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What is eaten by Chinese?

In the USA one of types fast - foot as we see in the Hollywood movies, are dishes of Chinese cuisine. They are given in cardboard boxes together with sticks. It is amazing that lazy Americans accepted nevertheless such way of consumption of food. After visit of the Chinese restaurant in our city I mastered these exotic devices two weeks. But in principle it is possible to use also the Chinese flat spoons, and ours, and even forks and knives.

Chinese cuisine - a loose concept. In each of 22 provinces the tradition: in one seafood dishes, in another - from pork, in the third - the well-known duck on - Beijing prevail. Under our conditions it is hardly possible to prepare it: a certain breed of a bird, special furnaces and, of course, art of cooks is necessary.

Feature of Chinese cuisine is that there can make similarity of chicken whom you do not distinguish by the form, to taste from real of vegetables and a bamboo. It is all about spices, seasonings and even confidential components.

Chinese say that there are no bad products, there are bad cooks. However, they do not recognize sausage and cheese, consider them as the spoiled meat and milk. Though their black eggs which decay several months in ashes and solution of a tea leaf or soup from swallow`s nests can seem to us sickening.

However, it dishes, ceremonial, Mandarin kitchen. In everyday life Chinese eat, as well as all Asians, rice, and also chumizy (the Chinese millet). They dilute this uniformity with soy sauce, only it has to be natural fermentation, but not synthetic.

There is a lot of time - nearly 75% are occupied in Chinese cuisine by preparation of products: washing, a soaking not only in water, but also in solution of potash, alcohol or in milk. Much the way of cutting means. Preparation happens often for one - two minutes. Even meat owing to cutting is fried as much.

Roasting of meat and vegetables in batter from starch is often used. But the Chinese cooks who at the same time and doctors, consider that the menu of a lunch has to consist of liquid, semi-fluid and soft food and only on one fifth - from firm.

In the Chinese cookery there are more than 30 ways of cooking. Not all at us are acceptable, but already Yulia Vysotskaya in the " broadcast; We Prepare houses began to use concave Chinese frying pans - vog, - in which prepare products on big fire.

Under our conditions it will it is unlikely turn out to prepare the real Chinese dishes. But which - than original you can surprise the friends.

Half-baked potatoes

to Cut potatoes with long straws 4 by 4 millimeters wide. 7 - 8 minutes to keep in water, to cast away on a colander. To lay out in a frying pan on the heated vegetable oil, to salt, strew quickly with black ground pepper and to sprinkle vinegar. Constantly mixing, to fry to potatoes steklovidnost only one minute. First can tastelessly seem, as well as olives for the first time. But - good snack under vodka.

" meatballs; Dragon and Phoenix ( Longfeng )

to Crush in forcemeat meat of the krill from 200 - a gram can and 100 g of chicken fillet. To add a little rice vodka or semisweet wine, ground pepper, fried onions, ground ginger, the shaken-up eggs. To knead to homogeneous mass and with a force to splash it on a ware bottom until forcemeat becomes sticky and viscous. Having taken him in a fist, to squeeze out in the form of balls with a diameter of 2,5 cm. To roll in them in breadcrumbs, to lower in not too warmed sunflower oil and to fry in hot fan on weak fire of 5 minutes. As soon as bulk up, to increase fire. To spread golden balls on a dish.

And in general the Chinese proverb says: Seven objects are necessary For life: firewood, oil, salt, soy, vinegar, tea and " rice;. You have it?