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Which of brothers Grimm was hack writer ?

on February 24, 1786 in the center of Germany in Hanau`s county so also remained sad February gray day if in a family of one of numerous vassals of the count - the lawyer Grimm the second son was not born. It was named Wilhelm Karl and, frankly speaking, hoped a little that the child will survive. He was born premature and all sores stuck to him as if flies on medical

In the early childhood of Willie had everything that could be picked up, even without leaving the house. And if not the love of the mother who was not lazy to be roused even at dead of night on the first peep of the kid, it is hard to say, than it would end. Well still, the firstborn - Jacob - did not bring so much trouble, otherwise it would be necessary to the poor woman hardly. Especially as in those days the daughter Eve in childbearing age practically always carried under heart the child, and mother of brothers Grimov did not avoid the same fate, in 12 years of marriage having given life to six children.

The first the father did not sustain such tension. Once he was seriously ill and, despite an ocean of tears of the wife and genuine care of little sons (the daughter was born the last), quietly left a vale of life. There was it when Jacob hardly was 11 years old, and Wilhelm and that has less - 10. Money Grimm - the senior practically did not leave, but gave to sons much more - the rich imagination and love to the native earth.

The matter is that in five years prior to this tragic event the family moved on its homeland to the quiet and measured town of Shtaynau. His patrimonial house was very old and as told brothers in strict confidence in the first day - it is the favourite place of ghosts. Each of them had the history and when adults had no time for children, Jacob and Willie got under a blanket and, shaking with fear, thought out chilling stories of the White Lady and Old Graff who can always be recognized on creaking gait and hysterical cough.

Sometimes younger children, and Jacob with Willie became grateful listeners, possessing sharp mind and tenacious memory, sharp-sightedly monitored their reaction that in the right place to add a little horrors or, on the contrary, to admit a little bit pity. All this very much was useful then, but so far they just composed, without thinking that they will remain in the history in many respects thanks to writing of fairy tales.

After death of the father to a family it was come very difficult, but the sister of mother who was not under strained circumstances came to the rescue here and very much became attached to this to a sweet couple - To Jacob and Willie who often caused in the aunt attacks of thrills the cock-and-bull stories. Later brothers called the aunt The Fairy godmother from the fairy tale . And subconsciously sought to allocate with its lines any fairy godmother who is better than others feels when her help is vital!

Exactly thanks to guardianship of the aunt they got a fine education. So the first lyceum brothers managed to finish in four years though the program was calculated on 7 years of training. And further before brothers opened the gate Berlin and Paris, Vienna and Stockholm. And only one saddened youth of geniuses of the German literature - constant diseases of Willie. And therefore most often Jacob who as the ice breaker, cut mistrust ice floes, got a job itself had to care for a daily bread, by all means trying right there to tighten here and Willie.

Whom was only no Jacob during this time - and the secretary of military mission (in Europe it was very restless, one French bourgeois revolution that cost! And Napoleon Buonaparte tried to crush already under himself those countries which not in forces were to be protected), both the diplomat, and the librarian. And everywhere, I will repeat, Jacob did not see himself without Willie.

Their first articles appeared in a year of the twentieth anniversary of Wilhelm, and in 1812 there was an event which forced to exorcise all Germany about brothers. By the Christmas holiday they let out the first volume Children`s and family fairy tales which right there became the best-seller. Their easy language as nothing else, reflected essence of the German soul. In 1815 the second volume, in 1822 - the third was published. In 1816-1818 they published German legends .

Approximately during the same period of a way - a path of brothers rather their literary activity and creative thoughts dispersed a little. The senior is Jacob - from now on decided the attention to pay philology, and younger Willie concentrated on folklore.

The considerable role in it was played also by Willie`s marriage. Once, in search of ancient legends, it arrived to the small mountain town where to it instead of dry old women - skazitelnitsa and the ubelenny old men remembering legends of old times deep offered as the storyteller 12 - the summer daughter of the local druggist. That at small the loose tongue, Willie made sure in the first two hours of their acquaintance. The little girl chattered as she a machine gun, and possessed such tremendous memory that Grimm, famous by then younger from brothers, could not but mark out her in the memory. And further correspondence, short meetings which, eventually, led to an altar followed.

From this point Willie needed care of the brother less. But, as noticed people around, in its retellings of legends there was much more softness, lyricism. And if earlier brave a portnyazhka at one stroke killed seven flies, then in later fairy tales " at once; bloodthirstiness it was a little reduced.

By the way if Jacob remained in memory of the German people as the author of the textbook on the German grammar, the ancient right and mythology, then Willie it is very thin and competent spread out folklore in comparison with folklore of France, England, Sweden, Russia, the Slavic people.

If to remember the most famous fairy tales, then it Bremen street musicians Wolf and seven little kids King Drozdoborod " porridge Pot; Snow Maiden The Boy - about a finger .

And, at last, it was necessary to give the answer the question which is taken out in heading. I set it not incidentally. Once in conversation with one German philologist we touched upon a subject of brothers Grimm. I was always interested in a question of a contribution of each of coauthors to the general work.

- In this couple there was such division of labor, - mister Shnidtke grinned, - Jacob wandered about villages and drank schnapps with men. And Willie processed what they threshed in a state of drunkenness. And what to do? Willie can call the seamstress rightfully. Though on the truth he was a hack writer.

And there is a wish to finish so: The Fairy tale lie yes in it a hint, to kind good fellows the lesson . You hurry to trust in the fairy tale. Even since Christmas passed the XX centuries. And fairy tales live and teach others