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What we know of history of construction of Moscow Metro?

Every morning, every day and every evening, crowds of people go down under the earth, and then again rise upward. For Muscovites of the subway became a commonplace, and the majority does not even think of what rich history is stored in itself by Moscow Metro and what secrets hides

In general, if to imagine all network of tunnels, stations, transitions etc., there is an impression that near Moscow there is one more city - this network of underground communications has so grandiose scales. we Will begin

with the beginning. The first event of all world metro engineering took place in 1863 - m to year when in London started the first site extra street railroad 3,6 km long. In 1890 there was one more event, decisive for metro engineering. On underground part It is southern - the London line electrodraft of trains was entered. By this time the population of Moscow exceeded one million people, and before the government there was a question of construction of the subway.

Construction was planned, since 1898 when the graduate of the St. Petersburg institute of engineers of means of communication G. D. Dubelir defended the degree project on the subject Construction of the subway in Moscow . For this project to it even the special award was awarded. From this point there was a set of all talk, offers, etc., concerning need of construction of the Moscow subway, but only by 1913. The Moscow City Council, having fixedly studied all offers for the last 15 years, developed the project, already more realistic.

Despite it, only from 1917 to 1930 when the population of Moscow increased already to 4 - x millions of people, the question rose rather sharply. At last, in 1931 the resolution on the beginning of construction of the first branch of the Moscow subway was accepted. The same year, on a skilled site of the rusakovsky street, the first mine was put. Due to the huge number of people and that fact that the land transport did not cope with transportations any more, it was possible to call terms of performance of work on construction of the subway just fantastic. In order that though somehow to keep within the schedule, practically in all mass media there was a promotion of heroism of workers. The image of the worker who is engaged in construction of the subway was in every possible way eulogized and romaticized. Plus to it, from the city budget was allocated for construction of the subway to 21%. The first tunnels of the Moscow subway, from Library of Lenin to the Park of Culture and from Sokolniki to Komsomol, were constructed in the open way - in ditches while in construction of other tunnels, from the Alexander Garden to Smolensk, the trench method of construction was used.

At last, after long works, on October 15, 1934 in 8 h. 20 min., on just constructed site of the line on " station; Komsomol there was a first train consisting of only two cars. The Moscow Metro was open for general use on May 15, 1935 at 7 o`clock in the morning. The people ready to become the first passengers of the Moscow subway got in a queue even at night, wishing to get to the first rows. Pass control, of course, differed in those days from to what we got used. Turnstiles and automatic machines for exchange of coins then were not yet. The first passengers were passed on 2 - m to types of tickets: the ticket of red color - to station Sokolniki, the ticket of yellow color - back. On tickets time since it was valid only 35 minutes from the moment of pass to the subway was also put, but, considering that the extent of ways was only 11,6 km - this time quite was enough.

By our time when the number of stations, tunnels and transitions increased many times over, the subway became even more fascinating and mysterious object of city infrastructure.


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Investigation of the accident in the Moscow subway which happened 15. 07. 2014, proceeds. Several versions are checked. We hope that true responsible for the tragedy will not remain unpunished.