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Whether it is possible to grow thin, without going to a gym?

Inevitably come a beach season. Perhaps, this only season when the minimalism in clothes is welcomed for many reasons. Lack of the most part of clothes imposes, in turn, the small obligation on a figure.

Beauty quite subjective thing, but in the present world it is accepted that the female body was harmonous. According to the author, one of signs of symmetry is that folds of a body do not hang down over jeans.

Everyone has reasons for reduction of a figure in more harmonous look, the beach season can be not the main occasion. And the person gets up before quite difficult task: how to be or what to do?

Is two ways out (why two in spite of the fact that points three, is slightly lower):

1. We pay a lot of money and we go to a gym.

2. We do not pay - we are engaged.

3. We drink Herbalife or other specialized slimming aids.

The first option disappears as our task not a gym, we want and to grow thin, and at the same time to save money which can be postponed for holiday.

We will consider the third point. All have to already knows that there`s no such thing as a free lunch. People who drank Herbalife (only as an example) gained then several times more than the weight, than they managed to throw off. Therefore be not conducted on various tricks and free of charge .

Our option second. How it is possible to grow thin with the smallest losses?

1. You go by the elevator less, it is even better - in general refuse it. It to you will replace expensive a step - aerobics.

the Raising and descent, even on the second floor, will support and strengthen legs. It is checked personally, I am time 10 - 15 in day work it is forced to climb on 2 - y the floor. Legs stay in perfect tune. To similar result came in 2 months of circulations 4 days a week.

2. It is necessary to consume food on the mode and, the most important, - healthy food. That is, normally to eat. About the mode I will tell nothing, and it is so clear. And what means normal? McDonald`s and others fast - feet, are excluded by default. Chips, Coca and other chemicals need also to be excluded from a diet. We for natural products.

as grow thin, the organism is OBLIGED to receive daily certain norm of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

3. After any physical exercise (run, the pool, shoveling of snow on the parking and ets) it is IMPOSSIBLE to eat any food. You kill with it all your efforts. The organism feels wild need for food and the first that you will feel, it is wild hunger. If hunger is not satisfied, the organism begins to take away missing elements from fatty deposits. There is only one BUT: the organism during trainings feels need first of all for protein. Therefore a little bit will not damage proteinaceous food in three hours prior to training. Optimum is a piece of meat with vegetables, but no more.

4. Sex.... he - he - he... high-quality sex burns many calories (even kiss rather), plus just as rest is irreplaceable.

5. Various small tricks. Scatter boxes of matches and lift them on one. (an inclination from a standing position)... similar exercises it is possible to think up weight, the main thing attentively to look round around.

Finally: you can be unpleasantly surprised what after some time after short-term weight reduction of the shooter of scales or will stand, or slightly will spread back. Look at yourself in a mirror. If there muscles, but not fat began to appear, then it is a good symptom. Whatever one may do, the muscle bulk (not to confuse about fatty) has weight too. And the beefy person weighing 80 kg looks absolutely in a different way, than fat.

If instead of muscles somewhere began to stick out something, then: STOP GUZZLING. From a song of words you will not throw out. Still the famous ballerina spoke, on a question of her diet: Not to guzzle!

So whether it is possible to grow thin, without going to a gym? It is possible, but it depends at most spirit and the fortress of will, they play almost fundamental role.

Good luck to you in fight against the weight.