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As fight against recklessness in Denmark or That to the Dane on advantage, to Russian...

As neither the person will open the newspaper or nor will include TV set so he is told reports of bloody road incidents. And necessarily he, though not for a long time, remembers that the Traffic Regulation (TR) it is necessary - to observe all.

I understand that our many people, especially our drivers will tell: Correctly! Also will add: But not always And not everywhere . So it at us in life also occurs - there is no GAI officer nearby, so twist steering-wheel as you want and heat an accelerator pedal against the stop But it turns out

that it is possible not only on boundless open spaces of Russia. Here, for example, in tiny, safe and liberal Denmark seven (!) from ten drivers well do not react to signs of restriction of speed in any way as if these signs are absent at all. And what they are only not punished and only to use from it a little. Suffered - poor Danish GAI officers and social activists searching " suffered; drugs for not seeing high-speed signs of drivers and were delivered brilliant idea. And here The Danish Council for safety on roads (at them, in this Denmark what there are only no Councils) took unprecedented corrective actions on racers . Also speak, even with success!

Is thought, however, that their methods are not suitable for our person.

Why? Yes only present that you drive the car, and suddenly on a roadside, and even it is worse than that - on the carriageway the nice half-naked woman appears. Yes not just half-naked, and in general pervert because in hands at it a road sign. And she swings this sign over the head as once Bolsheviks a red banner. Brake supposedly the wretch, or, at least, reduce speed!

You represent that would be on roads of the cities of Russia, happen it at us. No, to the maidens in short skirts standing on roadsides, the people got used long ago, and here to it are with road signs and almost in what mother gave rise? It, one may say, we never before did not see

And so that we would have, occur it datskopodobny phenomenon? Yes at our GAI officers hands would grow dumb to make protocols of numerous accidents with cars and the stood gaping pedestrians. And how many would be injured? Including sincerely and for a long time?

I will repeat, but these Danes claim that their type of nude and extremely available maidens everything is a little confused, and the positive effect from this action, despite everything, was. to

But me for some reason poorly in it it is trusted.

Probably, from - for features of our life which proves all the time - that for foreigners the benefit, to put it mildly, is unacceptable for us. And vice versa...