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How to make a mad act and at the same time not to break the law?

you woke up Today again and went for work, study. Again came back, turned on the TV. And every day passes according to the scheme. And you do not pay attention to it. But day comes, and you understand that everything monotonous, boring and uninteresting. At the same time lives you do not wish to change the rhythm. Well how to make so that to add bright paints to your life, and at the same time it is strong it without changing? It is necessary to make a mad act. Something that on you absolutely not probably and at the same time not to break the law.

I thought what I can make? The answer came when I in shop saw the little girl who asked mother to buy her candies. And what? Why not to buy me some candies and not to please children? I and made. Went outside and became to distribute candies to all by to the passing people. Many were frightened and refused. But, despite it, the package of candies as a result was empty. I liked to watch reaction of people. Someone is surprised, someone is cheerful from an unexpected present, and someone was ready and to enter a fight. I spent evening not at the TV, and on a frost, distributing candies. And I am not sorry about it at all.

And give we will embrace you? Well, day of the world embraces passed, and I passed - my friend told and sadly sighed. But it it does not matter. This day can be though every day. Without wasting time, Ania went outside and began to suggest each passer to embrace her. Yes, if candies still took then many looked very wildly, without understanding why all this is necessary. Some inspected, thought whether reminds the thief what or still whom. But all - there were also those which with pleasure embraced Ania. And several people even deigned to get acquainted.

We offended nobody, even on the contrary, pleased. We made what was never done: I distributed candies, and Ania embraced strangers. If somebody told me that I am capable of it, then I would not believe, and now I trust.

Here such here acts we forced many to smile, and it already means much. I do not wait for

Ya that I will be praised or scolded. I just want to please, without taking anything in exchange. And lying on a sofa, you see, it is impossible.

Be tolerant to people and give them pleasure!