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To be or not to be a guarantor?

the Best friend wants to take the monetary credit for several years and asks you to address as his guarantor bank. The person it, certainly, very decent, but also is about the sum with many zero! It is known that in case of insolvency of the companion, the guarantor bears financial responsibility to bank. Both there is no wish to agree, and it is difficult to refuse - so it is possible to offend the good person. How to arrive?

The civil code of the Russian Federation says: At non-execution or inadequate execution by the debtor of the obligation provided with the guarantee the guarantor and the debtor answer to the creditor solidary if the law or the contract of guarantee did not provide subsidiary vicarious liability.

the Guarantor answers to the creditor in the same volume, as well as the debtor, including payment of percent, compensation of legal costs on collection of debt and other losses of the creditor caused by non-execution or inadequate execution of the obligation by the debtor if other is not provided by the contract of guarantee .

You should understand on what the friend takes money, to estimate his solvency and only then:

To tell Yes

A friend in need is a friend indeed. And, maybe, the person really needs your help now. Think of a situation when you need to take the credit too (on the apartment, the car), and the guarantor will be necessary. To whom you will go how not to friends?

To tell Is not present

Let`s understand, than actually the guarantee is. You become the guarantor of solvency of the client for bank what the bank benefits from. The client obtains the credit - its interests are satisfied too. And the guarantor bears financial risks, without receiving anything in exchange.

According to the current legislation, the bank has full authority to impose in case of a non-return of the credit claim requirements both to the debtor, and to guarantors in a solidary order. It means that all debt can be recovered from you forcibly through service of bailiffs, and you will collect in a regressny order then this sum through court from the friend who once was considered as the best.

People speak:

You Want to lose the friend - borrow him money .

Share friendship and financial affairs!

The Friendship comes to an end where the monetary relations " begin;.

Friendship, friendship, and money separately!

Tell that the guarantor - not your profession, you in it understand nothing and therefore you cannot render him such service. Answer easily and quickly the question raised before you firm is not present . As soon as you become a guarantor, begin to feel the dependence on everything that occurs in life of this person, lose rest, you uncertainty in own future gradually destroys. If you agree, the unnecessary headache, the credit surely will develop - your friend quickly will not pay that whether you are so ready to be, maybe, ten years in constant tension?

If you are afraid to offend the person - motivate the refusal with the following:

1. Perhaps, as you will need to take the credit, its maximum sum will pay off from your average monthly income which is calculated on the following formula: the salary added - (the taxes paid + the alimony, withheld + average monthly payment on the operating credits + 50% of average monthly payment according to the existing guarantees). In other words, your guarantee will significantly influence the size of the obtained credit.

2. Advise the friend to address to other bank - there are banks which credit without guarantors. Instead of the guarantee they insure life and working ability of the borrower, issue the credit on the security of something, the borrower who is in property (cars, apartments). And that the friend is good - he is afraid to risk the property, and you can be set up him.

3. Think up beautiful refusal. For example, I already am a guarantor at it - that, got acquainted recently, he urgently needed money. In two - three places it is impossible to be the guarantor, in bank you will tell, they will refuse issuance of credit .

4. Refuse, having referred to something original what it is difficult to argue with (for example, the religion does not allow, or the arrangement of stars in the sky urges to refrain from any monetary operations).

If you decided to answer is not present do not subject yourself to a remorse at all. You did not make anything bad. Where there is money, there is no place to friendship. Only calculation (cold and accurate). If it is valid the friend, he will grant you the right to make a choice and correctly will understand your refusal.

Summary: At the solution of financial questions follow a formula: if the sum for you is insignificant - can risk it. But do not risk what you do not have or what at you makes in total or at least small part of it in total .