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Repair under meditative music? And why is also not present?

I then they started singing the mantra helping at extraction of screws with hopelessly rumpled crosswise shliyets. You do not drive

, the sonny, I go from a zone. Let`s poobvyknut

to will to me it is sensitive

A how many happens showdowns when owners of the apartment do repair! It is capable not only to quarrel spouses, but also to serve as the divorce reason.

Perhaps, to someone will seem that I propagandize " here; pridurochny esoterics from it signs and manifestations of the highest forces . Articles about adverse effect of a mat and just rough words were more than once published in ours the Internet - the magazine. Examples with " were given; obmaterenny water. But the same happens to apartment space. Walls, floor, ceiling, batteries, furniture - all this absorbs power vibrations of words and then returns them to people. Not from scratch and not from room philosophizings poets these lines were born:

to us is not allowed to foresee,

As our word will respond

(Fedor Tyutchev)



can kill with the Word, the word it is possible to rescue,

the Word can lead regiments

(Vadim Shefner)

Still an example. Outstanding icon painters of the level of Andrei Rublyov and Dionysius before creation of especially important icons fasted and wrote faces of Saints almost in a complete silence. If to look at it not with religious, and from the psychological point of view, the harmonous and consecutive system of psychological preparation will be found .

Each of us has different skills and abilities. Besides, not all of us can make with own hands and therefore it is necessary to employ repairmen who, of course, will work not under Handel and Vivaldi`s music or songs from the Grushinsky festival. And talk behind work they will lead not about parallels in Murakami and Nabokov`s creativity (or Hemingway). But if you were going to undertake repair , please, try not to step on a familiar rake of quarrels and disagreements again. What I offer is almost entirely taken from own experience. Perhaps, my councils will be useful also to you.

1. Be psychologically prepared for repair. If mentally you overcome temporary (and inevitable) violation of habitual tenor of life, all will go much easier.

2. Try as it is possible to plan future repair more carefully. Write what materials will be necessary for you and in what quantity. Not to pay spare cash, visit the nearest shop and specify how many rolls of wall-paper go on your room, or what consumption of paint on square meter of a surface. Attentively examine tools as which you are going to work. Here principle perhaps will descend it is especially dangerous. Present: you with concentration paint the battery, and at you suddenly the old brush foully got. Or you saved without having bought a step-ladder, and now you balance on a shaky stool, having piled up it on a table. All this unsettles, and still as!

3. Make to yourself something like the schedule of repair. On a sheet of paper in detail paint everything that should be made, and sequence of all repair work. Let these records will be as it is possible more in details. It - not a tribute to painful pedantry and additional psychological spirit.

4. Do not forget about trifles (actually, it is not trifles at all!) . Take care of a polyethylene film which you will lay a floor. About capacious garbage bags. About enough rags or disposable napkins to wipe the soiled hands. Consider also such trifle : during repair someone can call you. Not to grab dirty hands a tube, in advance wrap up it a rag. Do not forget also about the mobile phone. Buy for it an inexpensive case which will not be a pity for throwing out then.

*** *** ***

It is very frequent repair quarrels and the conflicts begin in shop, at the choice and purchase of materials for repair. If this trap is familiar to you, do not come across in it again. Certainly, it is not necessary to agree resignedly with what will be chosen by the husband (the wife, the mother-in-law, the mother-in-law and so on). But unless it is impossible quietly and with deep arguments (without becoming personal) to explain why you do not like this drawing of wall-paper or a pattern of a tile? And then, unless you paste the same wall-paper on for the rest of the life ? Unless further it will be impossible to replace improper linoleum or to recolour doors? Sometimes it is worth holding the I know " better; and to concede. The most interesting that at the same time quite often occur miracles . You were already going to pay, approached cash desk, and suddenly the wife (or the husband) speaks to you: And you know, you were right (were right): that wall-paper looks better. Give - we will take them .

At last everything is bought and prepared. It is possible to begin repair. Do not regret ten minutes for control . Sit down on a floor, close eyes. Mentally present how the space changes as it becomes purer, is lighter and it is more joyful.

I know people who like to work in a complete silence. But such it is a little. The silence depresses the modern person. Besides, in apartment houses with their ideal sound conductivity sometimes it is impossible to be fenced off from others sounds.

Someone will ask: You what, you suggest to glue wall-paper under meditative music? And why is also not present? Such music helps to concentrate and creates salutary sound space. Similar influence also the classics possesses. But rhythmical music approaches not really. In the beginning it really urges forward, however after a while the attention dissipates, and working capacity falls. But worst of all hours-long it is information - musical chewing gum some commercial FM - stations. I do not cease to be surprised, as it is maintained by the people working in shops or, say, hairdressing salons.

In television schools of repair everything becomes quickly, cheerfully and faultlessly (in any case, so it is presented from the screen). In real life nobody is insured from mistakes. Similar mistakes - one more reason repair quarrels and conflicts. Well what idiot gathers so much paint on the roller? From where at you hands grow? Again zakosit an oboina! Familiar phrases? Of course, acquaintances. And here them is that should not be. Leave to each the right for a mistake especially as it is easy to correct many similar errors whereas told in a fit of temper sometimes for a long time gets stuck in soul.

There are simple receptions helping not to squabble completely . Pervo - napervo - obsmeyat a situation . To tell something it seems: And then one small, but proud piece of wall-paper declared that it has concepts about that how many degrees have to be in a right angle . It is possible to clean in passing garbage that it was not saved and to accurately spread out tools. The tea or coffee pause will not prevent short (not to become indifferent). And then you turn again to work as if that miss and was not.

About three years ago, having been tired to close up cracks of interpanel joints at a ceiling, we with the wife decided to close them decorative ceiling tiles. And stacked these tiles not uninterruptedly and building a certain pattern. What demon confused us - I do not know, but we somewhere brought down a corner and zakosit the central row. Glue on which put tiles dried very quickly and then grabbed tightly, therefore searches of the answer to an immemorial Russian question: Who is guilty? were fraught with very big dirty tricks. It was necessary to answer other immemorial question hastily: What to do? We fast tore off tiles, scraped off glue and went to kitchen to drink coffee. There was no wish to joke, however. Having returned to the room, we silently made a new marking, through each twenty centimeters checking straightness of corners, and all started anew That day we laid out all the conceived pattern though a ceiling at us - not an ideal rectangle, and on lateral ranks we had to measure and as appropriate to cut each tile.

Weather in the house, all the rest - vanity " is more important than Everything;. You remember this song? Lines of its refrain explain the principles of a harmony much more intelligibly in the interpersonal relations, than thick books on the same subject. And let any repair only improves weather in your house, because all the rest (if to ponder) - indeed vanity. I wish you quiet and joyful repairs! And let in them there will be no that invisible " dirt;!