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Generation of Pepsi - What is it???

Underground! What is it??? Lately in a network even more often there are different articles about new musical performers which do music, earning at the same time to themselves a living by such banal professions as lawyers, economists, commodity researchers, etc. Every day staff of a musical underground grows, but we, generation of Pepsi, children of television, unfortunately, do not hear about it!!!

Instead of showing us the truth, the telebox bears to us only lie and a whim in the form of Timati, Seregi, Gangs and Banderos... whether

you at least will be able to remember one their song which bears in itself some high sense which at least bears a faint resemblance to art - or inspiration that owned Alexander Sergeyevich in evenings of loneliness? I doubt it. Kolambiya pikcherz - the most popular channel among young people of Mtv earning on our children money stuffing their brains, exhausting the last human feelings while we stick at the works to bring up the normal person, but not " says; " system product;.

Yes, it is unconditional, all of us with you are consumers of advertizing. Leaving the house, going to work, we look through billboards, we read newspapers, we while away time in front of the TV in the evening and we discuss topical news.

your children watch news? Are interested in policy? More likely, they are interested what make-up was made to themselves by their girlfriends and whether they will pick up a telok if go on Lend Kruzire!

Where watches our government? - question familiar to all.

A where are watched by us? Who will tell

to our generation that drugs - it is bad?

It is ready to argue, all saw the movie " Hostel; but very few people looked American History X . And why? All is simple: because " Hostel; showed at movie theaters, and in History X it is more than truth, than a ready-made product - and the more the truth, the it is more difficult to sell it! It - what our ancestors called art, and sediment

which was not appreciated by anybody earlier, - now call show - business som!

Say no to " drugs; - the slogan which captivated everything: from billboards to radio - reportings! Yes! Promotion all right! But it is worth glancing only in statistical data - whether the situation with drugs in our country changed? Alas, answer negative! Until the person tries and not to conceive a liking for it, advertizing will be always on his mind - well, from - for what there is so much noise - that? . You can tell that all this is subjective, but death of one person - the tragedy, death of millions - statistics

Underground! Why it always was and will always be??? Because it bears the truth which the people would like to hear, but from which it is impossible to earn money! If you smoke

, for example, Vinston, but it is nowhere - you will not suffer - you buy brand of other cigarettes! And here! The psychology of the person is simple, and on it our leaders, Fuhrers whom we follow play, without thinking of consequences!

, What will be farther? Time will show - you will tell. But the scourge of time is poisoned . Instead of waiting whether not to begin to work???

Everything depends on people, and only they are capable to make history and to change the destiny. Only the individual is guilty of the wrong acts, and only to be responsible him for the mistakes! whether

Are ready to become you the zombie???

Be continued.