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How to count the money?

Strange question, - you will tell, - what here unclear? We get paid, we plan expenses and we spend for that and for it .

Quite so also our fellow citizens arrive usually. Family or personal budget - business is plain. It is possible to present it in the table form with two columns: left - arrival and right - expense . And in the column arrival as a rule, one   point joins; - salary, while contents of the column expense more variously - there our requirements and desires, unfortunately, not everyone are reflected.

And what if to dream? More precisely not to dream even, and just to wonder and answer honestly (to itself - that what sense to lie): where I would prefer to spend holidays - in the village or on the island of Malta? By what car I would like to go - on second-hand to the nine or new » Porsche;? What to buy in anticipation of a winter icy cold - sable fur coat or Chinese down-padded coat? I think that answers can be guessed with very high probability.

However salary does not allow and we pass by smart show-windows and tempting announcements. Also are sure that we do right thing: cut your coat according to the cloth . Not today composed - popular wisdom!

Here pertinently to remember Mikhail Zhvanetsky who as always neatly formulated: Old age - it when succeeds desire to earn desire to save . The classic, of course, made a start from own experience: it is meant that at it, at least earlier, the aspiration to earn was present.

But it it is possible to tell not about each person. The majority of us thoughtlessly gives the life into strange hands. When we small, parents know better how to us to arrive, and then the employer or the state defines what monthly income will provide us happy life. And on these money we try to receive a maximum of the benefits. It turns out that people from the childhood get straight to an old age, passing an adult state. And how a maturity when ourselves build the wellbeing? And how it looks, this wellbeing?

If you consider that you have to be responsible for your life more nobody, then I suggest to approach a problem on the other hand. In the table of arrival and an expense fill at first the right column, having included everything there (with the indication of the necessary sums) that will be prompted by your violent imagination. Filled? Wait a moment to disconnect imagination, it will be required for the left column. Here - that business also clogged, isn`t it? It because we have no habit to operate the income. But if we are not able to do it whether then we can wait that our welfare will ever improve? Not to hope, really, for salary increase next quarter. Even if it will also be raised, our inquiries it is all the same much more.

I have one acquaintance who spoke twenty years ago: Economy and I are incompatible . Her soul demanded immodest way of life - theaters and concerts, exotic fruit (which those years were a rarity) and movement on the city only by a taxi. And she did not try to bring to reason herself, and looked for ways to meet the desires. Then she sewed and knitted to order, and later when an opportunity appeared, was engaged in another, good and useful, in business too. Now it has own realtor firm.

I know also other example. The girl who is not thirty years old yet gets up in the morning at the crack of dawn to go to district stomatologic clinic and together with old women to get in a queue for a free check to the doctor.

It is two opposite philosophies. It turns out that an old age as it is defined by Zhvanetsky, not really it is connected with age. Naturally, everyone chooses for himself . But if to try to destroy our stereotypic ideas of money, then it will be revolution from the head on legs, that is transition to a normal state.

And that in our table to fill in the column income it is possible to use a brainstorming method. The principles are known: we take a sheet of paper and we begin to think, right there we formulate and we write down all ideas which will come to mind. Wild, ridiculous and fantastic we fix   too; - it is important that there is as much as possible them. Invite the friend, think together: two heads are better, than one.

If not to limit imagination, then it so will clear up that be surprised. Main thing - to break barriers of the « type; it is impossible or here still nonsenses . The success comes to those for whom everything is possible (within the law, certainly) and nothing not nonsenses. Eventually, enterprise activity moves economic development, and not only in one cells of society but also in scales of all country. Nothing else in the world it is thought up yet.