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How to become charming and attractive?

for this purpose are necessary only:

1. To turn to the soul.

2. To fall in love with itself.

3. To come to a way to the purpose.

at the same time will change not only personal qualities, but even the body will become attractive, the person nice, and a smile charming.

But as it is heavy to make it!

Our world is cruel and nobody denies it. Every single day the majority of us fight for the existence. Very much!

Gloomy faces, affected smiles, biting words. Drinks are stronger, words are shorter well and so on. Even women become rigid as if a stone! The world of the mutual competition at work, in a family too race for power! On the street push eternally, shops shorthand, generally, everything, all try to use you! From where to take this peace of mind from where to take force to fall in love at least with itself?

Lovely women, girls, girls. Spit on all this!

is absolutely simple to be charming and attractive absolutely!

It is necessary to carry out several simple rules only.

1. The pleasure of life is defined by the joyful relation to the life! Paradoxically, but fact! It is not as improbable

as can seem. If you do not trust, look at the pictures which were taken when you had a bad patch in life. This

ugly face! at

A now on the contrary, look on the pictures which were taken when you had a light, joyful strip in life.

Really it I!

2. Be engaged in the health! There will be no health - there will be nothing! Any money and miracle cures you will not return what was ruined decades! No excuses are accepted! If there is neither time, nor money at all - allocate half an hour for daily walk in the fresh air.

3. Select clothes, a make-up, a hairdress, perfume for yourself, but not for fashion! Otherwise internal intensity will just stick out from you!

4. Smile to the world, it is possible in front of the mirror, it is possible just like that! And in general, look in a mirror more often! It very well influences the woman! Smile to

. Just like that, with all the heart!

5. Relax, pass forward those who hurry. Haste is necessary only when catching fleas! . The one who strongly hurries always stumbles!

6. Plan the day. The majority of intense situations can be expected. Having braked and having considered the actions, you will make even the most urgent affairs, maybe, not quicker, but it is more qualitative and easier!

7. Be interested in people and do it sincerely. Agree with those with whom did not agree earlier. Let in trifles, not in the main thing! It you will let know to the person the importance! He or she will not tell you about it, but this person will be grateful to you. Can even until the end of life! And you will throw off internal intensity.

8. If your shortcomings which can prevent to achieve the objectives are known to you, and you consider that you have no necessary knowledge and skills - reconcile to it. Accept yourself such what you are. What now to do. If you strongly worry concerning the shortcomings, try to correct them. Just begin to act though as - nibud. Does not matter as - effectively or not really. Dare to act worse than ever.

Dare luxury to have shortcomings and not to have necessary advantages. And, if it is possible, recognize it publicly! Forgive yourself (absolution) on the shortcomings and you will see that at you as though the stone was got off the back. It very much will help and will give relief and tranquility.

9. Everything that becomes - all to the best! Perceive any mistake and failure as experience, but not as the tragedy! The tragedy is what forces you to suffer. Experience is what forces you to study!

10. And main thing! Be by itself! Nothing is appreciated above identity! For a standard thing give the standard price. And for a masterpiece You remember Baratynsky -

I am not blinded by a muse of

the Beauty it will not call


But is struck all high society

of Her face with uncommon expression;

of her speeches free simplicity.

I it rather, than spiteful condemnation, its

will flatter with a negligent praise .

And all will see in you the most charming and attractive! Simply dare to be