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How it is correct to make the summary?

of the Summary - the document rather formal, its structure is known and to write it - business simple. However to force it to work, get on a table of the personnel officer to a pile on interview but not in a recycle bin - here several councils.

It is considered to be that all summaries are uniform. It`s not true.

In - the first, it is necessary to formulate the purpose accurately. To find work what? For full day or side job ? What it can be positions? What duties? What does the employer want to receive from the expert holding this position ideally? To double sales? Not to miss any client? Or to find the most favorable? Attentively and laboriously to work with information? To love children and to be able to communicate with them? Make portrait also try to show the ideal worker in the summary that you as much as possible correspond to it.

Quite good option will be to make pig - more general and full version of the summary which to edit and to finish depending on the addressee.

In the summary, really, there are obligatory elements - your full names, age, contacts, education, experience, skills, recommendations. If there is opportunity, it is better to specify a desirable position in the first lines, and it is possible, and salary range.

The more experience the expert, the more freely can have a statement of this experience. The graduate will describe the education in more detail: the exact name of higher education institution and specialty, the favourite and being most successful objects which, of course, will be the most demanded from the point of view of the employer.

It makes sense to compensate a lack of experience in the sphere of your interests, having specified the personal characteristics (you want to receive the accountant`s position - write responsible assidious I love accuracy ; you want to be the accepted sales manager - easily I communicate with people I am able to convince ) . For the conservative organization or to a low position - executive in a creative or on the leading post - initiative I am able to take the responsibility quickly I make decisions .

On the contrary, the expert with experience will not stop in detail on education. It is possible to imagine such positions, the applicant to which will point only the highest technical or humanitarian .

The most important section - experience. On it HR - the manager or the expert in recruitment agency will make the decision that to do with your summary.

Than more favourably look the companies or occupied in them before a position, subjects of smaller details are demanded by their description. If you worked as the president of the country, you will not begin to describe the functions? Usually, however, it is required to explain briefly - duties, the sphere of responsibility, the number of subordinates. Looks good if one offer to show the achievements - the profit increased for 20% won 90% of claims entered the website into Top 100 . Or at least created system of document flow automated processing of inquiries and reduced processing time to 2 minutes .

In certain cases it makes sense to specify the skills - English freely, Hindi with the " dictionary; experienced user of the " computer; excellent possession of office equipment blind typewriting of 200 signs in a minute knowledge 1C and legal " systems;

Everything that you consider it necessary - training can be in addition noted, professional development, academic degrees, honorary titles, social work (can, colleagues (neighbors) elected you the chairman of trade-union committee (condominium), and you think, it will play your advantage). Ideally, it is good to find room for all summaries on one page. As a last resort - on two. And to impose it so that it was pleasant to take in hand and it was convenient to look through. Use verbs in an active form - not sales increased twice and doubled sales . Try to avoid negative forms - it is ready to take the responsibility instead of I am not afraid of responsibility .

That an eye was fixed. And your summary got to a small group on interview . I also wish

of What to you!