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What is given for March 8?

Yes, welcome, nothing so separates women as a common kitchen, but nothing so unites them as the International Women`s Day. And as closely rallies our men feeling of comradeship in line for gifts and flowers by this holiday!

To tell the truth - not all countries of the former USSR recognized the International Women`s Day as a national holiday at once. For example, after declaration of independence of Armenia, in 1991 - m to year, the new power considered that it is necessary to tear ruthlessly with the past, and for some reason turned the anger on harmless on March 8. On this heritage of communist regime it was vetoed, and in exchange appeared on April 7, officially declared in the republic Women`s Day namely - Day of motherhood and beauty. However traditions in a day do not fall and also in a day do not appear, and the snowdrops even then hidden under a coat and secret celebration in Armenia took on March 8 place to be.

Having understood, at last, that the psychology and long-term habits of people of correction do not give in and that it is better to cause a stir in other spheres, the International Women`s Day was brought in a calendar of festive dates again and even declared in the day off. As a result only won the weaker sex: spontaneously at the Armenian women it was formed female month from March 8 to April 7. Numerous festive actions and actions, discounts in shops and even 25% reduction of prices of all tickets for ladies from large Armenian airline is the celebration of beauty and feminity over severe man`s policy.

And here the Estonian parliament remained is deaf to requests to revive Women`s Day because since the beginning 90 - x years are not on March 8 a public holiday there. In Greece for some reason too it is not accepted to congratulate women on this day and to give them flowers - rather, this date is considered day of fight of women for equality in society. For the rights, but already on private life, on March 8 also Indonesians desperately fight. For kisses in the public place, it appears, there it is possible to go to jail - and the right to kiss on a shop as, however, and to wear jeans, women of Indonesia intend to win.

In Italy the International Women`s Day was apprehended literally: men during the holiday have nothing to do on March 8. The liberated Italians unless allow the fight - to friends and husbands to take them to a venue hen night and then to take away back. But here where the true fun, so it in Cameroon. Once on March 8 there held the national competition Ms. weighty aunt in which girls weighing not less than 80 kilograms took part. Selection criteria were are as follows: the general level of girls and their expressivity was checked. The lady weighing 117 kilograms won - probably, despite the kilograms, was not to occupy an expression by her.

So, despite all historical peripetias, on March 8 was and remains the female holiday number one in the majority of the countries. According to data, 90% of Russians unconditionally recognize the International Women`s Day and are going to celebrate it. As for men the choice of a gift is a time painful process, it is clear why nearly 45% Russian macho continues to consider flowers as the best gift to women for March 8. The percent of the women wishing to receive flowers exceeds this figure, but it and is clear: at heart ladies expect from the stronger sex at least a bouquet of violets, without waiting for the international holidays.

As the following item in the register of the gifts demanded by March 8 spirits, cosmetics and perfumery, however persons interested to present them the Russian men of only 14% act. It is clear: color of lipstick or the man`s shadows quite often estimate only as normally and do not smear it " more; therefore it is easier for them to choose spirits. Which - who decided to present a bonbonniere or cake which choice does not demand knowledge about tastes of the darlings too, but it is a gift more likely for the house, for a family than personally for the lady.

A percentage ratio of the women wishing to receive as a gift jewelry and jewelry and the men intending them to present, nearly two to one. Ladies absolutely wish to put on a new necklace or a chain, but our men for some reason perceive it as a sign of some special arrangement - or just financially are not prepared for it.

Further as the gift by March 8 is chosen clothes, linen, a set of ware or household appliances. The percent of the Russian men choosing by a holiday for the lady something from listed is small - only 3%. Well, really, as if the man was svedushch concerning tastes of the half, approach at stronger sex one: She will choose everything for herself better . And if spirits expensive, fashionable, but it is unambiguous not yours the woman can perepodarit then them, but what to do with the presented blouse which the ladylove will never put on? In general, the aspect of clothes is the most conflict concerning two floors. What was pleasant to the man during courting for the woman quite often is stopped then by it: Now you will not put on it! . And as for new household appliances - that the wife, of course, will be always glad to them even if as a gift by March 8 she waited for something more romantic And the girlfriend can not understand this rush if use of the vacuum cleaner in your apartment does not include in its plans

yet Though if there are such throwings concerning the choice of a gift - whether it is better to give money to the lady and to ask to choose for itself that she will want how she is going to make 10% of the Russian men? But, women and men, agree: same what prose - to give money for March 8 in " option; buy that you want ! Birthdays, but in any way are suitable not on March 8 for a similar solution more than.

In a word, as they say, brevity - the sister of talent, but if about such holiday as on March 8, it is possible to talk endlessly, then is to tell several words about the expected gifts to a female enough. Therefore it is necessary to give the unique advice to men: present to the woman the attention - and it is unimportant in what gift form it will be presented. Only thing: it is necessary to avoid a case when the value of your attention is identified only according to the cost of the presented gift. But here it is already necessary to reconsider own approach not to a gift, and to the specific woman who now nearby.