leads to formation of specific organizational culture which we call “ Monolitedinomyshlennikov “.

A monolith , - because the collective as a unit, does not contain foreign matters, cracks, weak places. Adherents , - because in decision-making all employees are guided by the same system of values, so they will make identical decisions. And if system of values correct, then their decisions are both identical (unity) and correct (efficiency).

Principle of formation “ Monolitayedinomyshlennikov “ demands that process began with the top management. we Will explain. The formed Monolith is exempted from all alien. If it turns out that the head charged to someone to introduce the principles of the valuable management, process went, but the head did not accept with all the heart the created values, then formed “ Monolitedinomyshlennikov “ will find a way to get rid of alien material even if it is the owner. The weak head will see in it threat and, without understanding, will refuse conscious forming of values of business, having allowed thereby someone to another to set rules of the game. Even having hidden the head in sand, the weak head will not secure himself. At the beginning of reorganization, businessmen faced a call, and were compelled, risking everything, to assert the rights for the business at various “ roofs “. Actually this same fight, but in other plane: who will establish the rules, that also will be (through corporate values) to control the company. There is an example, in the company, the head for one reason or another let matters drift, actually departed from affairs and allowed employees to drive. Reserved only a right to sign. On the one hand life at office boiled, on the other hand the owner did not see result, but received the mass of promises and assurances from confidants that everything will be adjusted soon. When the company was closed, each of confidants “ somewhere “ found the starting capital for own business, and continued to be engaged in the same, than and in the previous company. Here only the owner who let matters drift was out of work.

The format of article does not allow to prove the thesis in more detail: the owner has to stand at the origins of formation “ Monolitayedinomyshlennikov “ and actually the first to swear on fidelity to corporate values. But at least all of us - executed the obligatory program - warned.

“ Monolitedinomyshlennikov “ - the new understanding gives what is motivation of employees. The divided values are the best base for formation of loyalty of the highest level. Employees are involved in affairs of the company and enjoy the chance presented to them to work in so fine company. “ Whip “ and “ " gingerbread; were never instruments of motivation, and “ Monolitedinomyshlennikov “ it brightly shows. Employees work at the maximum not because are afraid of punishment, not because expect special remuneration but because “ at us it is so accepted “. However, it is not necessary to consider “ Monolitedinomyshlennikov “ as a way of reduction of a wages fund as it happens to loyalty of employees in some companies: make to me employees loyal and I will be able to pay them a little less.

In the interviews published in the business press the thought expressed by owners and a top - managers quite often sounds that beliefs and the candidate`s values, his readiness to accept rules of the game of the new company, is more important than its professional level of competence. The companies with ease leave the workers who did not accept corporate values and seek to increase the professional level of loyal employees.

Without having accurately ideas of corporate values, owners sometimes take the risk, inviting to a high post “ Varangian [iii] “ and providing to it full “ cards - Blanch “. Tens of examples of similar experiments are known to us.

In the company there is a new director, deputy directors, vice-the president - not in the name business. He begins to stir the settled bog, penetrates into all processes. Instructs, without having understood a question essence if only to show who here main. The personnel see how the owner with curiosity nablyudt behind process “ education “. At employees the belief - " is formed; we were betrayed! “ They became object of social experiment. Further resistance follows. Then mass dismissal. Then dismissal “ Varangian “. Sometimes with dismissal “ Varangian “ too tighten, and owners should begin business “ from scratch “. In what a mistake? Not to invite Varangians? The main mistake is dispassionateness of the owner. It does not pass through reorganization which arranged to the subordinates.

“ Monolitedinomyshlennikov “ is a new understanding of team in business. But at first we will remember team signs, it:

- existence of a common goal

- existence of the divided ways of its achievement

- presence of the leader

- existence of border “ We - They “

- presence of the general enemy

Existence of a common goal probably does not demand comments. Members of team can have personal office, and personal purposes, but all of them have to be coordinated with the common, corporate goal.

Existence of the divided ways of achievement of the purpose . It is about the problem which arose at heroes of the famous fable who undertook with load a message cart. They had a common goal, but ways of its achievement were very various: one was torn in clouds, another moved back back, someone aspired in water. Regular management, by the way, is urged to create the divided and coordinated ways of achievement of the purpose.

Presence of the leader . Formally there is a speech about the person around whom the team is formed. And if it is not formal, then it is worth remembering that the true boss of the company are its values.

Existence of border “ We - They “ . Psychologists say that the person becomes the personality when understands: where he comes to an end and the world around begins. As it is not sad, to supporters of idea of a great unification, it is necessary to recognize: the team is not possible without this border. Take any social community (and it is not obligatory only human) and you will see that teams (group) stand apart. Existence of border does not mean existence of a reinforced concrete wall or Iron Curtain. Existence of border, among other things, demands special procedures of acceptance in team of new members. Trainings of team building are capable to create border “ We - They “. This border will pass so “ We going on team building training “ - “ They, too staff of our company, but not worthy such trip “. Useful border? Whether team building trainings are necessary? Yes. They have to be devoted to questions of familiarizing with the general corporate values, training in standards of interaction, eventually, to joint rest and adventures. The only subject which has to become forbidden for team building trainings - unity of collective. Unity of collective has to happen on the basis of the general values.

Presence of the general enemy . This sign of the real team, as a rule, causes a barrage of criticism and charges from humanistically the adjusted psychologists and managers. In this article at us other purpose, we will not prove at full scale the thesis, simply we suggest to analyse personal experience. As your class on the eve of a football match with a parallel class [iv] rallied.

Learn the principlethat interests of five parties System of values of the company has to consider

and have in unusual way in hierarchy interests of the following parties:

Owners / shareholders. the Valuable structure of the company has to consider expectations and aspirations of the owners. It is natural that business is created for receiving profit due to enterprise efforts. Increase of cost of business has to be the purpose of public joint stock company surely: private shareholders invested the money in business with one purpose - to increase the personal welfare. In case of the only owner, in the absence of obligations to other shareholders, he solves what for the sake of, he started business. The profit can be the purpose, but it is not the only motive, and there can be even not the not strongest motive, business activity.

Important question: whether interests of the owner in system of values of the company have to dominate? Let`s answer so until the private investor is convinced that his interests above all, he will not give money, takes shares of the company [v]. Also will correctly make. Justification of the thesis is in what the values connected with financial interests of shareholders pull on separate article. Therefore we will stop on short justification: the company will be effective if puts interests of shareholders into the forefront. Payments to shareholders are made after all other payments. It means to be good before shareholders, the company has to be good before all others.

Clients of the company. the Valuable system of the company has to define the place of the client accurately. The idea of customer focus forces the followers to raise a significance value of the values connected with clients. But it is not simple to make it. The values connected with the client, moving up, naturally lower the importance of other values. The values which are displaced down resist. Sometimes very fiercely. External manifestation of this fight very variously and, sometimes, is entertaining: introduction of standards of service causes resistance of group of sellers. They also - that not can is connected to explain why resist innovations. They even recognize that innovations are useful, but cannot control themselves, seemingly. And the reason is that people “ interior “ feel: if standards of service are introduced, then the client will become more main, than they are.

Employees. The system of values of the company has to reflect the place of personnel as main resource of the company. False slogan “ Personnel - our supreme value “ total absence of policy of the management in the field of personnel harms more, than. Employees cannot be the dominating value as sad to recognize it. Other thesis which can seem bad too: the certain person will never be more important than team.

Partners. The company does not work for the partners in business, but it has to consider, for creation of the long-term relations, their interests. The dishonest transaction is possible once. The reputation of the company is most brightly shown in such peripheral relations as the relations with partners. It is also important to partners to know what place they take in system of values of the company. A lot of things depend on it, including, selling prices. Personnel of the company, knowing the place of partners in corporate system of values, will correctly build up the relationship with them.

Society. The power and society increasing attention turn on a position of the company, on the level of its social responsibility, on compliance with laws. The company wishing to work at high level is obliged to include interests of society in own system of values. There is no choice, the values connected with social responsibility, obviously, will close hierarchy of corporate values.

Stages of introduction of valuable management in the company

Valuable management not “ House 2 “ it is impossible just to fall asleep nobody and to wake up in the new world and already well-known. According to the principles of valuable management which followed a way of introduction is a hard labor. So why owners of business and heads go for this voluntary penal servitude? The award, passed a way is big, but all one after another.

Level 1. “ It seems to me, It is So best of all “ (MKTL). Each employee arrives, proceeding from the individual system of values, relying on the life experience. The success is possible if all employees are adherents and have similar individual systems of values. It is impossible to count on a possibility of a set of adherents through advertizing in the newspaper. Even the telephone book, extensive communications and headhunters will not help.

The only situation when the MKTL level is acceptable - the birth of the company. At the time of the beginning of its work all collective consists of co-owners and all are ready for one wave. “ Golden time “ business when regular management and valuable management are perceived as an excess, come to an end with employment the first employee on I will engage or when someone from co-owners descends from the general wave.

How to learn that the company is at this level? Quite simply. The main difference of the company which is at the level of MKTL full unpredictability of behavior of her employees.

When you call in the office, you are sure that you will be answered according to corporate standards? Are not sure? There are no standards? You know at what level there is a company. Approaching an institution, you are sure that it is opened? Are sure that damp cleaning was carried out no more than half an hour there back? Are sure that there are sandwiches made five minutes ago? Are sure that will smile to you there? Are sure? I know how this institution is called.

Level of penetration of corporate values which we call MKTL dominates in small and medium business. But even the large companies cannot be exempted from amateur performance of employees completely. The reason is that they go on the way of toughening of regulations, instead of familiarizing with the general values and receive natural resistance from employees for whom all beforehand solved.

In our opinion more than 50% of the decisions made by the staff of the Russian companies are in zone MKTL.

Level 2. “ Arrangements and bans “. the Management, analyzing behavior of employees and the solution of the faces holding key posts enters the minimum quantity of rules.

A task of these arrangements and bans to bring the minimum order. To bring in business at least a predictability shred. So there is an arrangement on the beginning of the working day. Time of duty regulations, distributions of functions, responsibility zones did not come yet. Many orders and orders are given in an oral form. Are treated at own discretion, are forgotten, muddled by transfer to other employees, just as in the children`s game “ chinese whispers “.

Specifics of this level are that some rules already appeared, but they have sketchy character (a scrappy blanket), a form of transfer of these regulations, generally oral.

Only that forces the management to pass to this level - a full mess and unpredictability of behavior of subordinates, especially, when they remain “ without supervision “. It dread to think that the unpredictable employee alone with the client can make. By our estimates to 30% of the made decisions are regulated by oral and scrappy arrangements and bans.

Level 3. “ The Declared corporate values “. If the company develops, then there comes the moment when the system of the regulations recorded on paper is created. It is also called regular management. Key feature of this level is described as follows: from time to time employees are guided by the available standards and regulations, sometimes daring and to depart another from the written-down requirements. Departing from requirements employees, as a rule, are guided by MKTL or oral orders of the management which are in a conflict with regulations.

At this MKTL level, for employees still it is represented the worthy basis for decision-making. And the head proves need to depart from the written rules and to arrive according to his oral order because written rules it in general, and this situation is not standard therefore it is necessary to arrive according to an operational situation.

At this level of penetration of valuable management, the success depends on persistence and sequence of action from the top management. The worst that the head can make - to show that rules are not identical to all: ordinary employees have to sing the anthem, and the top so important management receives also very much that it also is so loyal. Whether it is loyal? Some confuse loyalty to desire to continue work in this company.

From the company, from the management in particular at this stage a lot of attention is required to give to the report to each employee of corporate values. To facilitate this work we will prompt what two (not said aloud) a question [vi] it is required to answer. The first question - “ What for the sake of? “. What for the sake of, I have to do that or it wonders [vii] of people. The second question [viii] - “ What price? “. What price, I have to pay for the decision? Than I will have to offer? What I will leave?

If employees do not ask aloud “ What for the sake of, to us corporate values, rules and all this regular management? “ it does not mean yet that they are not interested in the answer to it. So interests what without having received the worthy answer, employees solve all these values and regulations a full trifle, the head`s toy, more on this subject will not puzzle?

What will be the answer to this question in your company? If the management does not take care of the correct answer, then the company will receive the worst of all possible. It is unclear, as this psychological regularity works, but you should not count that in your company it will glitch: if the management does not prove powerfully and convincingly need of corporate rules and values, employees will prove, the worst of possible ways.

As the employees who believed [ix] in importance of corporate values and regulations answer the question “ What price? “?

Most likely, they in confusion because do not know what is the price. To prove the price, to convince employees and to set a personal example to readiness to pay it the head has to again. The price, it is less which to pay will not turn out, and it is not required any more, we formulate so: unconditional readiness to subordinate personal values, to requirements of the company [x]. Neither a drop it is more, nor a drop it is less. If the person is not ready to pay this price, means it is necessary to work over the presentation of corporate rules, to increase their importance [xi]. With the one who refuses “ to pay “ the established price, the company which followed a way of formation “ Monolitayedinomyshlennikov “ will soon leave. You remember, we already concerned this subject. Let`s note, once again, readiness of the owner is how important, to pay this price: to submit to rules of the company, not to put itself above them “.

Level 4. “ The divided corporate values “. Really, a golden time of the company - the most part of employees, the most part of time is guided by corporate values, rules, regulations. Rules, by this moment of development of the company, underwent testing fire, water and copper pipes. Everything that was affected, not true, unhealthy is swept aside long ago. Values it is valid how beacons, direct efforts of all personnel to achievement of a common goal. High level of loyalty. “ Monolitedinomyshlennikov “ includes the top management, heads of the average level and the most part of ordinary employees. Level of satisfaction with work it is indicative it is high. Employees show interest in success of the company and make extraordinary efforts for achievement of the purpose.

A task of the top management at this stage - control of openness of system. When everything goes well, the system is inclined to become numb and keep the status - kvo. It is necessary to be loyal sacredly to the principles, but also it is necessary and vital to control the weakest signals of need of changes. The duty to control and carry out audits in successfully operating company, is assigned to that whose fidelity of the company out of doubts - on the head of the company.

Regulations of the company, standards of activity constantly are reconsidered and adapt to the changing environment conditions. For revision of values of divisions revision of the purposes and tasks of division is enough. For revision of valuable priorities of the company are necessary where as more good reasons. And, in general, corporate values should not be reconsidered more often than once a century if of course the purposes of business did not undergo cardinal changes. Values, have to be formulated by more general phrases that tactical changes in business did not shake up the company to the bases. It is heavy to personnel to swear, and it is not possible to swear once a year at all, too big sincere expenditure.

It would seem, all it is possible to dream of is reached. Values are, are divided by most of employees. Regulations not just exist, and work. And still there is one more level, that for the sake of which the head undertook for unbearable as you remember, work.

Level 5. “ Cult of corporate values “. Values of the company - the only thing that is taken into account at decision-making. The employees betrayed to business of the company intolerantly treat any violator of valuable installations. Adaptation of the new employee begins with acceptance of values, with immersion in the atmosphere of the company. Everyone shows the best qualities and is truly loyal to the company.

We know that many of readers shuddered. Whether there is a speech about sect, all of us still speak about the company which purpose to make advantage for clients and to earn reward for it.

Yes, we speak about the company, about the company where corporate values and regulations dominate fully. In what benefit of a cult of corporate values why some heads aspire to them.

We will make small retreat and we will remember what values give to the person? Energy. The is higher the importance of this or that value, the big energy it transfers to the person. What does not matter is not of value as well does not give energy inflow. Receipt of energy from the outside, from values, the person perceives as the benefit and satisfaction. Everything that is a power source, whether it be other person, an event, value ties to themselves the recipient. The recipient aspires, as long as possible to keep the relations to continue to receive energy, and the fear of separation from the power sponsor is very terrible. The similar relations are characteristic and take place to be not only between the employee and the company, but also between the person and Church [xii], between the person and a work of art [xiii], between the person and some district [xiv] which literally loads it with energy.

The company which managed to bring corporate values to cult level becomes powerful power sources (and pleasures) for the employees. You understand in what focus. To work in the cult company - means to derive pleasure each working day. About any professional burning out it is more out of the question. The employee does not bring in the company and does not burn himself, he comes, receives so much Energy how many he can take and coming home loads with this Energy the family. And on the way home he manages to load all who to it met. Correspondents of mass media like to meet the staff of the cult companies because they do not complain - they share Energy with them.

But what is done by the employees loaded with high Energy in working hours? They create! Moreover as. Results of their work (tovry or services) become cult. Cult hours, cult cars, cult movies, cult restaurants … Cult goods do the names by cult brands. Energy about which we spoke earlier leaves the company in world around and begins to sponsor all, clients or just people to whom ideas of a brand are close. It is not obligatory to be the buyer of Ferrari to derive pleasure from contemplation of this car.

The people wishing to join a cult are ready to pay a cult margin for the right of possession of these goods. Imitators can exhaust any amount of plastic on fakes, but cult admirers will buy IPod because want to be copresent. To possess a cult thing it is not a question of the price, it is a participation question.

Summing up the small result, we will note that the businessman passes a long way from MKTL to a cult for two reasons: he wants to become history or he is attracted by a cult margin. Both motives are worthy deep respect, and both can be rather attractive that, despite all efforts, the way remained attractive to the businessman.

There is also bad news. There is no other way to creation of a cult brand or a product. The company cannot pass need at first to create an internal cult of corporate values and regulations.

The way to a cult is various and depends on from what place of the company it is necessary to start. One launching site is better another, but at due approach of distinction are leveled quickly enough.

We allocate four groups of values: ideological, material, emotional, vital. The person with the dominating ideological values is the Ideologist. If material (practical) values - the Materialist dominate. Emotsional, that to which the world is valuable, first of all experiences and the relations. That, for whom always on the first place preservation of life - Vitalist.

Values of the companies are formed by people and therefore there is nothing surprising that the companies happen four types too:

Ideological company

“ We have rules, and they it is more important than money [xv] “. The ideological company usually seeks to extend the influence on the market due to introduction of own, progressive standards of work, attracting with that clients and compelling competitors for additional efforts.

In case of success the ideological companies can control the market, in some cases the ideological companies can become cult and change the market completely.

Material company

“ Money above all “. The material companies exist to increase the income of owners and shareholders. The material companies can control the market and win in it in case of absence of the strong ideological competitor.

Emotional company

“ The Relation it is more important than money “. The company is under construction around the internal interpersonal relations. Such company will not be able to be global, cannot (and does not want) to control the market. Always loses in competitive fight.

Vital company

“ At us is “ father “ and he knows how (today) it is correct “. The company is aimed at a survival. If the reporting period passed without loss - already well. The company lives as a family. The main thing - not to lose acquired and to continue work. Reorganization frighten. Never controls the market, always loses in competitive fight.

A little the questionnaire given below will help to orient with type of your company. We pay your attention that definition like company is much more difficult, than to answer 40 questions.

Signs of the ideological company

In the company

which are written down on paper of the rule (regulations) Acting in the company of the rule more important than money

the rules Existing in the company more important than human relations

are the Top management submits to rules of the company and there is on their protection

a Violation of the rules it is considered serious offense

Adaptation of the new employee begins with studying of the rules

Readiness of the Employee to accept rules of the company is highly appreciated by

Employees have duty regulations and Work of employees carefully is planned by

We are guided by them

Signs of the material company are very attentive to innovations

We here to earn money

the employee`s Contribution to business is measured by the earned sums

to the Employee who earns much, a lot of things are allowed to

If the existing rules prevent to earn more - rules it is necessary to replace

Any methods and receptions increasing profit are good

there are no good and bad methods of sale, there is effective and inefficient

a Profit - the most objective indicator of a solvency of business

We easily dismiss idlers

Corporate holidays are rare and pass efficiently with

Really people only money

motivates Signs of the emotional company

Work has to bring pleasure

We care for that employees wanted to work for us with

our corporate holidays are cheerful and carefree

We care for psychological climate in

collective At our employees many non-material incentives to work

of the Rule limit freedom and creativity therefore we do without them

the Conflicts between employees can disorganize all business

We aspire to a consent

Money - there is more to come

the good employee is able to control the emotions

Signs of the vital company

We - one family

the Power is concentrated in one hands

We do not love “ to wash the dirty linen in public “

We long potter with each employee, bringing up and training it in

For us dismissal of the employee a big problem

Employees as children need guardianship

Length of service of the employee influences his authority on the

company We prefer to hire acquaintances and according to the recommendation

Money - there is more to come

Each employee seeks to increase the contribution to the common cause

This article is the publication of the main ideas of the concept “ Valuable management “ the clients formulated a few years ago and tested in work with a row. We invite to discussion of the place of values in corporate management of all to whom this subject is represented interesting.

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the True boss of the company are the values accepted by it. The quote on K. Blanshar, M. O`Connor “ Valuable management “ do not look for

[ii] in this thesis of a justification not to be engaged in values. In - the first, their everything - it is possible to change. In - the second, the system of values, harmful to business, is in the same way inclined to maintain the stability until the company collapses finally.

[iii] of the Manager of high level, usually with a magnificent track record, always the ambitious and aimed at achievement result at any cost.

[iv] Is obvious that the example with a class and a football match is not universal, but by analogy everyone will find in the life experience a situation, unity of group before the general enemy. Own any situation can be the enemy: it both deficiency of time, and dollar rate, and actions of competitors - anything. The general enemy is something, forcing members of group to rise shoulder to shoulder and in the face of the general threat to forget all small, personal, not decisive.

[v] We will leave cases of mass purchase of shares under the influence of authoritative opinions and advertizing. The propaganda machine with unlimited resources can make also not that.

[vi] These two questions form congenital, available for each person, the decision-making mechanism which we call “ Obosnovatel “

[vii] Asks, but most often does not realize that. After obtaining the answer, people works according to it, often, still remaining in ignorance why he acted this way, but not differently.

[viii] This question though in conversation or in the head of the person, even more mogushchestvenen, than the first seldom obviously sounds. And even if the person understood what for the sake of him this or that decision, the excessive price can stop it. Under the price we in the last turn mean money. For the decisions of people “ pays “ feelings, the relations, health, life at the end - the ends.

[ix] to Consider the answer of those who did not believe in importance of corporate rules it is deprived of sense.

[x] Working hours mean. Private life of the person should not be regulated by corporate rules, but some acts of the person in personal time can make further career impossible.

[xi] the same Strategy, as at usual sale: if the client says that the goods too expensive are a certificate that the seller held the weak presentation. When the presentation is good, the following outcomes are possible: a) the client says that he buys; b) the client says that everything is healthy, but he just has no so much money, and it should work a little more; c) the client says that now he is sure that it is not necessary to it for any money.

It is faithful to [xii] for truly believers

of [xiii] Is among readers of people, capable for the 100-th time to re-read a small volume of verses, the novel both again and again to endure feeling of pleasure (Energy inflow).

Someone in this way tells [xiv] about native places, someone about a trip at the sea

[xv] of the Rule is more important not than all money, but these concrete: money which can be received from this specific client from this concrete transaction etc. of

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