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How to begin new life, or the Spring updating

Begin New Life since January 1 - it is unproductive. Long holidays, sharp change of the mode of a dream and wakefulness, languid luxury of inaction Obviously not before education in itself useful habits, without speaking about cardinal changes in destiny. Summer - too not the best period for updating of. There is a wish to take as much as possible of warm days, and additional loadings and stresses are not welcomed. About fall it is ridiculous to tell at all, this time of immersion in hibernation of all nature, and human body including. By process of elimination we receive spring as a launch pad to start new life.

Actually it is simpler to change the life, than it seems. It is only necessary to concentrate that you really want and to do at least on one step a day that the desirable found lines of reality. There are simple councils which will help to make positive changes, to improve health and the relations with relatives.


1. For a start look back to the life. and in the past you set before yourself some purposes - how successfully they are realized? Remember the most successful projects - not very well how large they were. Then analyse in what ways you achieved it and as far as it changed your life. You should not forget also about failures. Wonder: What most of all disappointed me for the last year? What taught me these failures to? . If not to learn lessons from the past, mistakes will repeat.

2. Concretize tasks. the Accurate purposes demand simple and clear instructions for their performance. Set simple tasks for yourself, breaking a way to the global purpose into small steps. Establish for yourself time frames. For example, you decided to grow thin for 10 kg. It is instantly impossible to realize it. But you can dump 500 g in a month. It is not so difficult, it is necessary to limit consumption of pies only. Next month add morning jogs in spring park. Step by step - and in a year it is quite possible to see an arrow of scales on desired number.

3. Make the list of dreams. Replace the list of requirements to yourself with the list of what you dream of. Describe the dreams in each sphere of your life, including both the personal relations, and related communications, and professional ambitions, and ideas about health, and financial plans, and entertainments. Since the childhood dreamed to write the great novel? Or you want to open shop of original gifts? Or to learn three languages? Write, write the list! Concentrate on each point. Wonder: What can I make right now that the dream became a reality? . Write down everything that will occur. Having taken a view of the list of tasks, you will see that the dream found visible outlines.


4. Develop Plan of approach . Divide a way to the purpose into 52 steps - carrying out on one task a week, you will imperceptibly approach the desirable, and you will have no feeling of an impracticability of the ideas. Realize the ideas. An example with the novel: take a sheet of paper (open Word) and make the composite plan. Then name the main characters. Write key scenes. Then logically connect them in a uniform outline of the narration. Day after day - and very your novel will be born soon.

of 5. Avoid negative thoughts. Pessimistic moods - an integral part of human life (especially the woman who is subject to the hormonal differences which are so strongly influencing our relations with the world). Learn to fight with them! For example, you need to make the speech. The gray mouse living in us whispers: You will not cope! . Offer it the alternative offer: I will be prepared and I will act brilliantly! . Oh, great force of auto-suggestion! Use it for the good, but not to the detriment!

6. Strengthen the family ship. Spend at least ten minutes in the morning, after work and before going to bed for maintaining afloat the relations with the partner. For example, it is absolutely optional to begin day with complaints to the forthcoming affairs in the morning. It is much more useful to replace them with a smile and a kiss. Having returned from work, do not rush to the TV. Chat with darling about pleasant better. And do not arrange quarrels before going to bed at all - it is time to stay together. Little strengthens the relations better, than to be whispered before going to bed .

7. Spend a little money for entertainments. Accumulation for rainy day - very good undertaking, but it is not necessary to turn into Plyushkin. Nothing happens if you spend some sum for the lovely nonsenses which are so successfully increasing to us mood.

8. Share force with others. Look back - perhaps, someone needs your help. Perhaps, someone has now the same problems with which you coped for a long time and successfully. Your experience can be invaluable.

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9. Add Slightly - slightly in care about health. For example, include in the morning exercises exercise On foot on a ladder instead of the " elevator;. Drink 1 glass more water. Replace 1 cookies with 1 fruit. When it becomes a habit, add still slightly - slightly . Healthy habits are better developed if to enter them into life gradually.

10. Do exercises everywhere. do not linger. You stand on a stop - it is quite possible to spend this time for imperceptible exercises for strengthening of muscles of buttocks. And it is absolutely optional to stand on this stop - it is possible to walk on foot a fast pace. And not to forget at the same time about a correct posture. Even in such tiny doses you will make an invaluable contribution to advantage of improvement of an organism.

11. Conform to the rule Better less, but of higher quality . Remember a golden rule growing thin - it is necessary to rise from - for a table before your stomach attracts you to the earth. Develop an accurate diet. Do not rush to the refrigerator at the first hints on thought It is good to have a bite . Remember that the food is a pleasure, but not a way to kill time. And to derive this pleasure, it is necessary to get hungry properly.

12. Look after the skin. Choose the program of leaving according to the age and problems. Consult with the doctor. You watch over the health, do not forget about vitamins and minerals.


13. Take a time - a miss. to Any organism needs a respite and time for restoration. Stop to drink coffee in liters and to look for support in nicotine. Actually, rest will be able to restore much more effectively your forces, than any chemical compounds. At the first signs of overfatigue just try to relax, having closed eyes. 10 minutes of meditation - and you are full of strength also energy again.

15. Make the dream sweet. the Drop of lavender oil on a corner of a pillow will help to fall asleep, the lavender lulls, working as a weak demulcent. You can take a bath with lavender salt in two hours prior to a dream. Master the simplest receptions of a relaxation - it will help you to relax, be adjusted on a dream.

16. Use days off to learn about the cycle of a dream. it is possible, your problem not that you sleep a little, and that you sleep much. This weekend try to learn, what is the time it is required to you on a dream to feel slept. On next weekends repeat researches. Having collected necessary data, you will be able to calculate time which is necessary on a dream for your organism. And then the call of an alarm clock will cease to be associated at you with a fire siren.

17. Create own Book of comfort . you Carry with yourself a notebook. When you see the place which would like to visit, for example, the beach or book sale, or remember something that you would like to make - write down it. Introduce the list of favourite books and movies there. Write down all the ideas. Paste amusing photos. Now you will not forget about anything, and will be always ready to make something pleasant for yourself.

To change the life, and even to begin new - very simply actually. It is only necessary to want it very much!