Rus Articles Journal

There are people...

Are people whose nature differs from the main gray weight approximately so as far as the nature of an eagle differs by nature chickens. Not the fact, however, that for them it is obvious. But just as it is impossible to give rise without having conceived, also and it is impossible that a certain nature which is in the person would not show itself... in due time. Axiom.

There are people which at some point to become oppositely to play a performance which they so long played. They, suddenly, refuse those rules of the game which were imposed to them directly since their birth. And the God-given right to be oneself becomes for them their right. This right at them any more ever and nobody will be able neither to steal, nor to take away by force.

There are people who accepted the red tablet . They refuse to live in the world of illusions and open themselves towards to the truth whatever it was. For them there is no way back, they made the choice.

There are people whom life, sometimes, mercilessly beats with a baseball bat the head. From such crushing blows they fall, fainting. Directly where such blow overtook them. Sometimes directly in dirt... Arrival to consciousness after such strokes of bad luck is accompanied by painful sufferings. But, they get up again, overcoming pain, shake off from themselves the dirt which stuck after falling and continue the way. And despite everything, they made for themselves one important decision - not to become cynics. They them will also not become. Never.

There are people who are urged to be free. They will not sell the freedom for lentil soup. Their freedom costs for them very much, for some of them it costs life. They go on such victims. Their destiny - to battle for freedom all life and to die out of slavery.

There are people whom people around crucify, cut on pieces, defame, roast on a fire just because these people - others. These people have something different from emptiness and vacuum inside. What those who mock at them do not have. And after when people around nevertheless washed hands in blood of such people - on their graves they will write: He was a great person .

There are people who leave behind all the faultfinders and judges. They just go the way, and cannot differently. And, in spite of the fact that they are constantly oplyovyvayema, are slandered, an obescheshchivayema others - they do not pay them in the same. Their internal nature does not allow them to make it.

There are people who do not agree to second best and they would not like the relation - and so will descend . They will better starve to death, than will eat slops.

There are people who on the mortal bed will not finish themselves that they lived worthy life and executed wholly the mission. They will know it.