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Scam it is still live?


To 3000 dollars a month, without leaving the house. From you an envelope with the return address - I read the announcement in very solid newspaper. And you never can tell? Perhaps, I will risk - I thought, sent everything that was required, and began to wait.

Meanwhile I wash light doubts began to visit the head. Why this uncle (aunt) needed to share way to earn such heap grandmas ? Vspomnilsya and Andy Takker, and Ostap Bender with rather honest ways of depriving of money. How to check? And I advertized: I Look for work at home the offer to redeem " came to the newspaper which is issued over all country of

the First; program for an earning of thousands of dollars for only 50 rubles plus expenses on transfer. There is nothing to do, it is necessary to continue experiment and to go all the way. I redeem by mail a solid package of the program of enrichment, and there in addition still (a gift from firm) a lot of forms with the beautiful seals. On forms and leaflets the following was found: 1) the list of addresses of 125 newspapers of free announcements with konventiruyemy (quote) the coupon, 2) the recipe of the substance removing ink and stamps, 3) addresses about one hundred agencies of the whole world which are engaged in employment, 4) the efficient offer to use graphological examination and for only ten dollars, having sent an example of handwriting of the wife, to establish whether it changes me and with whom I paid not enough attention as it became clear that it is necessary to know English which I, of course, passed in school, but very by to the main technique. Besides, it was necessary to send not less than three hundred letters abroad in a month that is very expensive.

But further - it is more. The avalanche of offers to buy instructions fell upon me: (number one) on preparation environmentally friendly (!) semi-finished products for pharmaceutical industry, that is gallstones of cattle in house conditions! (Here, of course, I a little bit was stunned especially as no house cattle - large moreover, maybe, horned nearby was observed, except me and hardly I, forgive me, My God, it is ecologically pure).

Number two. According to the program of processing of correspondence at home. Gracefully and with taste: you buy the instruction number one (or it similar), you make multiple copies it, you publish the announcement of the offer of post work at home and according to applications you sell copies, that is from a dead donkey ears .

Number three. On the device and use home printing house to make copies of instructions at home, and then to dispatch and sell that persons interested to earn were engaged in business at home, and the network was stretched so that would cover all jamb of potential burglars - home-workers.

Generally, my mailbox for few months was hammered on the roof. Offered also work on oil platforms in Norway (more precisely, the instruction as to receive it though actually in Norway, as a rule, foreigners for such work are not taken), and a technique of an earning of apartments in a short space of time etc. Pleased with the most impressive list me " firm; from Nizhny Novgorod, among works were so exotic and home that is possible However, you judge: work on production of a plaster tile of the increased durability, on production of jewels, on production of wooden pigs for furriers and hatters It is necessary to expect, probably, that enterprising children in the nearest future will be able to offer cultivation of children in test tubes with the subsequent their cloning. And all this is exclusive in house conditions. There is no limit to improvement!

We are NOT LOCAL... the Most nice and honest offers were sent to

from Chelyabinsk and St. Petersburg. In them it was offered to become a brick in pyramids, but not Cheops. Now it is called Program of financial mutual aid or Program of multilevel sales of MLM nearly well-known MMM.

The most curious that both of these programs began with the letter of a certain Borisov from Nizhny Novgorod. I lived in misery, in 1994 I had to sell (the reasons are not specified) the apartment, the car, the wife, and I had so many debts that you will be difficult to believe

Tears smothered me when I began to read this touching message, but then it became clear that here he received The Miracle - the letter told it as to earn at any moment of 5000 dollars, without leaving the house . And it - not to become the Hollywood star, not to make ingenious discovery and even not to rob some American bank Probably, you already guessed? Correctly! The main thing - in time to redeem four instructions which should be multiplied, and then to offer and sell by mail!

One more opening for me after attentive reading was the fact that this poor creature Borisov, judging by his second message, all - was ruined in 1997, but, probably, easy, free money for the future to it did not go (both came, and left) and he resorted to the help " again; The Miracle - letters and in which already time redeemed all the property, including the wife

In this letter, by the way, the practical advice is given (Attention! We still will return to it.) to use when mailing copies any addresses which will catch sight perhaps somebody yes will peck! So, be not surprised if once you find in the mailbox something similar.

The technology which this Borisov uses - is international. To that an example the whole strip in one of popular newspapers.

I quote In total a year ago it and her two children hardly had money to survive. As the young housewife from Montreal incidentally found a way to receive every month more than 100. 000 rubles (I do not know, however, why to it in Canada rubles and what it with them will do?). Further follows from revelations of the housewife Elsie Tromelin: Still a year ago at me was not a stiver. Two small children and the husband (can be, a surname of her husband - Borisov?) which could not find work " in any way;. Familiarly, isn`t that so? The only difference is in what she did not receive The Miracle - letters . Everything was as in the fairy tale. She during snowfall sheltered young couple which as a token of gratitude and shared with it the way to provide earnings from 500. 000 to 2. 000. 000 rubles a year, working, not leaving the house, only 5 - 10 hours a week, having started from scratch .

Further the simple Canadian housewife suggests to get her method (on an advance payment!) for only 399 rubles. Circulation of a method is limited (?) only 2000 copies. I think, madam Tromelin does not deceive when she tells about the enormous earnings. Elementary calculation shows that if two thousand people peck and will want to buy its method, then she will receive about eight hundred thousand rubles at once. Not bad? Even considering expenses on purchase of newspaper space, there is rather big sum. It is interesting that the Canadian madam gives a guarantee (!) that if you do not manage to earn at least 99750 rubles in two months, then the cost of a method will be returned.

I do not know, how exactly she will make it, but practice shows that such businessmen usually do not return money. Most often you are told that through your fault there was a deviation from a technique or you were late to make a complaint even if mail is guilty of it. Of course, for full purity of experiment it would be desirable for me to redeem this technique, but any desire to feed certain madam Tromelin, her husband and children at me for some reason did not arise.

And to you I do not advise especially as they divorced too much recently.