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What is a water color and as it is applied for the fan - Shuya?

Well, in vain were delighted - I again here. Adjusted to itself more or less decent Internet and at once here - I will torment silent public with sketches about painting again. I think that hundreds of readers of it waited, and both by all means will read and will even estimate my efforts.

We do not forget also about ill-wishers who delightfully mold " Coca; without having explained the reasons. All this is known and even somewhere is uninteresting. To write - that I all the same will be, there would be time. And inspiration, of course. Here I will only re-read everything that here without me the newcomer was written.

So. He told went it waved a hand. Among combinations it is known - it is uninteresting it is unknown - interestingly and so forth we will stop on " option today; it is known, but it is interesting . Namely - on a water color.

All know what is water color paints. I will not be afraid to tell that even all in the childhood had them, and at drawing lessons all drew a tree. Or the rushing tank. Though often instead of a tree at us the parsley root, and instead of the tank terrible black something turned out. And why? Probably, because a water color - a difficult technique. Slightly overdid - and everything mixed up as you know in what at whom...

Here that experts and Encyclopaedists write us:

Water color paints - paints with vegetable glue as binding substance. The water color is distinguished by extremely thin pulverizing of a pigment and big percent of adhesive substances. Distinguish:

- a firm water color in tiles;

- a semi-soft water color in ceramic cups; and

- a soft water color in tubes.

Water color paints belong to group of glue paints. Name water color occurs from
the Latin word Akwa - water as water is solvent for this type of paints.

Glossary. ru

the Science says:

water color paints vegetable transparent glues - arabic gum and a dextrin, easily soluble water are Binding. Water color paints contain also softener in the form of glycerin and the inverted sugar that does them plastic. Glycerin (CH2(OH)CH(OH)CH2OH) holds moisture, does not allow paints to dry up and become fragile. Into water color paints it is entered and it is superficial - active agent - the bull bile allowing to carry easily paint on paper as bile interferes with rolling paints in drops. For prevention of destruction of paints by a mold into them it is entered antiseptics - C6H5OH phenol.

Special transparency, purity and brightness of color is reached not only purity of the applied materials, but also the high dispersion of pigments received by a special mastication of powders. When opacity, dullness of paints is necessary, use mix of water color paints with corresponding gouache or paints part on soap solution.

How to use:

Usually the water color is executed on paper round hair brushes, dissolving paints water. Characteristic properties of water color painting are transparency and softness of the thinnest paint layer. Distinguish:

- actually the water color based on glazes without use of whitewash; and

- the case equipment using the covering water paints with use of whitewash.

Further already unclear goes. Why to us to frighten each other by scary words? We already understood the main thing: water color - the technician gentle, transparent and that to write by her, it is necessary to have very right hand and an eye because the water color does not allow amendments at all.

Well and pictures, written a water color, of course, turn out air and flying. And how many in them moods!

just Let`s consider several water colors of different artists. And according to special applications I will place couple more of articles about artists here - aquarellists if it, of course, is necessary for someone. Here it seems to me that for the fan - Shuya this most that, and Qi`s energy from them and prt.